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  1. things you wish you knew when you were starting out?
  2. PixelHub podcast
  3. Path tracing or Ray Tracing
  4. Gradient blend pattern illustrator
  5. Learning to create textures.
  6. Ideal Skill Set for a Shading/Surfacing TD?
  7. Any good CG related Facebook pages
  8. My First Showreel ( Any Tips? )
  9. CorelDraw file cannot be opened
  10. How to host VR for cardboard viewing.
  11. Raytracing VS Radiosity
  12. Finding the better way to create cartoon scene
  13. We need an Indie CG scene to cater to amateurish portfolios.
  14. Can 2D cartoon be made with motion capture tech
  15. Is there a record for largest 3D world ever designed?
  16. Procedural tree generator tool - we'd love some feedback from you!
  17. What has happened to Grant Warwick?
  18. The Industry
  19. Good Sites for Tote Bag Printing?
  20. Help:What't the title of this animation series
  21. What is the state of VUE in 2015? Any one using it in production?
  22. when is retirement age at game company?
  23. I beg you advide about life plan
  24. list of job in CG industry?
  25. Company Demo with stolen work from cgtalk
  26. How to change the thumbnail of a WIP Project?
  27. The Foundry Licence Compliance
  28. Tips for project?
  29. Question about compositing software alternatives to Nuke
  30. Matterfall Trailer
  31. My Girlfriend is learning Architectural Rendering
  32. Can you achieve film-like Photorealistic results with Mari Indie or Substance Painter
  33. tv and movie vfx studios
  34. nHair Rendering Problem
  35. Need to turn HDRi into Geometry/ 3d scene. Maya, Nuke, Mari?
  36. Thinking on career choice, wanted opinions
  37. Looking for a game engine Intrinsic Alchemy 2.5
  38. Help With Selling Models
  39. How to perform mocap sessions correctly with technology limitations?
  40. Changing department in Pixar
  41. Is it possible to export rendered hair into Photoshop?
  42. Im confused about adding cgi to my movie
  43. The workflow from raw footage to a final product with CG/VFX elements?
  44. Creating Ornamental Elements
  45. Simbiont plugin
  46. veins in dragon wing membranes
  47. VFX Studios around the USA not in LA, NY or SF?
  48. What's the best online schools for digital art ?
  49. illustrator cs2
  50. Which programm works best for animation with mocap-data?
  51. In a 3d model segment's lengths floating values to integer
  52. Vray vs Redshift?
  53. Cartoony Base Models
  54. How To
  55. What could be a better flow for this?
  56. 3d model edges/segments floating values recreate to integer
  57. Problem
  58. Problem: Deterred artist.
  59. How to post free pixel art?
  60. multiple bump maps
  61. Storytelling: Most important element of animation
  62. Showreel Citation?
  63. Create a Top-Down Shooter/RPG Game
  64. My children's book is finally out!
  65. Puzzle Time with hologram
  66. Steps - planning for animated short
  67. Pressure Dial gauge rigging and annimation
  68. Jobs, are they still specialized?
  69. How did they make Star Wars Movie (1977)
  70. Help with Mudbox Painting
  71. larger textures needed for UVW mapped models ?
  72. Beginner advice needed, what to learn
  73. I love it, but how to get started in the 3D world?
  74. MIT uses polarization to make 3D scanning 1,000x better
  75. Epic Naming Convention Dilemma
  76. What motivates you to support a KickStarter short film?
  77. Portfolios
  78. First step in a freelance career ArchViz
  79. Workflow for Photo-realistic bedding?
  80. The Revanant Bear...?
  81. WANTED: CGSociety Challenge
  82. Using Different cameras for custom 3D scanner (photogrammetry) - possible?
  83. Undergraduate Application Portfolio Advice - Escape Studios
  84. Getting a face scan with only one DSLR in hand? How much possible?
  85. Good Resources for learning Cinematography
  86. Applications of VFX technology outside of games and film
  87. Morph targets using 3D face scan photogrammetry data?
  88. Help with research for school?
  89. How can Hollywood does the Face/Body matchmove ?
  90. Is it hard to get a job in CG?
  91. Does digital art hold ANY value in being a game artist nowadays?
  92. Understanding the VFX Pipeline Course
  93. 2015 Wrap Up: Top stories in CG for this year, anticipations for next year
  94. what the difference between game and movie rigg's
  95. Cryengine in cinematography
  96. career guidance for fresher
  97. Auto rigger stand-alone software
  98. Marlon Brando predicted future actors would be replace with digital avatars
  99. Render Manager Advice
  100. Books to buy/must have updated 2016
  101. Help undertanding creative commons term
  102. nCloth help: preventing a ribbon from twisting
  103. 2D Image to 3D Extruded Model
  104. Face Rigging, morph vs bone rigs? Which is better? Why?
  105. New to digital format, looking for quality learning materials ! ^_^
  106. Face rigging, using sliders vs direct face controls(I'll explain)
  107. Need help determining Poly Count
  108. What's a good example of a mouth rig?
  109. Andoid/iOS Apps for VFX/CG Artists
  110. Auto lip-sync tools?
  111. Creature/Monster Concept Art Design
  112. SLY COOPER Movie Trailer (2016)
  113. World Blender Meetup Day!
  114. Everyone is altered (article on Body Modification VFX)
  115. Need Help Maya 2016 scene render with vray
  116. Going full VFX: stay with V-Ray or switch to new renderer?
  117. Help Moving Rig
  118. New to the 'WORLD' of 3D...learn zBrush?
  119. Animation on webpage (canvas)
  120. foliage creation in Zbrush for Games
  121. Getting Started
  122. new game dev community
  123. autodesk maya
  124. Substance LIVE "Rent to Own" Fair business model?
  125. How to add Multiple maps in Vray? One with reflection one without?
  126. image texture digital paint?
