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  1. 4k renders .. is anyone else sh*tting bricks over the future?
  2. Questions about the industry
  3. Some advices needed for large landscape Texturing
  4. Bringing 3D characters into life !
  5. Fusion 7 for free - did you try
  6. Do You Have To Go To 3D/VFX School?
  7. The sketch how to practice effective?
  8. How do you handle the mess of images between render and comp?
  9. SIGGRAPH ASIA 2014 - who's going to?
  10. What it means to be a rendering TD
  11. few questions
  12. New here...
  13. Black Friday 3D Sales (Tell us what is out there)
  14. Star Wars teaser is online!
  15. Render farms that support plugins?
  16. Computer Animation/Modeling (CGI) industry?
  17. Character Interacting with Surroundings
  18. Enough Time In A Day For 3D/VFX?
  19. Seminal Bauhaus Texts Now Available For Free
  20. Knowing your direction (film or gaming)?
  21. Beautiful & inspiring short: Wanderers
  22. Concept artist specialising?
  23. 3D models websites
  24. PEANUTS: The Movie - TRAILER
  25. How to set patters on sofas with indent , different shapes and angles
  26. Photoscan merge chunks doesnt work...
  27. Creating character for movies, workshops?
  28. fgmap to points problem
  29. Carl Bass Reddit IAmA
  30. Journey through Mathematical Parallel Universes.
  31. VFX Market
  32. A unified approach to growth structures
  33. Doing Augmented Reality? Show us your work...
  34. What happened to the gtx 780 6gb ?!
  35. Can you be good at both 2D and 3D?
  36. Trying to get in touch with Staszek Marek about his NVART winning image
  37. Photogrammetry- How to make it more "bad"?
  38. Tool chain advice, animation to .STL files for 3D printing
  39. Shade 3D for Unity... discontinued?
  40. Neurobota - 3D printed articulated mini robot / mech like never before?
  41. 3D Career - is their future in it?
  42. How to make a realstick 3D mirror in Maya and compose with live action footage?
  43. Twinmotion VS Lumion
  44. IP Incubator Club Thread 2014: Monthly-023: December 2014
  45. The Walk - International Trailer (Official Teaser)
  46. San Andreas (No, the one with The Rock) trailer
  47. X-Men Drawing Contest - Win cool X-Men watch & more!
  48. What is good enough junior modeller? and other questions
  49. Little advice needed - how much to charge for this job?
  50. The Little Prince French Trailer
  51. Student Game "Reign of Blades" Beta Requesting Feedback!
  52. Mixamo Fuse Export Rendering Issue in Blender [NSFW img]
  53. Realtime Engines
  54. 3D mind mapping?
  55. Mari
  56. Determine whether photo shot in Manual was compensating against metered exposure?
  57. about movies analyses ?
  58. Zbrush for Production (hard surface)
  59. 3d animation rendering models
  60. Watch Smaug interview on Colbert Report!
  61. Deconstructing the work of Jackie chang(Video) How to do Action Comedy Visually
  62. PlayStation Experience | Modeling Nathan Drake
  63. The Foundry expected to be sold
  64. Possible scam? - "Tallenge"
  65. Need to hire people - where to look...
  66. Making Of Dog
  67. Looking for Feature Film Head and Body Rigging Training Material
  68. Question on 3D people for archviz
  69. Optical Flare For Fusion
  70. best screen sharing software for live 3D modeling session?
