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  1. Researchers quantify just how much a Photo has been manipulated
  2. TRON: LEGACY Styled Concept Car Debuts in Tokyo (Touch Screen Doors!)
  3. Video Resolution vs Screen Resolution
  4. Happy 3D
  5. breaking glass in rayfire
  6. Christmas Short
  7. Kooky’s Return
  8. I Need Help With DreamWorks Animation.
  9. Andy Serkis on animators
  10. Hourly and Project-based Rates
  11. satellite imagery - AT NIGHT
  12. Input for a project
  13. ChiralSym's 3d Violin released under a Creative Commons License
  14. Luc Besson’s Lock-Out Trailer ("Prison Break in Space" )
  15. Any advice is much appreciated.
  16. "Book of Standards" problem?
  17. What theme inpsires you more? Which is your least favorite?
  18. Need help. Looking for a specific artist.
  19. Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted Trailer
  20. Dr. Seuss' The Lorax Official Trailer #2 (
  21. Invoices
  22. Cartoon style interiors
  23. Battleship New Trailer
  24. What the.......?
  25. What do you mean, it's not real? TurboSquid Horror Tales- Video
  26. Studios in NZ that take specialists?
  27. The Daily Show Gleefully Rips Into Free-To-Play Gaming
  28. how a does a finished graduate get into the industry?
  29. GSC Game World - Closing?
  30. outsourcing cg tasks to Africa
  31. Production management software
  32. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron trailer
  33. Drawings Skills a Requirement?
  34. Best Facial Motion Capture????
  35. Indie Animation Series- Studioartfx
  36. MIB3 Trailer
  37. AWN: Pixars' Angus MacLane Talks Small Fry
  38. Software Realistically Adds 3-D Objects to Photos
  39. Best Facial Motion Capture ???
  40. New to FX and i need a lot of advice.
  41. GI-Joe 2 Trailer
  42. Career: 2D to 3D? Help!
  43. Gift idea for CG enthusiast / animator
  44. Where to find more MR Shader?
  45. light propagation visualized at *one trillion* frames per second
  46. Transitioning to Freelance - Advice?
  47. Diablo 3 intro cinematic
  48. Heads up: Adobe Creative Suite CS upgrades!
  49. Disney's Prep & Landing: Naughty vs Nice
  50. Interview with Weta Digital's Jamie Beard (Tintin)
  51. Game developers tackle a synth
  52. How to get an animation job if you can't afford software?
  53. It's a RAW Mission.Should you choose to Accept it.
  54. Auto lypsync
  55. Behind the Magic: The Look of 'Rango' video (Impressive)
  56. How to go about hiring a 2D/3D artist in Ontario
  57. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Trailers
  58. Jack the Giant Killer Trailer HD
  59. Realflow rain
  60. US Moves Toward Banning Photoshop In Cosmetics Ads
  61. E.T.A. | Henrik B. Clausen's short film
  62. Live shooting in Tintin
  63. Looking for Light Cycles Test Scene File
  64. Does anyone know where is this 3D Model from?
  65. Modeling/Texturing for movies
  66. GPU rendering and particles
  67. CG ice floating in cg ocean
  68. Wrath of the Titans
  69. 1 MB limit total for file attachments??
  70. 3D Lighting and Rendering book seeking the help of the community
  71. Need help opening a 3Ds M Fur .png file in After Effects
  72. 2d vs 3d
  73. Free 4g next year?!?
  74. Workflow?
  75. CG Stereoscopic Research
  76. Grass Vector displacement map
  77. Rotoscoping software
  78. THE HOBBIT Trailer!
  79. Wrath of the Titans trailer
  80. motiva colimo web export workflow
  81. Looking for an animation short
  82. New York Film Critics Circle Slaw 2011 Animated film Crop
  83. Star Wars Old Republic
  84. Enders Game - Harrison Ford is in!
  85. Trying to find old music video!
  86. Which 3D Animation Package Should I Use For My Needs?
  87. Anyone else "on hold"
  88. Animation webshow
  89. A new concept for 3D
  90. VFX Max modeling :(
  91. Mango - Blender Open Movie project
  92. I Think I Need Direction
  93. Bakery Relight or Relight in Nuke
  94. Video for Trent Reznor's cover of "Immigrant Song", Dragon Tattoo opening credits
  95. Cardistry combined with composited elements
  96. Freelance sites
  97. Video tuts or books on video/camerawork?
  98. show me the way
  99. chuggnut's video blogs?
  100. Online project managment
  101. Wacom Bamboo (Click/Drag viewport usage)
  102. Buying the right hardware for the job
  103. Autodesk sponsoring SOPA - Opinions
  104. Computer Graphics
  105. Free facial motion capture
  106. New FREE concept art tutorial online!
  107. Free model repository
  108. If im good at painting human portraits and figures what computer art shuld i do?
  109. Holographic 3-D looks tantalizingly closer in 2012
  110. Creating Dust On a surface
  111. Inspiring and creative podcasts ? recommendations?
  112. RealFlow Mesh Keeps Jiggling
  113. splinter cell
  114. Blade Runner Sketchbook posted online
  115. Need help for my Thesis
  116. Linear workflow tutorial
  117. Books That Guide You How To See As A Visual Artist?
  118. Emulating colour response of old cameras
  119. Modelling a valley in vue
  120. Messiah
  121. NBA Forever TNT Promo
  122. Need Guidance on How to Start?
  123. Happy New Years to all...
  124. Inspiration
  125. Guidance related to 3D Generalist.
  126. cgtalk 2011 retrospective?
