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  1. 2D video into Mesh
  2. What made the animals so 'real' in The Jungle Book?
  3. Linear workflow or not?
  4. Best 3D Game Art Studio
  5. A deeper insight into Cineam 4D vs 3DS Max
  6. Game Asset Creation Tutorial
  7. MARK MILLAR Offers $10k For Artist To Draw New HIT-GIRL
  8. RIP John McLaughlin, the Animator Who Took Us On a Roller Coaster Ride To the Movies
  9. Urgent - Looking for rendering Farm
  10. Dolce Amore May 25 2016 05 25 2016 Full Episode Replay
  11. Filming with portal VFX
  12. Color-Space Management: Linear, Log, sRGB
  13. Amazing Short Film- Uncanny Valley Short Film (HD)
  14. The wonderful loneliness of virtual reality(Utopia or Dystopia?)
  15. Practical stunts, digital enhancements in that opening battle in 'Civil War'
  16. Freelance 3d artists
  17. Are there cliffs generators?
  18. we ground c4d
  19. Need Help with Render settings for C4D to AE CC
  20. Pursuing a Career In VFX Was The Worst Decision i Ever Made
  21. Pricing
  22. remote work to reduce production costs
  23. Anyone own a Gigabyte laptop?
  24. Exclusive premiere of new French 3D/anime inspired short film
  25. The Best Email Marketing Strategy
  26. L.A. Studio Cosmic Toast Shut Down Without Paying Its Artists:Cartoon Brew
  27. NEED HELP! Blending 3D with 2D
  28. advice on learning 3D modeling?
  29. Software to sketch in 3D
  30. Motorcycle animation
  31. Motorcycle animation
  32. Best Hardware Setup for Rendering 3D Packaging?
  33. How ILM's caricature facial animation system was made
  34. A pointer in the general direction
  35. Need a pointer in a general direction
  36. Voltron Legendary Defender: Exclusive Sizzle Reel
  37. Great article on unionizing Disney.
  38. Pricing
  40. MPC Tries The Ultimate Recruitment Strategy: VFX Will Help Your Dating Life
  41. Lets talk... The industry seem to be imploding around us..What should we do next?
  42. MoCop for under $2000?
  43. Buying some high quality models for the scenes of the animation
  44. Please Vote For Chinny Chin Chin
  45. What would you liike to see fight in a future GAME or 3D Film among these...?
  46. Why Bad animation is worth money?
  47. I'm looking for critique
  48. I'm looking for critique
  49. VR headsets in animation production?
  50. Startup: Over 70.000 pieces of artwork. What project to showcase?
  51. LA Comercial Studio users. Users that have moved around the world for work?
  52. VF: Hypothetical Video- How Much Everyone Working On a $200 Million Movie Earns
  53. Editorial: Digital Domain settlement is nothing to celebrate
  54. 3D Printing pen
  55. 10 Worst CG music videos + some old school fun
  56. Difference between modeling toolsets.
  57. Artistry behind the magnetic fields and destruction in X-Men: Apocalypse
  58. Disney and DreamWorks Animation Want Appeals Court to Stop Fight With 10K Animatorsio
  59. Need advise on how to create living hair
  60. What is this glitch? How would You Make This Is In AE
  61. Free HDRs and textures
  62. Who has Axel Edge trail?
  63. Where should I post my 3dsmax Vray questions.
  64. Star Wars Fan Film - need HELP with project.
  65. What is the difference between a white material and silver?
  66. Most complicated special effects you agree/disagree?
  67. Bifrost: export the foam as VDB
  68. Behind the scenes on Axis Animation's Dawn of War 3 trailer
  69. im new and looking for reviews on my work
  70. Quick-Idea: Develop the best Cinema 4D Predication Computer
  71. Wacom Cintiq 13" HD Tablet
  72. Pressure on VFX firms to locate in tax havens
  73. From Paintbox to PC: How London became the home of Hollywood VFX
  74. Introducing Cartrdge, a portfolio community for creatives in the video game industry
  75. Inside Guide to Becoming a Roto Artist with NUKE and Sillouette
  76. Surface Book, Pro 4 or CC2
  77. 3ds max insect moddeling tutorial.
