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  1. Company/person stealing work
  2. Advice from Scott Squires (ILM) for aspiring VFX artists (And Awesome Industry blog)
  3. Batman of Shanghai
  4. A Babylon 5 “Art Of” book!?
  5. Variety:Fear envelops visual effects biz
  6. lots of objects appear over time
  7. Autodesk 360 (Cloud Service) TOS: Have you guys read this stuff?
  8. Why does the UK lack CG Animation Studios who produce full feature length CGI?
  9. Protect the Artists!
  10. New Project - Using UDK to Render Scenery for Live Theatre
  11. Timeline of CGI in film and television (1960s - 2010s)
  12. Metal Gear News, Including new game engine, and New Holywood movie!
  13. Hi From Edinburgh
  14. New Photos from Guillermo Del Toro's "Pacific Rim"
  15. Academic Software for Students...
  16. Action pose or T-Pose for modelling demo reel ?
  17. Cinema 4D Export to Illustrator option / Sketch and Toon both not available?
  18. An interesting Game Development Video Diary!
  19. Cold-Contacting Recruiters Good Idea/Bad Idea?
  20. The Disparity in Game Review Scores
  21. Helping fellow CG artists in the Great Recession: Post your ideas.
  22. Real World Measurement
  23. Harvard Law: Artist Rights Primer
  24. Scope for motion graphics job in India .. ?
  25. HRD Light Probe
  26. Distance Learning / "At Home" CG Courses
  27. Help a Newbie!!
  28. which would you prefer to maximize - income or enjoyment with your work?
  29. Rumor: Autodesk going to Kill 3Ds Max?
  30. I have hard time sculpting in Zbrush
  31. Long render time, bad quality.
  32. Cool Short: Freddie Wong's Old School vs. New School
  33. Realtime Lighting
  34. Workshops: How much to charge?
  35. View J.J. Abrams’ Revolution Pilot Episode (US ONLY)
  36. Jamie Hewlett(Gorilaz ) “Drawing Is An Escape From All The Unecessary Things In Life"
  37. Trailer for "Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters"
  38. Chinese/Russian CG forums
  39. How your 3D skills can help the world.
  40. Need Help finding a computer to start off with.
  41. Legally Blind- Which software for still image
  42. Game with the best particle effects
  43. Best 24 inch Monitor?
  44. New source for HDRI
  45. Augmented reality future (Sight video)
  46. Heavy Metal TV Series Footage...
  47. LIVE ANIMATION-Larry the Zomibe
  48. what realtime 3D for laptop presentation?
  49. The Eight Secrets of Success, According to TED Attendees
  50. Hyundai "Hyper-Matrix" Mechanical Pixels + Projection
  51. Bryan Singer's H+
  52. VFX / CG Magazines...?
  53. best mocap solution for artist
  54. ted opening sequence
  55. Where can I learn how to do this type of stuff?
  56. how do u create and monetize on ur own IP ?
  57. CG work besides Film, VGs, Ads and ArchVis?
  58. Newbie-ish question: Transferring cameras between applications
  59. Online Freelance Work - Where, how.
  60. What is an Art Collective? and why you should care about them..
  61. 'Mists of Pandaria' Post Mortem?
  62. Multi GPU and GPU based rendering
  63. Amazon Studios to Develop Original Comedy and Children's Series for Amazon Video
  64. Lightheaded (animated short)
  65. Report: Well known Animators Are Raising Big Money On Kickstarter
  66. Photo storage/print options
  67. Compositor in China / Working abroad
  68. Cast your Vote for this year’s Autodesk Master Award.
  69. Maya - repel objects / no overlap
  70. Does anyone read 3D Artist or 3D World after years of CG?
  71. How can I import an image for all multiple uv tiles?
  72. Cost of Living and the CG artist:Tell us your opinion.
  73. Could CG companies change their bidding to "Billable hours" : Can they?
  74. ZBrush polygon edit
  75. Able to draw, born talent or hard work
  76. Toon 3d character bundles, where to buy?
  77. I want to be FX artist, what to do :D
  78. Has anyone ever worked in CHINA?
  79. TRON 30th Anniversary Event(October 27th :LA Chinese Theatres) )
  80. The Brave Little Toaster gets CG remake
  81. Getting a Degree due to Visa requirements
  82. Computer Graphics quantitative value to society..
  83. Looking for an image
  84. Best Video Codec for compressing Anaglyph 3D Footage?
  85. Growing a Studio – Ken Ralston Talks VFX at Imageworks
  86. Kickstarter campaign?
  87. frischluft lenscare photoshop Help !