  71. Aquino, Keane, Bancroft: Advice for Aspiring Animators
  72. Transformers Age of Extinction ILM Breakdown
  73. AD "forced" subscription revisited...
  74. Maya Industry and Pipeline Working environment
  75. Siggraph Asia 2014 - relation from new technology
  76. Study: Films Made for Kids Feature More Violence
  77. What was Appleseed Alpha made in?
  78. Editoral Use guidelines
  79. Glen Keane Talks ‘Duet’ and the Legacy of Disney Animation
  80. Happy New Year! Goodbye 2014, hello 2015!
  81. Stills/Animation Showreel ?
  82. Rigging Piranha Plant model from Super Mario
  83. VFX Master Work: 20,000 Leagues with Fleischer and Ellenshaw
  84. Questions about 2D to Stereo 3D Conversion Technology
  85. Budding 2D Artist in Game Industry Looking for a Mentor
  86. Question about 3d Models
  87. Need medieval (european) references
  88. Gamasutra:Hiring a gamedev artist? Here are some things to keep in mind
  89. How did you learn 3D? (My Story..What's Yours?
  90. Invisible visual Effects: Show us your favorite reels.
  91. I want to understand how seriously realistic 3D animations are made
  92. Amazing: Elite: The 'first 3D video game' redeveloped
  93. Good props and pose advices
  94. HTML5 drawing app that lets you control colors via midi controller
  95. Manufacturing 3D model CNC machine
  96. New to Modeling - 3ds Max
  97. Luxo junior and more?
  98. Shooting HDRI Panoramics with iPhone
  99. Exporting the entire of Google Earth as a 3d model?
  100. Editorial: The Death of the Artist—and the Birth of the Creative Entrepreneur
  101. Changing the texture of skin from live action footage
  102. Japanese films with great CG effects?
  103. Happy New Year to all
  104. Getting started with..
  105. Building a capture station. Any advice on software and/or a camera
  106. Stickman animator
  107. How was this video done?
  108. ZBRUSH 4R6: Strange Subdivision bug
  109. Box Office 2014: Moviegoing In U.S. Hits Two-Decade Low
  110. Getting started with logo animation
  111. Mad Max: Fury Road - Are the Pyro Effects CG or Real?
  112. Geometry and Normal Mapping
  113. 3d Projection Mapping/3d Scanning...What it means for 3d modelers?
  114. What video software is good for doing this?
  115. NEW 2015 Concept Art Workshop III - with David Levy - Jan. 18, 2015
  116. Working Solo - Easy Way Out - Free Lancer
  117. Modeling tiled ceramic roof for game engine. Level of detail question
  118. Similarities between UG NX and 3Ds Max?
  119. Where is a good place to sell my 3DTOTAL Texture collection?
  120. What video format/codec do you use?
  121. Couleur De Peau: Excellent NPR Rendering
  122. Internet Archive Now Features 2,400 Playable DOS Games
  123. Ant-Man Teaser
  124. Dinosaur model request
  125. Unreal Engine 4 For Realtime Visualization
  126. Accessories To Help with 3D?
  127. Vancouver Film School
  128. 3D scanning with photos
  129. 3D scanner advice
  130. The Learning Process
  131. Recall a short | CG motorbike racing through night city
  132. Animation references
  133. Editorial: What will happen if Vancouver's video game industry loses its tax credit?
  134. IP Incubator Club Thread 2015: Monthly-024:January 2015
  135. Film Bosses Accused Of Mutilating Scripts, Pushing Writers Out
  136. How Different Are The Film CG to CG for Games?
  137. Best output settings for Youtube?
  138. 3D in marketing student thesis
  139. Kids are Begging But I Don't Know Where to Begin
  140. Dynamic Splitting and Distributed Rendering!
  141. Suggest solution for an arch barelief?
  142. 19-Year-Old Kid Creates Badass Fighting Anime
  143. use of 3ds max in movie industry
  144. the use of 3d for television animation
  145. Looking for 3 d level design learning resources
  146. Animator Dillon Markey Reinvents the Failed Nintendo Power Glove as a tool
  147. Where Do You Go For (General) Tech News?
  148. what's your current recommended way to earn some POCKET money
  149. 87th Academy Award Thread
  150. Auto rigging / retargeting in WebAnimate - any good?
  151. Do there exist statistics on quantity of licenses?
  152. Software creating 3d from video (not kinect)
  153. Babylon 5 – Some new (behind the scenes) material..
  154. Interesting Digital Blogger: Ami Yamato
  155. Question regarding a CGWorkshop course.
  156. Who uses an Ipad for painting?
  157. NPR/Painterly Rendering
  158. How to prevent an image from being too dark
  159. Want to learn concept art
  160. How to sell 3d models?
  161. Paddington : the reviews are Bearable (Actually they are Great)
  162. Is going to gnomon a good idea??
  163. Whats the Magic Behind?
  164. Best Software For VFX/Character Animation?
  165. Japanese Translator needs help with art directable
  166. Q: Polygons for games
  167. Question on greenscreen set and HDRI. Do you shoot with Greenscreen or without it?
  168. Software For Windows Media 9 Encoding?
  169. The best software/plugin for low scale water splashes?
  170. 3D as a hobby? Working solo...
