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  1. 3D renderer possibilities in Microsoft Blend
  2. Master list of closed VFX shops
  3. Full Sail University's "Computer Animation Bachelor's " accelerated degree program?
  4. What is the best 3D animation software for handling tens of thousands of objects?
  5. WETA builds its first Tabletop game
  6. [PHOTOSHOP] Quick brush preset switch option/plugin?
  7. No Hollywood Ending for the Visual-Effects Industry
  8. Video game graphics in 20years
  9. Art teachers
  10. Working in Maya but should I continue working with Max as well?
  11. Lets say I wanna make a space dogfight animation...
  12. 2017 Oscar Voting Guide: Animation & VFX Contenders Vying for Academy Awards
  13. ‘Rock Dog’ Director Ash Brannon On How To Navigate A Chinese-Funded Production
  14. A Different Career Path: If you have not done 3D what would you have done instead?
  15. HAYAO MIYAZAKI Comes Out Of Retirement (Again), Working on 2020 Feature Film
  16. Arena-sized VR Experiences Should Explode in Numbers Soon due to OptiTrack
  17. How 'The Jungle Book' VFX team re-created a classic through cutting-edge technology
  18. Video Games with character muscles flexing
  19. What other things can you do as a 3D artist aside from games?
  20. Fight back to school
  21. Fraekonomics
  22. I need settings for Quadro k1200 ,3ds max.
  23. Howler 11 released
  24. Best places of study for concept art
  25. Jungle reference pack 200+ photos
  26. Teesside University or Bournemouth University for Computer Animation Bachelor's?
  27. World Machine vs Terragen
  28. "White Jade" Web Series
  29. Anyone else here who stopped enjoying and creating 3D animation?
  30. iPad Pro & Pencil for quick annotations
  31. Is a career in the games industry worth it?
  32. Selling my ZBRUSH license
  33. DuckTales First Look | DuckTales | Disney XD
  34. Autodesk price increases and forcing subscription on maintenance customers
  35. Oculus Founder: Rift will come to Mac if Apple “ever releases a good computer”
  36. Demo/Practice shots for tracking/matchmoving
  37. Help!
  38. Color Calibration
  39. New to CG society.
  40. How would you tackle this project *Character Modeling*
  41. I can't choose any verticle in blender
  42. Motorboke schematics
  43. Can you think of the similar morphing effect?
  44. The CG actors in 'Logan' you didn't know were there
  45. Indie Filmmakers..Tell us about your ongoing projects.
  46. Books on maths and fx
  47. History of traditional sculpting vs digital sculpting
  48. Guidance on Making the Shift to CG
  49. Hiring 3D Animator
  50. Hiring Art Director
  51. Hiring Motion Graphics Artist
  52. Finally - Blender With A Better User Interface
  53. Architectural Interior Design
  54. Anatomy for Artists (Show us your resources)
  55. creating a guy in maya (python)
  56. Need some advice on getting started
  57. LW3D blog updated
  58. Sexy why are you so cheap lol
  59. Can one Hardsurface Prop be enough to apply for work?
  60. 3D Mobile Offline Portfolio app
  61. Entry level 3d job boards?
  62. 3D Paint in 1995
  63. how to create awesome animation like this?
  64. Pixologic´s position
  65. How Is VR As A Trend Doing?
  66. Looking for Freelancer's (paid work)
  67. 1920x1200 or 2560x1440 is it worth to switch? Eye strain?
  68. The Matrix is being Rebooted
  69. Legal FREE/CC Resources (Textures/Models/HDR Maps!) Share them with us!
  70. Windows 7 and 8 users are blocked from using latest-gen CPUs?
  71. Is there anyone willing to be interviewed for a uni assignment?
  72. Texture Noob needs help with seams
  73. Voronoi Mesh Generator V 2.0 is now available
  74. Cannot select second Vertex in 3DS Max 2016
  75. Intuos Pro vs Wacom Cintiq 21UX DTK-2100 2nd Gen or something better?
  76. Interactive viewer for client to manipulate model - which program?
  77. Big Cat Modeling Tutorial
  78. Help exporting model from zBrush...
  79. Help exporting model from zBrush...
  80. question about keyboard
  81. Help with specific exporting formats?
  82. My Super Bricks Tool V1.0 for Maya is now available
  83. how i can make my own 3D Transformers animation?