  127. External renderers that can handle tons of poly's
  128. Star Wars Rebels Season Two - Mid-Season Trailer (Official)
  129. Please help me remember the name of this animated short
  130. Best way to render breaking waves from above in HD
  131. Project Files
  132. Autocad 2016 file
  133. Dots on face during 3d Face scanning? Why? (pictures)
  134. Free Cartoony Truck rig! By Shaun and Manoanim!
  135. Middle East Talents Awards 2015
  136. starting a vfx company from the ground up.
  137. Old Menu (Tab Bar) fro 2015 or 2016
  138. How to add clothes on characters?
  139. Vfx root artist
  140. Can someone share a general overview of process of working with clients on CG video case
  141. Where can I find walk cycles of children?
  142. Figurine/mannequin for 3D artist? (A or T pose)?
  143. Program for fast PBR rendering of an animation?
  144. Realistic jungle lighting
  145. 3dsmax, Wired position not follow target's parent
  146. Career Advice
  147. New forum style...
  148. (Are we upon the age of the Generalist?) Newer thread
  149. Zootopia Promo clips
  150. Where are lighting challenges? Are they gone?
  151. Funny VFX websites?
  152. DreamWorks' TROLLS Trailer
  153. Our Amazing Featured Videos Forum Gold Mine
  154. BECTU files for recognition for artists at MPC and Framestore in London!
  155. How to make fur
  156. Pretty simple.. but how would you go about this?
  157. VR 360º Panoramic Animations
  158. There is a list of studio/agency with all technique/tools they developed?
  159. Wireless Inertial Measurement Units for MoCap
  160. Green Rookie needs some schooling
  161. Where to start for an aspiring concept artist.
  162. Buying recorded Workshops - Is it possible?
  163. Green Rookie
  164. Creative Pass Around
  165. Matte Painting Monday - Twitch Stream
  166. So what is the point of 3D concept art?
  167. What tracking solution learn¿?
  168. 3d animation for beginer
  169. lmtools license server possible to lmborrow license into an exported file?
  170. Looking for friends :)
  171. import iavatar
  172. Map Differences Tiff , Exr , 32 bit floating Etc !!
  173. What is the easiest way to create tornados, sand storms, smoke clouds etc.?
  174. Amazing NEWS for CG Society and You!
  175. Magicavoxel
  176. How long to animate a 3D short
  177. Scott Ross Talks the Flawed Economics of VFX at FMX 2015 -VIDEO
  178. What programs can save *.rcs *.rcp point clouds?
  179. Recommendation to improve for an entry level 3d job
  180. 3ds max matte/shadow/reflection missing
  181. Face Tracking Help
  182. Render Problem
  183. 360 camera tracking
  184. Augmented Reality Tutorial?
  185. New 3D Modelling Student
  186. Kotaku: How A Fake Video Game Screenshot Is Made
  187. 2D character artist?
  188. Photoshop Brush ?
  189. We Call It The Landscaping Fantasy
  190. Where to find a someone who will make a custom animation?
  191. Does personal work help you improve?
  192. Integrating a real world camera movement (tracked) with 3d CGI?
  193. Getting into the Industry
  194. Program to organize and view reference images
  195. CGSociety"s messiah forum!
  196. Setting up an Animation Studio
  197. Low poly norm
  198. Difference between Height Map and Bump
  199. Hello there
  200. A good place for Mo Cap data?
  201. WHO made THIS ?
  202. Can someone please help me with this tutorial?
  203. Arnold Batch Render with Maya crashes
  204. Legs go num, looking for help
  205. Thomas Romain*Tips for Drawing Backgrounds
  206. Client would like CG assets to re-use, fair?
  207. BECTU pens Open Letter to MPC London VFX staff
  208. Question for Max Users
  209. Solutions for Live 3D Motion Capture
  210. scripts
  211. Photoshop scrolling lag
  212. Why is it that so many people want to work for Blizzard?
  213. Middle East Talents Awards
  214. Best GPU renderer up-to-date?
  215. curve color template maya
  216. Viewport 2.0 Crashing my joints
  217. Game asset creation
  218. Vray Displacement Modifier Issue
  219. New Member seeking some direction for resources
  220. New Tools To Rendering in Meshmolder 3.0
  221. Where can peeps locate freelance artists?
  222. Help asked for starting a car design activity
  223. Career Change - Where to start?
  224. Best tool to record screen and make timelapse videos
  225. Afrer an hour drawing on tablet my wrist fingers starting to hurt
  226. Is it possible to connect virtual camera system to blender???
  227. Sketchup Plugin to Prepare 3D Models for 3D printing
  228. Best solution for 3D character hair compatible with Unity engine?
  229. Peacock Feather
  230. Should I buy a drawing pad?
  231. What is (or) was your biggest biggest problem or obstacle in becoming CG artist?
  232. Green Screen When the Camera is Moving
  233. What are you using for Lip Sync?
  234. World Blender Meetup Day is LIVE! Join us for Blender Institute Q&A and workshops
  235. Please suggest easy 3D modeling program for non professional
  236. Character Render: Solid Angle Arnold
  237. What questions does one asks before accepting any jobs?
  238. Unity Community Art Challenge
  239. Education + Career in VFX
  240. Vincent Van Gogh Animated film with Hundereds of Oil Paintings
  241. About "solo filming"
  242. What are the main differences between the film and game industry?
  243. Best way to create static liquids
  244. What does rendering mean in 2D?
  245. 3D modeling
  246. 3D lenticular print
  247. What's more important for an employer, quantity or quality?
  248. Nostalgia
  249. Will studios ever go back to 2D animation?
  250. What is the process for developing plugins?