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  1. Commercial database urls?
  2. trying to find a student demo reel thread
  3. who saw Kaena and what went wrong?
  4. Design/talk about Portfolio
  5. Perspective books
  6. Flash cartoons that make you want to kill yourself dead
  7. Starting a portfolio
  8. A CG Film??
  9. CG on Templatemonster
  10. OT: NASA loses contact with the rover
  11. working in the US without a diploma?
  12. What should i charge for this job???
  13. Mix2webs in one with :)
  14. HELP please!
  15. Whats your favorite Studio CG intro?
  16. Mars animation for NASA
  17. Where is 3dnspiration?
  18. LA Production House Salary Survey
  19. Best Animated Short Academy Rules
  20. HDRI viewer?
  21. WACOM problem
  22. The Speed of Life - my film
  23. 3D creature needed
  24. Best and Worst Death Scene Speech.
  25. Mercedes-Ben 300SL Gullwing Blueprint?
  26. "Blue" DVD Petition
  27. Slacker Cats
  28. Which app has the biggest potential....
  29. Pros and Cons of Cloth Simulators
  30. Matte-painting + live plates
  31. **Recommend a Pre-College Program...**
  32. List of problematic properties and objects if shown photographicaly (Trademarks)
  33. Gnomon DVDs:Have anyone experienced wrong shipment?
  34. Junkyard
  35. anyone have Feng's DVD's ?
  36. NYIT graphic design program?
  37. Cheap 3d application?
  38. Under pressure for jan-29th (Expose2) ?
  39. Sequel to "The mask", Son of the mask
  40. People's Attitudes / Work Ethics. (Rant by a Student)
  41. Pantone
  42. monitor calibration
  43. Photo to 3d obj techniques
  44. I am willing to pay $100.00 ...
  45. Just Starting out, how to get to my dream?
  46. few questions
  47. OT: Shazbot!
  48. Character Animation Plug-ins
  49. Anyone have a bully in school?
  50. about 3d art colleges
  51. synthetic speech system
  52. Entertain Yourselves
  53. Fast, Cheap and in Control..What can we learn from Robert Rodriguez?
  54. Drawing get togethers
  55. Tutorial: Large prints from little printers...
  56. 3d for the Web
  57. ifilm, atomfilms, etc....
  58. a few question about Paint shop pro
  59. hardest RPG EVER!
  60. Portable Harddrive Password protection?
  61. thanx
  62. Bill Gates
  63. Expose and Plagiarism
  64. Why do people still state polycounts on their work?
  65. First Opportunity Pics!! Very Intresting
  66. Running Studio by your own
  67. 3D software bazaar
  68. Evangelion/weta movie?
  69. Favorite Terry Gilliam Film?
  70. My work
  71. 3d skills and drawing: connected?
  72. Something You Can laugh Too
  73. Peter Jackson Wins Best Director: Golden Globes
  74. Reverse Gravity
  75. Play Incorporated
  76. Spoiler Alert:Behind the Scenes Dual: Star Wars 3 Video Feed
  77. Question To any Robotech DVD Fans
  78. ever have a day like this????
  79. whats the deal with atom films ??
  80. Overwrite copy protection code DVD, CSS, Macrovision, etc.
  81. How arrogant...
  82. Hand Drawn Pen Motion
  83. What happened with METAGONS ?
  84. suspense shot
  85. Annie & Boo (What happened)
  86. Silence is golden
  87. Looking for an animation
  88. Are you a "Just-3D" artist?
  89. How do MMOGs go about making their skybox?
  90. imageplanes
  91. Best vfx sequences of 2003....
  92. StoryBoarding on a Handheld device
  93. Gollum dupe?
  94. For Digital Fusion users or anyone who could help me
  95. update: Microsoft takes over
  96. Anyone looking to sell a NES
  97. Very cool website--nice, stylized 3D work
  98. Art School
  99. Books for sale New Prices, Cheaper prices. Perfect condition.
  100. Nightly CG Talk backups?
  101. Switch to Flash
  102. about star wars 6
  103. Effects of frontpage on the artist
  104. Moving video characters
  105. Lord of the Rings: Recieves 11 Oscar Nominations
  106. Graphics - R.I.P. ??
  107. SAFETY TIP ... protect your hearing
  108. Nottingham?
  109. OT: R&R playtime...
  110. Show and Tell short
  111. Japanese Art Forum?
  112. Why do people post fakes?
  113. Expose 2 - deadline clarification please
  114. Peter Ratner's book, why Steven Stahlberg artwork on it cover?
  115. What do you guys think about this Digital Animation Degree Outline?
  116. Fundamental inspiration: Marcel Proustian cookies of visual arts.
  117. a career in compositing?
  118. Sculptor looking for helpful program.
  119. A day in the life of a CGTalker...
  120. Has a movie ever changed, or had a profound effect on, your life in any way?
  121. How old is your mouse?
  122. VIRUS of the week [WORM_MIMAIL.R]
  123. Is Rotoscoping Cheating???
  124. Does anyone know anything about photogramettry
  125. maya 4.5 extract
  126. Inspiration in Making the LOTR
  127. OT: Just Married!
  128. CGTalk Photography Thread
  129. don't copy that floppy!!