  84. How to monetize this work.
  85. Intuos Pro vs Wacom Cintiq 21UX DTK-2100 2nd Gen screen comparison to newer versions?
  86. The 50 greatest matte paintings of all time
  87. High bit depth movie formats
  88. Best Graphics Card for after effects/Blender 2017
  89. Watch First Episode of Disney XD’s ‘Rocket & Groot’ Shorts Series
  90. Applying for jobs advice: Cover letter vs one line intro?
  91. How can I change one object only when another is selected?
  92. What Music Do You Listen To When You Do CG?
  93. How do you get from ZBrush to Substance Painter and create a turnaround easiest?
  94. incorporating (free) materials ect.. still YOUR work?
  95. Photoshooting room (Looks like a sphere room a lot of cameras)? what is it?
  96. Printing a CG Porfolio. What are the best practices?
  97. Star Wars: Battlefront and the Art of Photogrammetry
  98. Intel Claims Its Magical New Memory Will Speed Your Computer Up for Cheap
  99. Why did all software become dark grey?
  100. Advice about Compositing
  102. 3D Sculting using Quill VR
  103. Have I found a bug in maya 2017
  104. The best
  105. Graphics Card for GPU rendering - overclocked good or not?
  106. Building new PC for latest houdini
  107. Texture instead of mesh in game models
  108. Matterport - A Whole New Level Of Photogrammetry/3D Scanning
  109. Onion Packer: free textures & images manager
  110. Youtube monetisation partner program
  111. WIRED: How TV Opening Titles Got to Be So Damn Good
  112. D3CRYPT3D won SXSW Interactive Innovation Award for Privacy & Security
  113. Simulating high density liquid
  114. What is the propper way to zremesher a game character?
  115. CGI progress and human learning??
  116. Massive query concerning render resolutions vs real world print measurements.
  117. Getting into CG, what program would you recommend?
  118. Voronoi Texturing
  119. Arch vis research project
  120. How Movie Theaters SHOULD Be Laid Out...
  121. Golem coin currency/ renderfarm
  122. CG Society & CGTalk
  123. Why do CG Pyro Effects often look so fake?
  124. Noob question
  125. VR on phones, and authoring it
  126. Marvelous designer- how long would this take... (time?)
  127. iRAY and gpu question? nvidia vs amd
  128. Games With Built-In 3D Modeling (KSP)
  129. Cintiq 27qhd touch for sale
  130. Making of video game "Candle". Cool stuff here
  131. Tablets for 3D Modeling (Not sculpting)
  132. Apple pushes the reset button on the Mac Pro
  133. What is perspective in 3d?
  134. Harry Shearer: Why My 'Spinal Tap' Lawsuit Affects All Creators
  135. Difference in render output on different platforms?
  136. 3D Asset Viewer/Manager?
  137. 3d modeling
  138. What Type of Pieces/Scenes to have in a Portfolio (Environment/Prop Artist)?
  139. Where Can I Get My Hands On Older Versions of Software?
  140. can i please have my username changed to "mikeporetti"
  141. What Type of Pieces to have in Portfolio (Environment/Prop Artist)
  142. Best place to buy hdri.. for 3d architectural viualiztions?
  143. Doing Some Research On 3D Scanning Gear
  144. Zbrush export bugs (High poly model)
  145. Best CAD to mesh software available?
  146. error in adobe application
  147. 3D Software shifting over to the web
  148. Deleting Artwork?
  149. visual effects for independent film help!
  150. Create a HDRI from RAW?
  151. Render management software
  152. Lost on this site!
  153. CG Commercials - Compression for youtube
  154. Animation In A VR World: How Is It Different and How Is It The Same?
  155. how to make awesome rig like this?
  156. New to the forum, introduction
  157. Trainnig Courses
  158. Where to sell motion graphics?
  159. Webinar: Architectural visualization with Unreal Engine
  160. We want to Interview you.
  161. UVs from Max to Zbrush
  162. Laptop for VFX (NukeX, AE, Maya, zBrush)
  163. Can you copy rigs
  164. It's Not the Tools, It's the Artist
  165. How to hire a member of for book cover art?
  166. UVapp that can edit Bitmaps?
  167. Pixie3D Beta Released
  168. FEEDBACK MUCH APPRECIATED! Motion capture project
  169. Krakatoa Issue : Can't render an animation
  170. How do I balance a job, programming, and drawing
  171. Which VR headset - GearVR as oppoed to Oculus or Vive!
  172. which field employee have more work-life balance, liberal work culture?
