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  1. Working at WETA - living in NZ
  2. OT: Safari clip
  3. Siggraph job fair - worth it?
  4. rendering servers
  5. are "tests" common when seeking employment?
  6. how do you get a MOV file to show in a post?
  7. Who has hi-res wrecked car pics.?
  8. bruximus
  9. Converting AVIs to Pocket Movies
  10. Help me obtain a published work of mine
  11. |i m new| Tell me about Cg Technology?
  12. Falling tower block
  13. is it cg or is it made of puppets?
  14. CG related expressions and what other ppl think of them
  15. an affordable yet efficient laptop for maya 5
  16. Converting .ram to .avi or .mov
  17. Having Your Computer Scare the Crap Out Of You
  18. What are the major bottlenecks for the individual CG animator?
  19. A little question about studies...
  20. A question about copyrights....(old books)
  21. free php gallery script ???
  22. 2GB E-Mail
  23. Codec Packs - No Spyware
  24. Any good website development discussion forums?
  25. Negative Threads.......WHY!?!?
  26. Starship Troopers2
  27. CGI On Vancouver Island
  28. Wall Speakers
  29. Never piss off ur parents, especially if u have a lot of tech gear...
  30. Goodbye....
  31. Today on CNN:OUTSOURCING to India
  32. Looking for short films
  33. Expose books
  34. OT: Hand eye coordination game
  35. HARRY POTTER AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN: The Reviews are pouring in!
  36. free animated backrounds & stock footage
  37. printing text - antialiased or not?
  38. CG Scientific Visualization (Who is doing it here?, Who is interested?)
  39. Z-Brush and Bones
  40. NTSC to PAL?
  41. Anyone here from Tampa, FL & are you in CG??
  42. how many people...?
  43. Underground Alternative PC 3d Game Studios
  44. Looking for an Artist's web page
  45. Bad Action Taken In The Forum...
  46. Shirt Transfer
  47. Pivot, Stickman Animator
  48. associates vs bachelors
  49. Rendering interior of a car
  50. How many people in the industry?
  51. Guild Wars (mmorpg)
  52. Does anyone recommend going to SAE college?
  53. new boy
  54. Motion Capture in Siggraph 04 Guerilla Studio
  55. Animated Logo - beginning of demo reel?
  56. Paint Sho Pro 8
  57. imageafter is up and running once again
  58. IO2Technology: Heliodisplay/Interactive free space display
  59. Cg woman+big breasts=getting old
  60. Good Schools
  61. Host your images for FREE! (it is true!)
  62. How do they make that Music?
  63. Selling Truespace 6.5
  64. THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK: The Reviews are pouring in!
  65. Cedar Park/Austin, TX CG Schools?
  66. OT Anyone saw the american banned movie KEN PARK?
  67. how i can buy EXPOSÉ 2 book from mail not c-cart
  68. O.T. President Reagan has died
  69. Anyone knows this song?
  70. DVD Burning Program
  71. why hasn't this been done?
  72. 10 worst album covers of all time
  73. How do you people reccomend that i learn this stuff
  74. Artwork for Maya 6
  75. Newbie Question
  76. prob in dreamscape daylight
  77. If can draw you might be interested in this.
  78. Significant Astronomical Event: Transit of Venus
  79. OT: First promo images from Farscape: Peacekeeper War
  80. Rhino3D Flamingo Renderer
  81. from fk to ik
  82. Haircuts database
  83. OT: Alien VS Predator pics (Fangoria)
  84. The 2004 MTV Movie Award Winners!
  85. Ovum Modelling help
  86. Taxes from Italy...
  87. For the people who are in the 3D industry. Few Q's.
  88. What woukd you charge ?
  89. Free Image Uploader
  90. ZBrush Alternatives?
  91. How old are you ?;)
  93. Don't expect to get your image sales sites in to froogle...
  94. Must see CG movies?
  95. I, Robot VFX Companies
  96. What happend to Starcraft: Ghost?
  97. Lustre - Color Grading Software
  98. Craeture House Expression 3
  99. Master of Fine Arts: Worth it?
  100. The common but badly-needed questions
  101. somebody help me
  102. Creativity goes a long way
  103. For everyone who hated the Troy score...
  104. OT: Venus transition of the Sun
  105. New UT2004 Mods
  106. new guy here.
  107. 3d scanning services and CySlice in bay area
  108. About working hours :-)
  109. Making breaks from work fun/active
  110. electrical stuff realocating to the us
  111. Just a website question. Dreamweaver/fireworks
  112. If a 10yr old kid asked you what VFX is all about..? what would you say..?
  113. ZBrush: Must Knows for Beginners
  114. Writing a Script
  115. FF the spirits within
  116. New 'Member' (dont laugh!!!!)
  117. Subtle signs that you're NOT healthy?
  118. Ip blocker or something.
  119. what to do?