  78. Turbosquid-like sites vs asset stores - what is best?
  79. Speaking of tool sets, clay modells!
  80. Sketch UP Tips for better 3d Rendering And Modeling.
  81. Create Expo 2016
  82. New Houdini artist profile: Tim Sepulveda
  83. Marmoset for UE4? (Gallery)
  84. How competitive are Shader TD positions?
  85. InformationFOR A SuperiorAUTODESK 3DS MAX Progress
  86. Starting small Animation Studio - about the Staff
  87. This senior FX artist says that Weta pays him $166,666 USD a year
  88. Am I a 3D Generalist or a VFX Creative Director?
  89. How wold u get this effect in c4d?
  90. A new Youtube channel on 3D Art / Animation
  91. Am I a 3D Generalist or a a VFX Creative Director?
  92. free download available 3d models
  93. Hello Hello
  94. Create Amazing Interior Illumination
  95. Export fbx Cinema4d vs 3ds Max
  96. ALL VEGAN BURGER, animatic for contest
  97. ILM's stop motion for The Rocketeer (25 yrs old today!)
  98. Photo-realistic hair/fur?
  99. Help?...Improving Drawing and Painting on my own
  100. Jeffrey Katzenberg: ‘We Blew It on 3D’
  101. What do I do after Animating?
  102. State of gaming in the Silicon Valley spring 2016
  103. What do I do after Animating?
  104. CEEA / first Cosmic Elite for Extraterestrial Artists
  105. Secrets behind Bad Robot's vfx for 10 Cloverfield Lane
  106. Stolen model on gambody
  107. Color Emitted Due To Final Gathering
  108. VFX supe for Warcraft did one of the shots himself - in Blender!
  109. Crippity Crap-Real Time Rendering Made this? The Best of Real Time Rendering
  110. make a living by sell 3d model
  111. Amazing Super Mario live action video
  112. Cloud rendering services
  113. Project in low poly?
  114. Problem with guns
  115. What should I get? Titan or 1080?
  116. Tips to Improve upon 3D Rendering
  117. Is Substance going to run over MARI?
  118. Old school procedural animation tech in ID4 from 1996
  119. The Art - Transformers: Earth Wars DevDiary(Video)
  120. Gyro tech driven 3d camera ?
  121. VrayWater for maya issues
  122. Seeking Career Advice...
  123. Indie Game Contest Strasbourg 2016
  124. ASK About VFX and Motion Capture Suite
  125. Rates for 3d animation
  126. Rates for 3d animation
  127. Move art to another topic
  128. need your help
  129. maya student license
  130. Advice for BTO App
  131. Need help with creating environment concept art
  132. Photogrammetry turntables from Phil Tippett's AR game with his stop motion puppetts
  133. The biggest vfx shots in Independence Day: Resurgence
  134. Improving at CG
  135. The Cartrdge Art and Animation contest has officially kicked off!
  136. Help with Infini-D?
  137. Medical animation studios
  138. 7 Tips for the 21 Year Old Me by Bobby Chiu
  139. How Kubo and the Two Strings Mixes Stop-Motion and Technology
  140. Roll Call: Tell us your Country and local CGHUB
  141. Learn to create Live-Action VFX Shots from START TO FINISH
  142. Learn Modo or stick with Max for game industry employment?
  143. Trying to find a specific South American Artist
  144. Help!
  145. SPLASH VFX CONFERENCE in Prague, Czech Republic 17th-18th September 2016
  146. TED- Don Levy: A cinematic journey through visual effects
  147. Maya Large Thumbnails/Icons view
  148. Design Elevation: brain watercolor effect for Reception
  149. Redshift pricing - Waht do u think?
  150. A Beginner needs help!
  151. How was this done?
  152. How many people are using Linux?
  153. Need tutorials for this art
  154. Wacom Cintiq Performance.
  155. Matzo crackers and cereal helped make part of the nuclear nightmare sequence in T2
  156. Can anyone tell me what is that software ?
  157. Mash curve problems
  158. The Disney ‘Comic Strip Artist’s Kit’ Is Here To Solve Your Comic Layout Problems
  159. Phong vs smoothing groups dilema.
  160. Lightwave3D/3DSMAX/Maya/Cinema 4D Tutorials/Books
  161. Similar story approaching game industry career?
  162. Renderer / 3D software with most stock shaders for look dev?
