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  1. Martin Scorsese: 'Words and images don’t mean anything anymore'
  2. So tell us, what do you think are side Skills that give a 3D artist an advantage
  3. Advice- Zbrush HardSurface Modeling Tricks
  4. Reviews: ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’: The Empire is Coming!
  5. NEW FXWARS challenge will be up in this weekend.
  6. Show Us Your Sketchbook! Importance of Sketching and Growing Daily!
  7. Jurassic Park like VR Title that Definitely Impresses!
  8. how can i make more realistic of my model
  9. Art in VR
  10. How much could you make travelling back in time?
  11. Sculpting/Concept Vs FX
  12. Displacement Map
  13. What does it Take to be an Artist in Game/Film Industry?
  14. VR Could be Nintendo's Secret Weapon
  15. ai and pdf files instantly disappear
  16. Advice please. Used Mac Book Pro w/ext. graphics card?
  17. VRAY Cubemaps on iphone
  18. Big flops. Waning studio profits. What Hollywood's record box office doesn't tell you
  19. 5 Tips for Freelance Artists - Bobby Chiu
  20. The SPA Studios. Character Design Tips from Sergio Pablos
  21. Why Insomniac is Doing VR and Whats Next
  22. What Phones are Compatible with Samsung Gear?
  23. Advice for baby medical illustrator?
  24. After declaring the PC dead, desktops are suddenly very important to Apple
  25. Feed back
  26. Feed back
  27. VIZUTIL - 10% Off Discount Code
  28. Worldwide Gaming Market Hits $91 Billion In 2016
  29. Hands on with Microsoft's new Paint 3D -Video
  30. Realistic Procedural Architecture for Games
  31. workshop question
  32. The Best VR Experiences of 2016.
  33. When do you Know you are Getting Better?
  34. 3d max script material - id need help
  35. Is it art or design? (creating a commercial product)
  36. Awesome holiday giveaway - premium subscription for theViewer VR
  37. Santa's home in VR
  38. Which_Render_Engine_For_Short_Movie
  39. Is Panorama VR Digital Painting the Next Step for 2D Art?
  40. The Price of Freedom A Mind Bending VR Spy Story
  41. How to beauty retouch a video?
  42. Options to Consolidate 6TB from 4 machines
  43. Making ART or Making Sausage?: How to increase volume as an CG Artist?
  44. Aerix Vidius HD VR Drone Review
  45. THE EXPANSE | Season 2: Trailer #3
  46. Disney faces 'Star Wars'-size dilemma over loss of Carrie Fisher
  47. How Guerrilla Games Made RIGS into a PS VR Title
  48. Open 3d models with Java
  49. Editorial: Doom is Indie game design at its best
  50. View TGA thumbnails in Win 10?
  51. Vertigo Review- An Indie version of Half Life
  52. Was VR a failure in 2016?
  53. Why is Youtube the only video site?
  54. The best character in Rogue One
  55. Gear VR Ranked in Amazons Best Selling Wearables
  56. teaching yourself...
  57. Make money selling stock illustrations: 5 expert tips
  58. Actors seek posthumous protections after big-screen resurrections
  59. With Vray and MR, why Arnold or Corona?
  60. How to make Anime Animation (Specially Water)
  61. Exporting Textures from MARI into UE4?
  62. Anyone know RealFlow?
  63. Kill X’ Is A Terrifying PlayStation VR FPS With Full Movement
  64. 'Blade Runner' Fan Project Recreates a Whole set in VR
  65. Photoshop Brush Manager Extension WIP
  66. Pecillati's Republic Day Art Contest
  67. Whats your favorite free courses or tutorials online?
  68. VR Boots that Make you Feel Every Step
  69. Xbox VR Technology To Be More Real With Project Scorpio
  70. 3D Software Survey
  71. With Vray and MR, why Arnold or Corona?
  72. stock model market - demand? requirements?