  171. Character Details
  172. exr format vs zbrush vs 3dsmax vs photoshop o
  173. Traditional and digital sculptors in today's industry
  174. OK so how does it work?
  175. Animation reference
  176. FREE eBook on getting a job in VFX and Games limited time
  177. Star Wars - Battle Pod
  178. Dealing with the itch to work / production bug
  179. JoeAlter's Shave and a haircut not rendering in Mental Ray Maya!
  180. Best motion tracking software for 2D nad 3D
  181. First teaser for Josh Trank's FANTASTIC FOUR reboot
  182. Selling scripts, tools and plugins online - harder than I thought.
  183. cinematic sequences
  184. Help with animation (inventor imported model)
  185. Need some advice
  186. Understanding integration
  187. Top Ten Artists Tips When Working In the CG Industry
  188. Does anyone know this FREE awesome asset manager tool?
  189. DISSONANCE - short film trailer
  190. Using other's models for Environments
  191. To Muscle or Not To Muscle?
  192. ‘Ted 2′ Trailer
  193. Any must-visit places in Japan for CG artists?
  194. I'm looking to swap my ZBrush 4R7 OSX licence to a Windows license.
  195. Program to code programs vissually with node like interface.
  196. Beginner getting in the world of 3D
  197. Jurassic World - Changes to Shots
  198. Let the PC running for days..good,bad?
  199. Swept under and drowning
  200. Artist new to game design looking for information
  201. The Simpsons Intro Redone As 8-Bit Pixel Art
  202. 3DWorld
  203. visual thinking ?
  204. What has happend to Creative Crash?
  205. So what are you working on?
  206. Working Solo - Fusion 7
  207. Being a Jack-of-All-Trades, Master of None
  208. Are there any articles on planning the work for a 3D animated feature?
  209. vfx path
  210. From real world On-Set lighting to CG lighting
  211. Looking for a video on 3d production...
  212. Poltergesit Trailer...
  213. How Green Screen Worked Before Computers _Video
  214. Le Gouffre - A rather spectacular short film
  215. "Evangelion: Another Impact (Confidential)" CG short directed by Shinji Aramaki
  216. Monty Oum- creator of Dead Fantasy, Haloid, RWBY- RIP
  217. 32 bit Image convertor?
  218. LEGO Movie Directors Diss The Academy At BAFTA Speech
  219. IP Incubator Club Thread 2015: Monthly-025:February 2015
  220. Looking for a video production studio in Chicago
  221. How were the people done in this video?
  222. Computer Animation writing skills?
  223. Spider-Man Returns to Marvel; New Movie Coming in 2017
  224. Measurements in CG art?
  225. The Problem with Action Movies today.
  226. Learn and teach: yours feedback
  227. Cacani 2d animation software
  228. Being A Runner In London
  229. Open Source software in VFX Education
  230. Hair and Fur with displacement map
  231. How was this made?
  232. Honouring The CG Graphics Pioneers
  233. THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. - Trailer No. 1
  234. Kung Fury Trailer - 80s Retro-Awesomeness
  235. Looking for and old Commercial
  236. Writer Looking for Animation Collaborator
  237. Rigging demo reel - Need your help
  238. You guys GOTTA see this! (Björk "Black Lake" - Trailer)
  239. Open Source software for Playstation 4 render farms?
  240. Recommendations Please...
  241. Interview with Nate Castronovo, Senior Artist at Sucker Punch
  243. Can a mod explain?
  244. O1 Visa question
  245. Will there be a CG Animation with a seroius mature story?
  246. specular map question!
  247. Animatura Video Animation - Demo Reel 2014
  248. Trying to find where these images were rendered
  249. Where can i get 3D track data (in FBX) with image sequence for my school classes?
  250. How much are job offers within the VFX industry today?