  163. Light Transport
  164. Gigapix CEO Got 8 Years For ‘Wizard of Oz’ Fraud
  165. World Youth Skills Day Concept Art Contest
  166. Awesome painting
  167. Mental Ray Fundamentals Tutorial Search
  168. Why use mental ray?
  169. How some of the biggest explosions on film were done
  170. Mobile games design: very simple or artistic?
  171. Game animaton help needed!
  172. Camera movement vs Motion Sickness
  173. Render Settings in Autodesk Maya LT 2016 missing
  174. Making time for CG/Art practise
  175. Light problems in interior scene
  176. 3D Modeling - School vs. Self-taught
  177. Looking for a compositing workflow
  178. Interior Design Tips - Pick the paint color last.
  179. Motion Capture Clips for easy previz
  180. Need some advice on a laptop
  181. Linking images: How???
  182. Thought it was interesting they didn't use mocap for the apes in latest Tarzan film
  183. How to make a soda can look wet?
  184. Architecture Tips 3d Max Vray Design
  185. VOID pitch to Ghost Corp (Ghostbusters)
  186. So what do you guys do for RELAXATION?
  187. Portfolio tips
  188. Texturing Programs and workflow help
  189. 3ds Max - Noise in Rendering
  190. looking for a zbrush mentor
  191. Character designers?
  192. Is this the biggest year for animated movies ever?
  193. Texturing Programs and workflow help
  194. Spriter Animation Contest. 1000 USD Grand Prize!
  195. ftrack or shotgun
  196. 3D Architectural Movie Tips and Tricks
  197. CG sharks in The Shallows, plus scanning Blake Lively for face replacement
  198. Showing 3D in a concept art portfolio?
  199. John Knoll's hobbies include re-creating A New Hope's Death Star in CG
  200. Star Wars Rebels Season Three Trailer (Official)
  201. OK who is going to SIGGRAPH 2016
  202. V- Ray RT or Redshift for GPU
  203. DeleD Designer, an online 3D modeling app looking for feedback
  204. Photorealistic viewports...?
  205. Saving / backing up 3d models
  206. Learning from old training material
  207. Looking for mocap studio advice, and then some!
  208. How to assign a colorspace to a float EXR (such as ACES, ProPhoto RGB, etc)?
  209. What does your studio outsource for?
  210. Did you end up where you expected? from concept art to rotoscoping
  211. Saying the design resemblance is accidental?
  212. Interior Design Forward to reconstruct Your House.
  213. Free Video Tutorials for 3d artists
  214. Vray or Arnlod
  215. Hello
  216. Kinect for Mocap?
  217. what is purposes for tube groom and poly-stripes hair?
  218. How to make an interactive map?
  219. Large multiple lines of picture links...
  220. Has the foundry sued anyone as yet over MODO?
  221. Help me decide betwen Blender and other paid software
  222. Wordpress vs blogger vs tumblr for Art porfolio ?
  223. The "Awesome Boss" Spriter Animation Contest. 1000 Dollar Grand Prize!
  224. LED's were a big thing on the set of Ghostbusters
  225. Maxwell Render Webinar
  226. Hi, Is this an example of animation/4d cinema/motion design?
  227. Modern Morphing Software?
  228. Hi, Is this an example of animation/4d cinema/motion design?
  229. Free Centaur Rig
  230. People flow/simulation software/plugins?
  231. Which of these vfx shots did you not really notice at the time?
  232. Advice about my new 3D Design
  233. 5 second LOOP
  234. Need some advice !
  235. 3D Character Modelling
  236. Workshops: Rigging or Compositing
  237. Anyone heading to SIGGRAPH?
  238. object removal
  239. Discussing about a short film
  240. Optimum downsizing of 4k footage to 1080p for 3D tracking?
  241. UV issue with splines
  242. Is Lightwave dead?-EDIT Nope- New Release
  243. I like the new forums organization
  244. vertex select/deselect when keyboard shortcut override toggle is on
  245. Questions on 3D
  246. Star Trek Discovery? is this for real?
  247. Cintiq or bosto
  248. 2016 Houdini Reel
  249. How Star Trek has altered history of VFX over the years
  250. Mental Ray Render problems!