  73. Need advice on how to make eyes
  74. Person Tries to Work All Day in VR- Here's What happened
  75. Transforming legacy products into consumer centric digital platforms
  76. + Upload Art button doesnt work
  77. Does anyone feel that something doesn't add up?
  78. Your Smartphone will be Replaced by a VR Headset
  79. Power Rangers VR Art
  80. What software / technique would you use to achieve this look for the clothes?
  81. Storylines - Americans, please read!
  82. Modo indie vs Blender
  83. Multiple character rigging shortcuts / recycling work
  84. Displacement mapping manual (beginners)
  85. help in E100 tank modeling
  86. Help needed - Blender 2.78a takes ages to import models, reacts slow and freezes on i
  87. How to find a good graphics programmer
  88. Deus Ex’ With Lenovo’s ‘VR Upscaling
  89. Top 10 Reasons to Love Blender
  90. Entourage Demand Survey
  91. SGI Indigo2 Computer System Review
  92. TECHTOOLS Dell Targets Artists With The ‘Canvas,’ An Affordable 27-Inch Tablet Monito
  93. New Amiga documentary
  94. Glass problems with vray
  95. OLD SCHOOL: Commodore 64 fans share your stories!
  96. Photoshop Brush Manager Extension WIP
  97. Final Fantasy 7 An oral history
  98. Los Angeles will be home to George Lucas' $1-billion museum
  99. Could you please check my sentence?
  100. 2D live image into 3D image
  101. Rove3D Beta Released - Production Rendering in Unity
  102. How the Special Effects of Silent Films Were Done
  103. Show Us Your Sketchbook 2017! Importance of Sketching and Growing Daily!
  104. Drunk Or Dead VR Review
  105. Beginner environment/prop artist portfolio
  106. Folio Building Group
  107. Rain drops on 3d surface.
  108. Bake a normal map that softens the hard edges of your models
  109. Any site for props, assets, furniture modeling?
  110. Independent game Production
  111. Does texturing program choice matter to employers?
  112. Rendering Scene Advice
  113. What keeps you Motivated?
  114. Linux performance terrible !
  115. 10 Things I Hate about Blender
  116. Project Felix you just keep ruffling my feathers!
  117. Salaries in Melbourne, Australia
  118. VFX in Bollywood Hindi Movies ( Must See )
  119. Lucasfilm Won’t be Using a CG Carrie Fisher in Upcoming ‘Star Wars’ Films
  120. TUTORIAL: How to Animate A Skip Cycle
  121. AR vs. VR: Their Differences And What They Mean For The Future
  122. The Weight of Gravity-Video
  123. urgent!
  124. DC SIGGRAPH: SIGGRAPH 2016 Computer Animation Festival Showcase
  125. How to create High Poly to Low poly
  126. Is it possible to pursue a career in concept art while working a day job?
  127. Where top start when learning texturing?
  128. What are the odds of Pixelogic finding out someon use a pirated Zbrush to make a game
  129. OLD SCHOOL: Commodore Amiga fans share your stories!
  130. Has anyone figured a good way to check if cg work you are doing is legal?
  131. Is there a CgSociety help thread?
  132. how Mark Zuckerberg thinks the VR industry will evolve
  133. Vray vs Octane vs Arnold vs Cycles
  134. Finding a Distribution Company for my film?
  135. Doctor
  136. Getting feedback on my work | new here
  137. Getting started 3d graphics software
  138. Modular assets a good idea?
  139. Any good model viewer apps?
  140. I am in need of a 3d model
  141. Dear Angelica- An Emotional Narritive Realized through Quill
  142. I need some reality check Freelancer..
  143. Transition into the workforce - 3D artist
  144. Is it worthwhile to have an Artstation account?
  145. is 3D coat worth the money?
  146. Learn Python For Maya
  147. What kind of brush is best used for value study?
  148. A place for those who render - Discord
  149. Object morph
  150. What do OLD PEOPLE watch?
  151. HD, Retina, 4k, 5k
  152. CNet-"I dared to play Resident Evil 7 in VR!"
  153. New Sci-fi Corridor
  154. How to learn effectively modeling character? Choosing a focus & study habits. 2d/3d?
  155. Best program to create a hair, furr etc for my sculpt?
  156. Anyone in Blacksburg, Virginia?
  157. Free rock shooter game
  158. Anyone remember this Animation
  159. Blender or Maya? As a beginner
  160. CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 problem
  161. Which Dell laptop is best for rendering - Alienware with a GTX 1070 or a Precision wi
  162. Freelancing as a 3D-modeler or as a web developer?
  163. does it hurt to write Blender on your resume?
