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  1. 3D Printing File Conversion Maya
  2. 3D footage to AE
  3. Opinions on source film maker for animation (instead of Maya)
  4. VRay 3.20.02 mesh export missing
  5. Should I say goodbye to mentalray?
  6. Creating characters
  7. Tips for adding simple backgrounds to renders?
  8. Surface Pro 3 for digital painting on the go?
  9. Matte Paintings VS 3D Modelling
  10. Looking for two old 3d animations online
  11. How hard is VFX - Solo?
  12. The Future of Modeling
  13. article on spec work
  14. IP Incubator Club Thread 2015: Monthly-030 August 2015
  15. Match Move basics
  16. Formula for "Save for Web"?
  17. How to make things in 3d
  18. question about job position in 3D feature film
  19. Can someone help convert a carrara model?
  20. What is the Animation Mentor Maya Workshop: Animation Basics like?
  21. Looking for Industry Critiques
  22. re-typology complex kitbash
  23. Does concept art have to have a realistic style?
  24. How "oldschool" graphics worked. (Video)
  25. python autorig tutorial
  26. Fully animated car engine 3D model
  27. Need help for my Survey about Renderfarms :)
  28. Need assistance from industry professionals for debunking video.
  29. The concept of a Mathematical/Scientist Artist and UK Skills Shortage?
  30. VFX professionals, I need your suggestion! (Student)
  31. Discussing a business concept involving renderings in e-commerce appliance
  32. Looking for an old digital painting made in around 90s
  33. Heads up: the CGSociety Youtube channel...Check it out.
  34. Full blown production based renderer?
  35. Learning to draw: traditional vs digital (help me out, please!)
  36. Guys if you are using windwows 10
  37. Apps like Photosynth?
  38. Great Blade Runner website
  39. Digital Goods and the ITC: The Most Important Case That Nobody is Talking About
  40. Can someone tell which soft was used to create this presentation? tnx
  41. Inside James Cameron's Creative Mind
  42. New Star Wars footage
  43. Need help with idea related to point clouds
  44. Multipass compositing, trouble with motion blur
  45. Substance Designer Users... Show us your work.
  46. quick question about model hosting
  47. VFX Supervisor Training?
  48. Problem with 'waves' in multilight, any suggestions?
  49. Is the future of animation the Parametric Method? Pixar seems to like it.
  50. SIGGRAPH 2015: Air Haptics: Displaying Feeling of Contact (Amazing!)
  51. I need help for my for my Bachelor Thesis (Just a short survey)
  52. Albert Whitlock - matte painter Video
  53. Maya Python tool scripting tutorial, skinning
  54. Ex-Compositor Andreas Opferkuch talks about his experiences in the VFX industry
  55. 360 camera track?
  56. Multimedia Office Desks for high-tech startup
  57. Python within VFX, Questionnere
  58. Workaholicism in the Tech Sector (Work/life balance on @atpfm podcast.)
  59. Beautiful animation short
  60. Are concept artists f@$%ed in the CG industry?
  61. What do you call this type of art
  62. Need Advice: Starting out
  63. openexr viewer for iPad?
  64. DeviantArt: US Fan Art Law
  65. 3D print testing
  66. What is Normal
  67. Is it possible to be a freelance 3D modeler?
  68. Next large scale CG Society Challenge?
  69. Platformer Toolkit Idea
  70. Majoring in TV production/ broadcasting...
  71. Python Autorig quadruped tutorial
  72. New to this website. Some questions
  73. Are stereo movies going slowly out of date last?
  74. IP Incubator Club Thread 2015: Monthly-031 September 2015
  75. ColorChecker jpg workflow?
  76. RedStroke Lightening distorting when group moves
  77. Looking for floor textures, with normal mapping etc.
  78. Looking for artists to showcase as part of series
  79. Regarding Machinima
  80. Help measuring value for selling a project
  81. What to do while trying to get a job
  82. VERY old coca cola TV commercial
  83. Photo Reactor
  84. Mocap more affordable. How do the big boys survive?
  85. can any one help me to understan th process of rendering in autocad?
  86. I want to learn more about CG!!
  87. Carreer Options
  88. English texte for an event connected to HMD
  89. How do I upload a file? images? line modifiers falling apart
  90. 3DEqualizer how to select by point weight
  91. PEANUTS: Featurette "For the Love of Peanuts"
  92. Interactive 3D in the browser
  93. Jungle Book Teaser
  94. Necessity to post-work a good rendering?
  95. Program to convert animation to animated gif
  96. Suggestions for reputable freelance for hire site
  97. Does location matter about how much you get paid as freelancer?
  98. Amplify Mentor Event: JJ ABRAMS
  99. complex fluid simulations
  100. Roto/Paint artist vs Compositor job, salary, etc.?
  101. Which software to choose
  102. Podcastwith David Luong, Senior Cinematic Video Game Artist Level at Blizzard Ent.
  103. Online release of an animation short
  104. 2D People for Arch Viz
  105. Best Self-taught 3d Modeling Path?
  106. Alternate Spider Pit Recreation from King Kong
  107. One continuous mesh creation
  108. How to get the 'Pixar' look?
  109. The Hobbit Compositing
  110. Doing 360 Immersive Video? Show us your work...
  111. Which software to learn as 2d main and learning focus
  112. Wonderful CG plant growth animation using GrowFX
  113. Better job oppurtunity:Rigger or modeler?
  114. books about difference between CAD / polygonal modeling
  115. Help on research thesis regarding 3d vs 2d for creating a 2d animation
  116. US NLRB speaks on indy contractors
  117. Short preview of Lightwave's new PBR engine
  118. Help Me To Start My Studio!
  119. The UE4 business model is brilliant!
  120. [Noob question] Blendshapes: from skinny to muscular (low poly)