  88. 3D software with built-in video camera tracking ?
  89. Anime inspired animations by Paul Johnson (Star Wars/DR WHO)
  90. First look at RoboCop's new suit design
  91. Multiplayer with 1,800 Players at once
  92. Displacement maps + 2 textures in one mesh
  93. Can't open this file! Need help quick!
  94. Resident Evil: Retribution Opens to $71.1M Worldwide
  95. The world's first sculpting app for the particle :)
  96. I can't decide from modeling or animation
  97. Cubemaps on Sketchfab
  98. Is anyone here familiar with 3rd Art and the software the Artist might use?
  99. Store that sells used Cintiq tablets in New York?
  100. Rebus farm + 3ds max, Question
  101. Free scifi sounds for your videos
  102. How to animate a tree with wind movement?
  103. Crumble Test Help
  104. Forum / Places for collaboration work ?
  105. 80's nostalgia hitting rock bottom: MANIMAL
  106. Naming Video Files for Mac Computers?
  107. best software for lens distortion correction (before tracking)
  108. Online Portfolio
  109. Realistic Texturing - Your opinion counts!
  110. Can't remember animation genre name... (Google is not helping)
  111. Face scan that can do hair
  112. CG Conventions and Editorial Conventions
  113. Job salary question
  114. Environment Course Creation
  115. New Hobbit Trailer
  116. The Rise and Fall of Walt Disney Animation in Florida
  117. Kevin Margo's Grounded Short
  118. Starting out as a 3D modeler - lots of questions
  119. "Le Gouffre" Short Film Production Blog
  120. lighters - no respect?
  121. Game Trailer: “Armello” by Artist Collective, League of Geeks
  122. Software that does "Light, Colour & Shading Transfer" ?
  123. High Quality Canned Mocap?
  124. How do I create a smaller image without losing quality?
  125. What next to discuss on VFX?
  126. Vray matt shadow Issue
  127. Does Pixar use Lafeyette, LA's fiber optic system?
  128. WIRED: Harry Potter Producer Cringes at Films’ Early Visual Effects
  129. UI Design - 3D Possibilities
  130. WACOM for an FX Artist .... required?
  131. A toy in space, this is just nice.
  132. Caustic Visualizer for Maya2012
  133. Lessons learned and suggestions
  134. Foliage (vegetation)
  135. Mudbox model to 3d Software
  136. Maya is not for me. Maybe Impossible?
  137. New to the community!
  138. Featured Interview wtih Kevin Russell 3D Artist
  139. Already made
  140. Directing fighting sequences
  141. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles CG Show(New Intro/Clip)