  130. Help!! I need bigger Avatar !
  131. CG'er Moving to Northern Cali....HELP!
  132. resume help
  133. ** MyDoom is the worst virus ever **
  134. Dinosaurs, muscles bone and skin ref.
  135. pittsburgh pa 3d?
  136. Which schools are the best???
  137. Traditional photography v. Digital: Your thoughts?
  138. Spiderman TV Series DVD -GREAT "behind-scenes"
  139. Your Computing Horoscope for this Week
  140. Weapons of Mass Destruction @ Google
  141. Does it matters what software I am using?
  142. Looking for ref: Tarrasque?
  143. OT:Avalanches Simulated With 500,000 Ping-Pong Balls
  144. this is cool
  145. ebay Quadro Rip off
  146. For what applications would you use E-ink?
  147. Visual Effect help???
  148. WOW! You all are Amazing!
  149. How can I get to see "THE TRIPLETS OF BELLEVILLE"?
  150. Expose 2 upload errors
  151. "Perfect Software Package"
  152. Bump Mapping
  153. talk about a visual effect
  154. Imagina 2004 - who's coming?
  155. Fausto
  156. Nice "art"
  157. DigiBeta to QuickTime in LA
  158. Blue Sky Still Hiring?
  159. Superman movie
  160. OT: Proof that not everyone is born intelligent.
  161. OT with a twist: Horrible album covers
  162. '3D' rendering for Polarized glasses?
  163. Oh No!!!! Godzirra!!!!
  164. Whale explodes on Taiwan Street
  165. OT: Beavis lives!
  166. Why is my M.C. Escher print essentially a detail from a Hieronymous Bosch triptych?
  167. ITT we give eachother drawing tips on the computer
  168. 3d software SHADE
  169. Any Animation festivals?
  170. Pixar vs Disney over.
  171. Famous painting
  172. Impressive sidewalk chalk drawings..
  173. this is very good.
  174. I need NASCAR Images
  175. Professional CG people
  176. Maya in Australia
  177. Opinions on spelling in posts....
  178. Translate winamp to text???
  179. game for mouse reflexes :)
  180. Another addictive game: Smack the Penguin
  181. Adobe Premiere 6.5 help
  182. Getting Desensitized to Epic Films
  183. LOTR:ROTK Comes to DVD This Spring
  184. No Attachements in the WIP threads
  185. Dancing Robots from Japan
  186. Visualization Rebranding
  187. You mean you've never seen XYZ the Movie?!?
  188. What Happened to
  189. Dont be shy, tell us the posters on your room wall!...
  190. Can't stop staring at people
  191. Save Disney
  192. Sidewalk Art from Melbourne!! U GOTTA SEE!!
  193. This will make you Laugh
  194. modernised architecture?
  195. Kaena anyone?
  196. Rights for Artists links
  197. Question: Do you sketch out your models most of the time.
  198. CG Books and External Storage for Sale
  199. Free image Upload - WE'RE BACK !
  200. Mike Rowe's website: Part 2
  201. Animated CG Projects that have gone POOF! Lets make a comprehensive list!
  202. Looking for an animation course in the UK?
  203. What's up with all the cars?
  204. which should i focus on ?
  205. OT: Antiboredom Campaign
  206. I need this commercial (PS2 Perfect Dark 2)
  207. Chinese Characters
  208. 2D Animation Apps
  209. New Painting
  210. A call out to all Freelance 3d/2d artists looking for work
  211. Cool nane Thingers: a question of "how to"
  212. Which future should I choose?
  213. Oringal GIJOE TV series on DVD!!
  214. where could i get a second hand copy of maya?
  215. what makes 3D so great for you
  216. opencanvas - alternative
  217. Freelance rates???
  218. Best Way 2 SpeedUp System???
  219. FS: HDRI Kit
  220. anyone having problems loging into Ballistic Puplishing?
  221. Expose II deadline
  222. cant find something
  223. Animation technology you would like to see in games
  224. Animation technology you would like to see in games
  225. Searching 4 Races of Middle Earth thread - Gorilla char.
  226. what is that site called???
  227. Troy - MASSIVE?
  228. Van Helsing
  229. Searching for references for a long time but have nothing :(
  230. OT: what stats counter do you web masters use?
  231. Freelance:When is not your fault?
  232. You Got Served #1
  233. cinema bit depth
  234. OT: SCO and MyDoom.A
  235. Speed Challeneges for Technical Directors! What projects would you suggest?
  236. The Return of the King: Questionnaire
  237. freelance rates
  238. Great Subscription Price on 3D World Mag
  239. domain name [technical help]
  240. Have an idea for a short movie
  241. does anyone know anything, about this random question
  242. Chicago 3d club
  243. Van Helsing
  244. Fogotten book title!
  245. How Do You Organize Folders?
  246. New at this
  247. Animation Advice
  248. Expose 2: Image Submission (3636x2657 valid?)
  249. trying to make windows error box (image)
  250. Character Skinning -- Sort of in a Pickle