  121. Painting models from 3D prints?
  122. Cool BESIEGE Machine Creations
  123. software in the same family as motionbuilder
  124. How do -you- promote -your- work?
  125. The difficult equation
  126. 10 Useful 3D Tutorials I found is usefull
  127. stolen 3d images being sold as prints here:
  128. Editorial: The Gold VRush. Inflating Bubble?
  129. Do you have a business degree?
  130. sharp animation on a wide tv
  131. Realistically speaking, do I need a backup plan?
  132. TRANSFORM - Amazing Technology Invented By MIT
  133. Timeless animation
  134. CGTextures is moving to - thoughts?
  135. New employer wants to use my work
  136. The Work of Master Model Builder Greg Jein
  137. Would you subscribe to Autodesk 2017?
  138. What camera peripherals do you use?
  139. Introduction
  140. Game Level Design
  141. Ultrawide 34" Curved screens for CG artists?
  142. Asking for suggestions for 3d animation software
  143. Scanner Effect: Help
  144. Seeking Advice for Budgeting CG Film
  145. Most affordable full color 3d printing options online?
  146. Amazon Challenges Etsy With Strictly Handmade Marketplace
  147. Tim's Vermeer Movie
  148. Best renderer for a cg pipeline
  149. Natron and Nuke
  150. images
  151. Why people looks old?
  152. Big Studios vs. Small Studios and other CG considerations
  153. 3D models search engine
  154. VFX question
  155. Confused about "top 35%"...
  156. How to enhance observation?
  157. The media and Visual artists
  158. Vfx composting normal people look like dwarf
  159. Can you recommend a good screenwriting tutor?
  160. Can you recommend a good acting tutor?
  161. The Art of Emotional Pricing
  162. Difference between procedural and manual textures?
  163. History of VFX: The Optical Printer
  164. Interested in 3D? Why?
  165. rendered Images
  166. Well made post-apocalyptic short
  167. BBC Archive: Micro Live - Computer Games, Animation and Simulators (1986)
  168. Advice for watching video tutorials
  169. Something I've always wondered about drawing / 2D design
  170. 3d nursery rhyme almost at 1 billion views on youtube
  171. Junior Modeler advice.
  172. Vray Shadows
  173. Has Mocap killed Innovation of Animation Tools for Artists ?
  174. Hello. And a little advice on software?
  175. Hello Im new and have some questions
  176. So what are you biggest pains?
  177. Looking for Arts/ Film Books Stores...World Wide.
  178. Color blindness in CG industry
  179. Need A good Source for Practice .
  180. Examples of great lighting in film
  181. Question About Concept ArtWork and 3D industry ?!
  182. Free Training
  183. VES Summit: Dean Devlin Urges Hollywood to "Tear Down Walls" With VFX Departments
  184. The future is today: how ILM made time travel possible
  185. Cant find campfire attack and Future football
  186. Live-action Stereo-cinematography in Unity/Oculus
  187. Paul Walker VFX shots (FF7)
  188. New here, Student Project Help
  189. Matte Painting N Camera Projection(Student Qns)
  190. Modelling under 1 minute challenge - my concept
  191. New VFX Project Tracking app needs beta testers
  192. Question regarding a mini project (info needed)
  193. Anyone know how this was made?
  194. An approach to dealing with clothes and rigging?
  195. What exactly is Matte Painting?
  196. Sci-Fi door references
  197. Real-time facial expression manipulation of live-action footage
  198. When can you go straight up to high poly?
  199. Simple Question
  200. 11/5 Event: An Evening of VFX Production Pipeline Tools at RFX in Hollywood
  201. Animation in Canada VS Australia VS others?
  202. Environment compositing maya for ShortFilm1080p
  203. Neat little P/A movie "Strange Alloy"
  204. Altus denoiser
  205. research survey purpose "3D modular design"
  206. Alternatives to Cl3ver interactive presentation software
  207. How undo image dithering that resulted when millions colors image converted to 256?
  208. MTV graphics
  209. Tracking markers for face tracking.
  210. Is it possible to make shortform movies with photorealistic cgi every week?
  211. Texturing for Shortfilm
  212. Hello! New to 3d modeling
  213. What be?
  214. 3D GUI and user-friendliness
  215. The New Business Model of a Visual Effects House
  216. Is tuitionbased schools worth it?
  217. Particles: Group editing, singular editing, and AI
  218. Learning Animation in vancouver, Emily Carr University vs Vancouver Film School?
  219. Making MILLIONS out of Models
  220. Earth imagery for commercial use
  221. Zync Render
  222. Studios using Fusion or Nuke - the future?
  223. 3d Model CMS System
  224. Warcraft teaser
  225. CG and visual art
  226. Concept Artist VS 3d Artist
  227. It his Disney? Nope. It's Japan.
  228. Considering X-Particles But Have RealFlow
  229. Fascinating new hard surface modelling workflow (Blender)
  230. Official Warcraft Movie trailer
  231. Lytro Immerge
  232. How can a CG dinosaur survive?
  233. Stop with the Spec work!
  234. After Effects - doubts
  235. Matchmove thread?
  236. During art school, should students post homework?
  237. How hard to learn are UnrealEngine/Unity?
  238. 3D Laser
  239. Need help for the Gnomon admission portfolio
  240. How to animate dragon wing membranes
  241. Sainsbury’s OFFICIAL Christmas Advert 2015 – Mog’s Christmas Calamity
  242. Cacani 2d animation softwar
  243. Resolution Size for A4 print?
  244. Can't choose which software to pursue!
  245. Lack of CG related challenges...?
  246. Internships are Illegal
  247. What learning paths did you create? And would you like to share it?
  248. New VR headset
  249. How do you organize your pipeline for small projects ?
  250. New Image Editor with Native Normal Map Support