  142. LOOPER: Animated Trailer
  143. Luxology and the Foundry to Merge?
  144. Is there any Pure western muslim who works in a game studios?
  145. Bosto Kingtee 19MA vs Yiynova 19
  146. Disney Portfolio Requirements-and Guidelines- 1998
  147. Disney Advice for Students Considering a Career in Animation (From 1993)
  148. New embed options on Sketchfab
  149. Tears of Steel - Blender Foundation's fourth short Open Movie
  150. First realtime physics sim of long hair in a game?
  151. Maya/Zbrush/Photoshop -windows theme??
  152. Character Design Help
  153. Need 3d printing service at hight resolution
  154. Teacher seeking advice about curriculum
  155. How the "Jaws" shark was built MOD EDIT: And How CG has taken it farther.
  156. Photoshop question, prefix save format
  157. Framestore, io9 Partner on Collaborative Storytelling Project
  158. What photo viewing software do you use?
  159. Why does the UK lack CG Animation Studios who produce full feature length CGI?
  160. Hotel Transylvania The Reviews are Creeping In!
  161. Vimeo
  162. Talent shows: MOD EDIT: (NY TIMES): — The War Between Capital and Talent.
  163. LOOPER: Do I have to go back in time and start a review thread?
  164. breaking the rules on freelance -bookings & holds
  165. Advice On Software
  166. Portfolio advice: Build my own or use portfolio website?
  167. B movie in demo reel
  168. Plugins for Photoshop (Flash/Actionscript/Javascript) - where to start?
  169. Ideas/concept vs render quality
  170. ORBOTOR - an Indi game that just Launched on Kickstarter
  171. How much $$ do I charge???
  172. New Game Xerum by TraptCG
  173. Paperman Breakdown...Mod Edit: (Full short now Online)
  174. First non-game titles now available on Steam, game dev tools lead the charge
  175. The Making of the New Sci Fi show: "Defiance"
  176. Disturbing Uses of a 3D Printer
  177. Dreamworks "The Croods" Official Trailer
  178. no installer products for autodesk in 2 years?
  179. Planes of the Face .obj model
  180. Tablet pc
  181. Before the past few days
  182. Business Solutions Consulting?
  183. DIFFERENT ANIMATION SOLUTIONS: faster & easier !
  184. Coolest Mechs?
  185. [?]how to show concrete pumping animation
  186. What makes a really good environment?
  187. Are drawing skills important for CG animators ?
  188. Advice on landing a job
  189. Not enrolled in school, but would like a student version.
  190. Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn - Part 1 (Live-action Halo Series)
  191. Is sharing a good idea or giving unfair advantage?
  192. New member
  193. FRANKENWEENIE Has Teeny Weeny Numbers at the Box Office. Gets Buried by TAKEN 2
  194. Photoshop Touch on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
  195. What is the future of Apple Shake?
  196. how to bring depth in vray rendering
  197. US Cartoon Network’s 20th Anniversary Video
  198. No CD with December issue of 3D World
  199. Traditional Animation, Dead,Dying or Just Napping? (Editorial from 2003)
  200. Campus from Pixar’s Monsters University
  201. Prometheus Explained... BR
  202. 3D nebula created for lenticular print
  203. 3D Javascript Browser 360 Turntable Recommendations
  204. Digital Tutors recent malware attack
  205. CG work from networking abroad
  206. maya sss issue
  207. Do I Need to be good at drawing to be a 3D Animator?
  208. Hungry Hungry Hippo - the next Summer Blockbuster!
  209. CG Evolution/Film Revolution: A Q&A with Steve "Spaz" Williams
  210. CGW: The Pose by Pose Animation of Hotel Transylvania
  211. Rendering on a Cloud
  212. If you like Capital ships....
  213. Employers not allowing artists to have reel material?
  214. The UK's first VFX festival hopes to raise awareness of a vital industry
  215. Badley Recreated Animation Stills
  216. One man CG team - Can recreate CG in minutes. Why can't you?
  217. Borderlands 2 - where's the love?!
  218. Starting up an in-house 3d department...
  219. Blur launches kickstarter campaign for THE GOON
  220. Rumored leak about Valve's new IP: Stars of Barathrum (Space Sim)
  221. Requesting Information
  222. Visual Effects Breakdown for short film
  223. Music Videos with the best VFX/CG Effects
  224. Halo 4 Trailer - Prologue
  225. Forgotten Animated Films and Early CG...
  226. OT: Felix Baumgartner Space Jump
  227. How to achieve this liquid/sticky effect?
  228. Making contacts?
  229. Hollywood likes messing characters up but sometimes they get it right
  230. Kon-Tiki Film VFX - Some of the best vfx I have seen.
  231. Industry in Boston Area??
  232. 'Interference' Changes Colors At An Atomic Level At Harvard
  233. Maya skills. Modelling + ?
  234. CG judgement
  235. The Woods - Horror/Suspense Unity Game
  236. Double Negative lays off 200+...
  237. Help with artist of this image?
  238. [Help] Cell Shaded, Cartoon texture.
  239. Studios in Toronto Ontario?
  240. Shave and Haircut vs Maya's Hair and Fur Solutions
  241. change direction of a pivot point without changing the model
  242. Michael Oswold's Photoshop Work.
  243. Breaking in the Industry
  244. Softwares and such ;)
  245. An Awesome Animated Short Film, "The Looking Planet", Needs Your Help.
  246. Have 3DTVs flopped?
  247. cg clothes..need answer A.S.A.P
  248. Exploding a Hydrant
  249. Animation online courses way to expnesive
  250. Boardwalk Empire VFX Breakdowns of Season 1