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  1. forgotten password issue
  2. How much should I charge for this "freelance" job?
  3. Who is the production house behind the CG TV show "CUBIX"?
  4. New Honda commercial...AMAZING!!
  5. Ex'pression Center for New media, look here
  6. Panic: must go freelance by May!
  7. What makes a good CV/Showreel?
  8. Making of storyboard avi
  9. help identifying time lapse short movie
  10. looking for sound
  11. Learning character design?
  12. GUTS AND GLORY!: Tell us stories about your first CG short.
  13. Excitement at the Workplace
  14. What music do u listen to while working?
  15. Strange Attractors - Casting Call - Vic, Australia ONLY.
  16. Is FFX2 facial animation hand animate?
  17. Newbi ^^
  18. Miyazaki day on DVD!
  19. Something to get lost in.
  20. PLEASE HELP i need this question answered in less than 1 hour! Question on RAM
  21. Otro chilensis
  22. Could you guys help me out?...
  23. Two weeks left in the March/April challenges
  24. How Does Someone With No Exp Get Work?
  25. manga style in 3d
  26. Company in UK
  27. Tax Day Schmax Day!
  28. Is it finally time to finally create an universal standard in 3D?
  29. Has anyone noticed how bad the matrix trailer is??
  30. What 3D Apps have free DL "Master" classes?
  31. Namco + Sega = Juggernaut
  32. beginning of the Atlanta thread.
  33. Reference Pictures
  34. good architectural renderings?
  35. anyone interested in filmmaking?
  36. teddy modeler
  37. Atari: Scums of the Gaming Universe!
  38. A challenge idea?
  39. Yesterdays frontpage timelapse...
  40. Stars rating system
  41. -help please cbf.
  42. about " CG " ?!
  43. Bad PLugin Error on internet besides... Help please.
  44. help...anyone?
  45. Wheres KARABO?
  46. Hey fam, can you tell me how do
  47. Hey fellas, wit the economy as bad as it is now....
  48. Is this true ladies?
  49. What is Keanu Reeves worst film?
  50. superhero sidekick contest
  51. EXPOSÉ - Get your entries in!
  52. My Precious
  53. In-game model face counts
  54. Eeehhh? Sound etiquette
  55. New documentary on Fantasy Illustration master "Frank Frazetta"!
  56. The Magic Gets Faster:
  57. Summer School
  58. Latest 3DWorld...
  59. surviving in the workplace, need advice
  60. Images testing
  61. i suck at drawing hands
  62. Robota - Doug Chiang Does it Again
  63. Cool Maya Animation from the past
  64. Living in an catholic family...
  65. When almost everything is gone wrong...
  66. What makes a short cg - a good short?
  67. Is there a book behind Road to Perdition ?
  68. Where do scriptwriters hang out?
  69. Need Help With Kanji...
  70. MATRIX Reloaded Code Name: The Burley Man - WARNING Major Spoilers
  71. Check this out! I captured an image of a hawk catching a snake in my front yard!
  72. CG tattoos?
  73. Why are people so mean these days?
  74. Looking to the future!
  75. Procrastination...
  76. Music suggestion...
  77. Beginning my Modeling/Texturing...
  78. College/CG problem
  79. Old DOS Game= (AnotherWorld)..anybody??
  80. Post Your Worst Software Investment
  81. What are your favorite Music Videos?
  82. Computer Graphics in TU Wien... any of you?
  83. [OT] China Hoodwinks WHO Inspectors
  84. Motion graphics / FX discussion list?
  85. 3 letter/number emails
  86. college courses...
  87. AAaaaa!!!! -fantastic face teaxturing tutorial
  88. school, and your childhood
  89. Mods Look at this challenge!
  90. Amazing!! Opening Movie to a Square-Enix Game!!
  91. China's cover-up of SARS.
  92. the best shot angles......
  93. Steven Stahlberg's Gallery??
  94. Tablet Pens with scroll buttons???
  95. Why do some companies have bad service? (Come on Share your stories)
  96. Powerade "Matrix" commercial
  97. Who's Going To Siggraph?
  98. the array's b-day countdown thread!
  99. Dmitry Vinnik: BMW Z4 Cobra (interview)
  100. What do you think of the Animatrix Short Film?
  101. Who's going to 3dfestival?
  102. Arby's?
  103. do u think Ghibli disturb Disney ?
  104. Studio Momo - cool Japanese gallery
  105. can u help me?
  106. Need advice on scheduling&pricing for game art. See examples within.
  107. cg girl in casio ad
  108. Gollum
  109. have u heard of this company?
  110. Does anyone know London-based animation company, The Hive??
  111. color shift in windows media format
  112. Where do you go to find your muse?
  113. Thundercats movie
  114. Cool Wired article about an Atari 2600 handheld!
  115. Feature Animators vs. Game Animators
  116. Jeepers Creepers 2
  117. Compression of pictures !
  118. Full screen vs. Letterbox on DVDs
  119. DVD Authoring Software
  120. A Forum for Demo Reels
  121. Wrong choices in studies: too late ?
  122. LEGO MECHS: insanely cool!
  123. Sounds
  124. Help me pleeze
  125. Someone on FMX/03 in stuttgart ?
  126. windo 2000pro & Red Hat 7.2 on laptop
  127. 3d adventure game project.we need your help.
