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  1. Can't open EPS/AI File???
  2. Demo Reel Music
  3. Tragedy in Madrid, Spain
  4. WHHHYY!! Just do it your dang self!!!
  5. Question about texturing
  6. Graphic design pages/communities?
  7. Delgo Contest
  8. Hellboy (the movie)
  9. How many people with CG degrees still not working in the industry?
  10. Digital Art vs. Pencil drawing
  11. What is more valuable training?
  12. HOLY GOD! RightHemisphere needs programers
  13. I need your opinions on this "demo reel " question.
  14. Article on Video Compression
  15. Reasons why I think being in the game industry is better than the movie industry.
  16. Who owns it ?
  17. Newbie: Quick tip for making brushes.
  18. Am I the only one that can't draw line art??
  19. Interesing articles on Video Codecs
  20. Ever made you own TV show AND got it on the air?
  21. 5ft LOTR Poster
  22. Is there or will there be ways to export animation betwn. softwares...
  23. adware
  24. moderators should list the best thread on a special page bestof
  25. Formula 1 In Oz
  26. Microsoft's Hotmail users shut out for hours
  27. facinating article on the VFX tech used in the matrix
  28. does anyone know Peter Jackson's film-camera and visual effects details on The lord
  29. Nurves or polygons?
  30. Robot car!!!?
  31. software
  32. worker exploitation in the CG field.
  33. Which CG school is the best in UK?
  34. Is there a CGNetworks RSS (XML) news feed available?
  35. Game Over: A review
  36. Geneva Motor Show 2004 Highres Car-Pics
  37. New graphist portal
  38. New to the Industsry:)...with a few questions.
  39. History of 3d ?
  40. COmp SCi ----> vFX
  41. Miami Internation U of Art and Design
  42. unbelievable all 3d reel
  43. Comp Sci --->vFX
  44. Linux and XP
  45. 2 Years Free (A Hypothetical Proposition)
  46. Nero burner 6 Ultra Edition, getting it to work...
  47. When are things enough??
  48. New To This
  49. Filming through Walls and Fences
  50. Hello people, new to the forum, wanted to introduce myself
  51. In need of pro for interview
  52. Freelance work,3D Studio,3D Supply Store ?
  53. How about AI Center for Digital Imaging and Sound (Burnaby)
  54. mustang mach 1 blueprints needed!
  55. Freebie Work
  56. Combustion Video Sample Size!?!
  57. Leaked script fragment from Episode III (humor)
  58. Ive got a movie Title, help me find more like it and there's a cookie for ya.
  59. Where'r nawyecky's tutorials?
  60. MusicPlasma!!!
  61. Need a start in 3d
  62. Winamp skins
  63. Life, Age, Future, American Dream, CG.
  64. Architectural Modeling & Rendering Video tutorials
  65. what are your favorite forums on the net??
  66. Working Environment....
  67. A Beautiful Day
  68. San Francisco Cgtalkers Get Together?
  69. another schools thread, but unique.
  70. What do *you* wear to work?
  71. Excellent simulation R&D resource
  72. Free SoundFX libraries ???
  73. Who saw HELLBOY last night in Austin??
  74. Can anyone help me find chevy ssr blueprints...
  75. OT- Make your avatar talk.
  76. i am a good begeinner in 3dmax but i want some help
  77. CG App cameo in Ocean's Eleven??
  78. 10th Planet Discovered?
  79. Interesting GameSpy article on Branding
  80. Graduate Program SCAD vs Art Academy
  81. Lost In Translation - Simpsons style
  82. "Dawn of The Dead" TV Spot tonight
  83. COOL "Making Faces" Animation Toy! (Automatic animation Generator)
  84. Arnold like you've never seen him before
  85. here are mine I have more!
  86. Inquiring about an animation
  87. is this the biggest fake that ever faked??
  88. Urgent Homework Help
  89. Normal Maps
  90. Has any1 seen Gummo?
  91. the use of pirated software in CG
  92. CG gmax design and work
  93. Gmax CG work Need An msn buddy
  94. SmCloth 2.5 for Max6
  95. Grad School
  96. Specialized Knoppix with Film Gimp?
  97. Stamp sized hard drives
  98. Adobe Atmosphere
  99. If you owned your own studio, what would be a unique thing that your studio would do?
  100. Whats this then ?
  101. How much could be done for 5,000 USD$?
  102. Any1 waiting for Eternal Sunchine of the Spotless Mind?
  103. Do you do IT and CG?
  104. How long does it take to be good?
  105. Next Time You Get A Technical Error
  106. Problem Solving Flowchart U Can't Live w/out
  107. Purchasing Expose 1 in Vancouver?
  108. Matt & Trey's "Princess"
  109. Contract question.
  110. Bingo the Clown Short
  111. Future iPod film
  112. Designhistory
  113. Puppet tools interactive demo
  114. 3DLuVr Contest
  115. Examples of organic/molecular level renders
  116. The old icarus movies
  117. morph software
  118. news tickers?
  119. Panorama of Eden
  120. How do you stay motivated
  121. Web cartoons to TV???
  122. Does cgtalk have....
  123. modeling and texturing demo reel advice-maya
  124. For Freelancers out there (self help legal info)
  125. i lost my password!!!!