  173. Music / Soundtrack / Score resources for a personal project.
  174. The Commodore Story - Changing the world 8-bits at a time
  175. Just saw Beauty and the Beast
  176. PowerVR Furian GPUs - Is Nvidia Getting Competition?
  177. Best Human Body Complete Anatomy + Maya Rig ?
  178. Photorealistic Suede ? ( 3ds Max / Vray )
  179. Is there such a thing as Blender for Android?
  180. Goro Fujita: A Moment in Time (Amazing VR Piece)
  181. Best auto-retopology tool?
  182. The making of my first indie games !
  183. How long did it take for you to make a living in the 3D industry?
  184. Best tool for road design
  185. Best software for motion design, but also a lot of facial rigging and uv mapping?
  186. Watch Glen Keane and Kobe Bryant Talk About Their New Short ‘Dear Basketball’
  187. Everything’ Creator David OReilly On The Hard Truths Of Moving Away From Animation
  188. Have you accepted that you suck at CG?
  189. Normal Map Baking Ability
  190. Anyway to Save and Reuse my Rig?
  191. Getting job lined up in LA (from out of state)
  192. Burn out; keeping it from happening?
  193. Questioning where I'm at and the folks that I'm working with.
  194. Wrestle the Robot Spider with thinkingParticles Fb LIVE
  195. 3D Asset Management Software Ideas
  196. Mecha Dinosaurs
  197. Tapping in the dark
  198. Tapping in the dark
  199. crit my reel
  200. Face topology question
  201. Viewport Performance in Softwares
  202. Rendering camera distortion - which software
  203. Which desktop GPU is comparable to a Mali G-71?
  204. Masa i misa poly
  205. Geometry quality in paid models
  206. Super Bricks V2.0 for Maya Update
  207. Lets Talk Expose 12
  208. Breaking Contracts
  209. How do i make this kind of hair ?
  210. Title for role in animated film?
  211. What is the most effective means of simulating ripples on water in CGI?
  212. Can Blender accomplish this effect?
  213. Creating a pipeline for a small 3D animation studio.
  214. İnner Earth
  215. Is This All Houdini?
  216. Now Has A VR Section
  217. Best place to obtain textured, rigged, anatomy models?
  218. some very basic newb questions about polys and nurbs.
  219. Can't get MEL script to maintain section it had at initiation
  220. Free Isometric Sprites - Swat VS Zombies
  221. PDT 9 am - Going LIVE Today - visual effects webinar
  222. Tips to get into cg artistry.
  223. Spend alot of time on poly modeling or get the basics and jump into a sculpt program?
  224. Music/Mixing/Design/Post out of Canada
  225. Wacom Wireless Kit problem
  226. Hi from Argentina. Need suggestions for a photography sessión + 3D I have in mind.
  227. Microsoft’s Latest Workplace Tech Demos VR
  228. Should I give up on 3D modelling
  229. Fake volumetrics like in game graphics ? Tornado, sunbeams, smoke
  230. Nvidia Unveils 5120 CUDA Core 15 Teraflop Volta GPU
  231. Should I Adapt My Character Designs to the Style of 3D Movies?
  232. Is modeling with Zbrush dynamesh better than traditional poly modeling ?
  233. Substance Painter and diffuse map
  234. Hollywood Braces for Big Decline at Summer Box Office
  235. Guardian Sculpt (WIP)
  236. Needed some advice for my career.
  237. Opinion on Artist specific services
  238. technical rigs
  239. Shadow Mosaic - World-building Collaboration
  240. Maxwell renderer setting
  241. Realtime Simulation and Volume Modelling Plugin for UE
  242. How to rename depth channel in arnold (output 2x z pass) ?
  243. From Photoshop to Computer Graphic
  244. trying to use 3D scanned objects in a CG environment
  245. Can you guys tell me how can i set up a full body reference from
  246. Did Photoshop recently break?!
  247. Animation University in New Zealand
  248. Editorial: How Pixar Lost Its Way- The Atlantic
  249. Vray 3.5 RT on GPU farm
  250. Sculpting and Animating