  120. Is there a way to play the same song over the network simultaneously on each pc?
  121. cool tactical strategy game
  122. Question about ..BumP..MaP..!
  123. 3D Books
  124. so what's the funniest dialog you remmember
  125. North Korean Military Images?
  126. UK Agencies
  127. ATI Animusic
  128. Free 1 Year 3d Film Animation Course In Montreal...?
  129. Photographic studio lighting
  130. is there some MASSIVE type system being made?
  131. Harry Potter Information..?
  132. Has anyone seen new CG Appleseed film yet.
  133. FOR REAL: Robovie-M the $4,500 robot for the hobbyists
  134. Mad MaX 4
  135. OT: Monolith: The newest way to try and legalize file sharing
  136. New Desk? Need some help please.
  137. US Visa reached its maximum - no entry?
  138. Name that Tune
  139. Schools in LA, California
  140. i 've this irritating habit of hitting CTRL + S every 2 mins or so....does anyone els
  141. really cool game
  142. Nintendo's Revolution
  143. Some help....
  144. Worth a look
  145. Can anyone help me
  146. Cover Letters
  147. Selling Digital Tutors' Fur Kit
  148. Garfield is no Good! The reviews start trickling in.
  149. A question for all vfs undergrads and grads
  150. Cool Space stuff.
  151. Becoming commercial.
  152. tutorials, tutorials everywhere
  153. Show Me Some Skins!
  154. MTV Awards animations
  155. Paying Your Dues
  156. easy muzzle flashes for movie?
  157. Why are games more expensive to buy that Movies?
  158. Futurama images
  159. Digital Sketch Board or Tablet?
  160. Silent Hunter 3
  161. how do i animate in maya and render in max? (vray
  162. How much should I charge?
  163. Maya 6 Launch
  164. Specific concept design styles employers look for?
  165. 2004 Ringling Senior Theses
  166. Chrinocles of Riddick: your thoughts - SPOILERS!
  167. After Work!!!
  168. 3D Modeling Contests?
  169. Smell Mail ?
  170. i need a pic ~~~please help me~~!!
  171. CGTalkers going to the Austin, TX Workshop?
  172. Who is going to VES in San Fran next week?
  173. latest issue of Superman (Jim Lee)
  174. recruiters?
  175. Making new sound for your animation!
  176. 99 Rooms
  177. X-Black Laptops Screens, OOwww!!!!!
  178. 3D scanners
  179. CrossRoads
  180. Siggraph 2004
  181. New York City Maya users meet up
  182. Where i can find Bluprint for a Gun?
  183. Beatle's Come Together video
  184. Sick of Fake-anime
  185. Has anyone seen Garfield the Movie?
  186. Lineage2 E3 Cinematic
  187. Saved!
  188. Will there ever be a GOOD film based on a game?
  189. software for .3ds format
  190. New Batman Begins images
  191. Jurassic Park 4
  192. HELP! What video is this!?!!?
  193. Shrek2 passed Nemo
  194. Motion Tracking!?!!
  195. Blade 3 Trinity Mtv Clip
  196. CGTalk: Pro's en Cons
  197. Help guru´s, how is this cool animation done??
  198. A trip to USI's exhibit on special effects.
  199. help needed coming up with concept art pricing
  200. Need help. How to do wing flipping easier?
  201. Your fondest memories from art school
  202. Looking for fonts !
  203. Arm supports. What do you think of them? Anyone tried them?
  204. Music from a Commercial??
  205. Are you going to Siggraph 2004?
  206. PHP page on a SHTML page?
  207. your first post
  208. New FFVII:AC trailer
  209. Defining Style: When? Why? How?
  210. Quick WWW help for my site
  211. Pixar school in California??
  212. capturing card for pc
  213. Zbrush Models & Character studio
  214. Bulk order of Exposé 1 & 2 ?
  215. cant find dancing robot animation?!
  216. Sleep deprived antics
  217. Companies for "The Terminal?"
  218. Graphic Contest!!
  219. Self teaching :) finally
  220. Help please, need sounds!
  221. Working on weak areas?
  222. Anyone else feel the quake in and around San Diego today?
  223. CG that stands the test of time
  224. 3D education...
  225. What Inspires You for Creativity??????????
  226. Star Wars Episode 3 - ILM - RARE - Crew Lint
  227. childrens animation creation
  228. Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War trailer
  229. Training Gnomon Dvd Resolution
  230. thankyou Yahoo!...
  231. LIDAR - Terrain mapping conversion tools?
  232. "3D explained" DVD?
  233. PC>TV output devices
  234. My question still stands...
  235. Is the "GBA Movie Player" the future for indie animators?
  236. Expose Books
  237. Ref
  238. OT FOR REAL: Hotels in Space by 2006?
  239. NEW technical and artistic VFX Books
  240. What are some good colleges to consider if pursuing a career in film or animation?
  241. Media Design School In New Zealand.. Is It Good? Or Does It Suck?
  242. Visual Encyclopedia of Emotions for Animators
  243. London Company Survey
  244. stupid ebay sales getting old.
  245. Verizon Upgrade Deal
  246. What is the best way to improve traditional animation?
  247. Paying For College
  248. OFFICIAL: Visual Effects Pipeline
  249. cloak of invisibility!!
  250. Can you host my animation?