  164. Sony closing VR developers
  165. Selling your 3d Models queries
  166. Surface maps
  167. HTC’s VP of Design Leaving to Join Google’s VR Team
  168. How do UV unwrap this wall tile in 3ds Max?
  169. CONVERT Maya / C4D files for Keyshot?
  170. Any Freelancers out there?
  171. zbrushcore: why the hate?
  172. Questions for freelancers and people who attempted businesses.
  173. More Than 62,000 People Are Playing Resident Evil 7 On PS VR
  174. Physics-Based VR Puzzle Game Awaken and Level Editor Contest
  175. .psd image can’t be opened via photoshop
  176. Help!
  177. Best software for polypainting/texture painting (which support Zbrush and Maya)
  178. C4DToA Z Pass On Large Scene
  179. what can you do with an associates in Fine arts?
  180. 3D corporate solution
  181. Need a .max model exported to FBX or OBJ PAID
  182. Freelance Artists Contracts...Share your Resources
  183. Survios is pushing the boundaries of VR to go ‘Beyond Reality’
  184. Cinema 4d Pay as you go license- defeating the purpose?
  185. Script Editor: Errors have occured while reading this scene
  186. What Killed Lightwave?
  187. Archviz - Collaboration
  188. yeti for Vray - please help me
  189. Star Wars Rebels Season 3 - Mid-Season Trailer
  190. My head is going to explode!
  191. What the vfx supes nominated for an Oscar think was their toughest shot
  192. CV advice
  193. he LEGO Batman Movie - Gotham Cribs
  194. 360 and VR images
  195. Doing an AMA with the nominated VFX Artists behind Man in the High Castle :)
  196. 3d Modeler inspiration!
  197. What do people think of the new Beauty and the Beast?
  198. What it takes to become a TD in Animation/Film/VFX field?
  199. Procedural modelling: your opinion
  200. How does one do Eyes Blinking?
  201. Quadruped Locomotion Tutorial (Cool Video)
  202. Outlook 2017: Thinkbox Software - The growing popularity of the usage-based software
  203. Looking For Someone To Render
  204. What are the required skills of a character artist?
  205. Return of the Jedi’ and ‘Roger Rabbit’ VFX Supe Ken Ralston Reflects on the Industry
  206. OpenToonz: Making high-end animation software accessible
  207. Preview: ‘Psychonauts In the Rhombus of Ruin’ puts players in VR World
  208. trying to remember old animated short films
  209. Cyril Jedor - Importance of light (Video)
  210. Sound design for an animated short
  211. Financial Software for Freelancers
  212. UploadVR Tried an Underwater VR Headset, and it Worked
  213. Nintendo Games can Work Shockingly well in Dolphin VR
  214. What 3d software should i use
  215. Question about MoCap and its hardware
  216. Trying to find payrates, so i can put together a film.
  217. Need Help, Maya Vector only renders part of mesh!
  218. Character game artist
  219. Sci Fi Spacehip Hangar Interior 3D model
  220. This Brush (?)
  221. Does a degree hold more prominence over a diploma, in the CG industry?
  222. Materializing low res. 3d poly-models
  223. Your experiences with Ptex?
  224. Every Best Visual Effects Winner. Ever. (1927-2016 Oscars)
  225. Scifi Spaceship Hangar Interior 3D model
  226. 3ds Max CAT
  227. Ember Labs
  228. Life after getting a degree (and during a job)
  229. Render is to bright
  230. Coding or by hand?
  231. Sculpting software with Dynamesh like feature.
  232. Understanding stutter in footage?
  233. merging shapes in illustrator
  234. Gnomon school as international student
  235. New Rig
  236. Where to find short films
  237. Need a new monitor
  238. Would 3D modellers and/or game companies want to hire someone for this job?
  239. Proper pipeline? (Cinematic characters)
  240. EXPOSÉ 12 - launched
  241. Why Do Artists Defend Bad Software?
  242. Intuitive hard surface modeling tool?
  243. Fx Artist career advice
  244. Pricing Question
  245. 4 New Rules To Successfully Distribute Your Short Film Online
  246. Directing Duo’s Five-Year Passion Project Lands Oscar Nomination
  247. What's the process/steps for making a movie/game trailer
  248. Creating a Conversation Between Music and Computer Art
  249. Rendering using nVidia GPU (GTX 960 or GTX 1050 Ti)
  250. This Is What Pokemon: Ash’s Room in VR Looks Like