  126. OT image: snow rolls
  127. looking for links to vr sites...
  128. Companies Looking for Experience Only??
  129. Matte painting pricing?
  130. How many here play counter strike?
  131. important 3d question
  132. Job Market in San Francisco Area
  133. Happy Saint Patrick's DAY!!
  134. What tips and tricks one should follow on the first job interview?
  135. Ooh this industry....
  136. Keeping high res models in quads?
  137. Yoshitaka Amano art exhibition in Japan.
  138. Portfolio.
  139. Paper star wars models
  140. anyone at VFS?
  141. Evaluating Cinema 4D
  142. To my dear, loving Brother
  143. This window make me carzy
  144. OT - 100 ft astroid just 26K miles from Earth
  145. That PBS Special: Origins of The Universe"
  146. What school do you think that is the best school for study game progrmmer ?
  147. subsurface scattering
  148. electric pencil sharpener
  149. MGS3 screenies too good?
  150. Is this real?
  151. VBulletin Upgrade for CGTalk
  152. Weta Evangelion concept challenge
  153. Games w/ Normal Maps
  154. New magazine "Identik" looking for artists......
  155. light_and_baking
  156. HELLBOY!: The Reviews start pouring in!
  157. need skyscraper structure ref
  158. Gnomon Sculpture DVD's on ebay
  159. Firewroks
  160. Studio size
  161. Renderman Help?
  162. Casshern?!
  163. Getting your foot in the door through Staffing Agencies?
  164. What thing I cant show in a 3D still?
  165. 10 reference images of deteriorated objects
  166. new here
  167. don't like cheaters? UT2004 doesn't either...
  168. Another fun mindless game
  169. A Writing/Short Story section on CGtalk???
  170. DAWN OF THE DEAD [Spoilers]
  171. Websites with FREE stockfootage/large images?
  172. Onimusha 3 trailer done in max!?
  173. Box modelling vs. Poly modelling
  174. Can good animator has week points?
  175. .ico files
  176. Casshern Trailer ( AWESOME MOVIE)
  177. Siggraph 03' X men2 Lighting technique?
  178. 3d application tutorials
  179. minor news: the new bat symbol
  180. question about movie length
  181. Managging multiple piece characters
  182. Playing avi's in quicktime
  183. Ultimate gaming system
  184. Far Cry : first impressions...
  185. New in Kansas City
  186. RUMOR: What Bloom as Bond...Please!
  187. Good movie forums...?
  188. University in the UK ?
  189. Are you Fat???
  190. Anyone has "Eye of the painter" or "3-Dimensional Drawing" ?
  191. French Movie? Tom Thumb.
  192. Outlook to Linux
  193. Summer Art Experiance at AAC
  194. List of budgets for CG short films?
  195. Game: Grow
  196. CG Short: iPod Racer
  197. exposeII contest results?
  198. 3D in college?
  199. Set design
  200. Is their a 3d plugin to make your models look pastel?
  201. An FAQ for Beginners
  202. anyone use it?
  203. If I was not doing CG...
  204. Making Connections in Sonoma County Ca
  205. Ridley Scott on a Stand Alone ALIEN film with Sigourney Weaver
  206. If there was something you always wanted in a 3d software.
  207. CG Health Tips and Tricks
  208. do you guys buy bulk packs of visin?
  209. Non CG - Here is Talent and brains combination....awesome stuff....
  210. concept books and making of dvd's ?
  211. Hitting the Jackpot: How do you create a character that becomes a money cow?
  212. New Zbrush?????
  213. You going to 3d festival?...
  214. I, Robot, I, Hate.
  215. Working in Italy
  216. 2d graphics, print/font boards??
  217. UK: Anyone know who did the Robinsons orange squash ad?
  218. Need Orthos from Volcano High
  219. Video Sceen capture-how to?
  220. April 2nd which would you watch - Hellboy or Home on the Range, or both?
  221. Pocket PC Video
  222. Concept/Composition/ColorTheory books
  223. I had a dream.
  224. *sigh*
  225. *sigh*
  226. Flash "stuck in a room" game
  227. Soldat Anyone?
  228. QUALIA. Beautiful, but WHAT exactly it is ?
  229. Series of images to video: how; which program?
  230. Requirements for CGing and producing it? (I need guidance!)
  231. Other VFX Pros, How much do YOU work?
  232. 3D courses at University (UK)
  233. share Resources for artists
  234. AI online
  235. How Much Should I Charge?
  236. When bad luck strikes you...
  237. CG scholl in Calgary?!?!?!
  238. Independent & Self Taught!!!
  239. OT: Simpsons Cosmic Wars Parody (Way too close for comfort..)
  240. Anyone here interested in Machinima?
  241. Looking for the artist of these pics:
  242. Syd Mead on the History Channel
  243. I, Robot poster from Show West
  244. Ott:Blumenkraft (CD),Anyone who did the artwork for this?
  245. Dancing Monkey Boy
  246. Ethernal Sunshine
  247. what's your screen resolution?
  248. car reference help
  249. Canadians: Skills Competition?
  250. Pen Pad Purchasing