  128. oscar rules...
  129. Music and copyrights for nonprofit stuff
  130. Selling yourself... as an intern...?
  131. Anybody going to the O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference?
  132. minimum material for a demo reel?
  133. Low on Motivation...
  134. Mental Ray license for sale ....
  135. Please recommend good books on learning computer Graphics
  136. Digital Video
  137. post a picture of your desktop
  138. Who's your favourite modeler?
  139. About the "need inspiration/motivation" threads
  140. Any Good Game Design Schools Near Toronto?
  141. What Student Loan Banks work well with 3d schools?
  142. What courses/classes you took?
  143. Lara Croft model
  144. The Hardest Part of CG
  145. Calculating bytes
  146. SIte needs help
  147. The Pianist
  148. Deciding schools
  149. Challenge: "DBM Challenge The Saiyan Race Re-Born"
  150. Tell me a stooorrryyyy.....
  151. Anatomical Reference Statues?
  152. What are the most common clichés that you have seen in Cg animation?
  153. Projecting Footage
  154. 3dsmax and Maya file import/export
  155. Poll: Whats the prefered format for submissions?
  156. need help, car blueprints
  157. Looking for Game Models
  158. Tea is good for you
  159. streaming mpgs
  160. resin models????
  161. art of finding nemo
  162. Wallpapers at CG Talk ?
  163. Trip-o-matic
  164. Where is this from?
  165. New VW commercial by ILM
  166. whats that tune?
  167. Right or Left
  168. is there a PS/PSP plugin that does this? (special kind of deforming)
  169. Matrix Reloaded -- Beyond Bullet Time???
  170. Wacom Graphire2
  171. - Painter 8 Trial?
  172. have seen this?
  173. Holy Poop I Want One!!!
  174. 3d Clouds?
  175. Don't be shy, share a recipe :)
  176. How international is CGTalk
  177. I need help identifying an artist please..
  178. POLL Tell us your age
  179. Max Script
  180. Good part-time job to pay rent?
  181. The future of FK vs IK?
  182. So , How was Identity? [Spoiler Warning]
  183. ati radeon 9000 128mb pro
  184. Which book would you recommend?
  185. Help!
  186. Pricing question
  187. Question about college/3d schools...
  188. which job offer should i go for ?
  189. which games college should i go to? heres some help:
  190. Thunder Cats opening music!!!
  191. What apps have 64bit support?
  192. A+ eligible schools?
  193. Where to go/what to study
  194. What Would You Suggest?
  195. looking for inspiration
  196. Need infos!!!
  197. DON'T SHOOT: This Thread Contains Star Wars Ep 3 Spoilers: Proceed with Caution
  198. GNOMON School
  199. Getting that first internship
  200. Looking for a magazine article
  201. News: Where do you get it?
  202. divx question
  203. Samurai X: Reflection - Final Atonement [spoiler warning]
  204. Best and Worst Parts Of CG
  205. Detailed human (female) modeling tutorials by Peter Ratner
  206. Fields inside 3d soft QUESTION
  207. animation - rendering
  208. how maths does it serve in scripting or writing plug-ins ?
  209. where do think is the best school around to learn 3D??
  210. recomended anime DVD
  211. cowboy bebop movie
  212. AAC or SCAD? help!
  213. Tattoo: Grandfather
  214. Art Style..
  215. CG Industry finally making a Rebound?
  216. Is there any way to allocate system ram to an on board graphics card?
  217. Completely OT: VTM’s, cars and Irony
  218. Camera Tracking
  219. History, Discovery, TLC?
  220. MGS making-of
  221. Recording a tutorial
  222. For the interview...
  223. Did you go to school for CG? Who paid for it?
  224. Tell us the top 20 Japanese 3d artists?
  225. motion capture artist - seeks work
  226. interesting site for geeks
  227. Bournemouth University (england)
  228. batch replacing strings in multiple *.docs?
  229. Getting a CG job in France...
  230. using CAD models in 3d software
  231. Spirited Away DVD
  232. Who wants Reference Pics?!?
  233. need help to find a picture
  234. Windows Movie Maker
  235. Who knows those man???????
  236. schooling (need stats help)
  237. vancouver film school question
  238. Camera - 11 Megapixels
  239. New US SPAM Law?
  240. Lowly Justin TimberLake
  241. Some questions about freware modeller and renderer..!!! :)
  242. Help: Cartoon Network TV Idents
  243. Scifi Channel Spot?
  244. 3D awards = 3D festival ?
  245. where can i get this
  246. For the Geeks
  247. About to ask for starting salary from new job... in a few minutes... advice?
  248. Concept: I need a little help here :)
  249. Who is Frank Spencer? Ha!
  250. What if.................