  127. What happened to Exotic Matter?
  128. Hi, How would this be done :
  129. Need help with ideas
  130. Where to go now? Order of learning stuff...
  131. Desired VFX
  132. 3D Sim of crowds, protests & riots
  133. Environment artist or Character artist?
  134. Upside Down Trailer
  135. Creating 2d Sidescrolling Platformer in UDK....
  136. Oportunities outside of London
  137. 3D Model Reviews
  138. Computer Science degree with an art minor
  139. Is it realistic to specialize in both character animation and modelling?
  140. Brisk Star Wars: Darth Maul vs. Yoda
  141. Cartoon Brew Preview: 2012 Animated Features
  142. Charlie Rose Interview with John Lasseter (video)
  143. Toolkit wishlist
  144. Quantifying Lost time with Hardware upgrades
  145. Setting up HDR for Live Action Interior Scene
  146. Particle Rendering
  147. New App From JJ Abrams Bad Robot Lets You Add Movie FX To Your iPhone Videos
  148. NEW YORK: Studio Ghibl retrospective of film (Until January 12)
  149. serious the making of books
  150. Is any Mexican working in USA with a Work Visa?
  151. Gimme advice on internship-seeking
  152. Making your own Indie Anime
  153. The Making of J. Edgar
  154. iPad/iPhone control of 3DS Max and Maya
  155. Supporting Studio Positions
  156. UV or Ptex for mapping beginner..?
  157. Pixar quality animation done by some kids.
  158. Student, Need tips & advice
  159. Practical slow motion light bulb explosion
  160. Need help to improve my CG work
  161. how send a DVD for a job ?
  162. Los Angeles Film School
  163. Anyone know how valve created the Portals in "Portal" and "Portal 2"?
  164. Graphics contest
  165. 4k CG/shots homeuser benefit
  166. Red Bull Canimation
  167. Need blueprints for older Shinkansen trains
  168. Couple Questions
  169. Books on gesture drawing?
  170. Getting Started with Mari??
  171. trying to list all the studios in the 3d industry
  172. Which companies are reputable automobile image makers?
  173. android apps?
  174. How would you achieve this effect? Suit crawling up skin
  175. Update on Star Wars Tv Show
  176. Importance of UV mapping in 0..1 space?
  177. can we use faces more than 4 sides in game modeling ?
  178. Community Render Farm
  179. Web application to get video feedback
  180. multithreaded cloth solvers
  181. Using actor appearance in CG-work (e.g. games)
  182. What's better for art creation - 7" or 10" tablets?
  183. Where do I spam?
  184. Star Wreck: Iron Sky - starts preview screening in Finland
  185. F*ck you. Pay Me.
  186. Questionnaire for racing game fans / core gamers
  187. Oklahoma CG
  188. Storytelling methods for Children under 10..
  189. “Adam and Dog” trailer- Nice Indie Animation
  190. Questions regarding programs
  191. Already have a degree. Going back to school?
  192. Examples of seamless set extensions
  193. Where should a complete beginner in CG art go?
  194. Need input on converting photos to engravings
  195. Technical Director Advice
  196. Working at industry, but have different goal
  197. Maya Licenses
  198. mercedes benz "passing through" ad by mpc
  199. Asset Management Tools (3d/2d)
  200. Freelance Contracts
  201. What is the best touch screen/program to use
  202. Kinect in 3D workflow?
  203. How to start with a 3D story?
  204. Will buy the "Vray - The Complete Guide" book
  205. Disney Trip, take on use of 3D.
  206. Ergonomics - Where is your stuff?
  207. Recommended 3D Printing Services in the UK?
  208. L5 Release Trailer
  209. Building simple 3d scenes from single image
  210. Recent in-browser gaming plug?
  211. changing rigged geometry
  212. What 3D Package Is Right For Me?
  213. Poser is the DV Camera of 3D Animation
  214. The Chuck Jones Experience Opens at Circus Circus Las Vegas
  215. Wayne Robson releasing his tutorials for free
  216. Scalable UI for Retina and Non-Retina iOS devices
  217. Did Ubisoft Vancouver close down?
  218. How is the business in the CG world?
  219. Lots of changes!
  220. Visual Complexity
  221. Does the CG industry support SOPA and/or PIPA?
  222. Need examples
  223. Funding a series of music videos?
  224. Modeling and Rigging vegetable being cut
  225. The Chase - Trailer
  226. Short Film production - Suggestions?
  227. Explaining software limitations to non-technical clients or employers
  228. Vicon Blade Issue
  229. Apple's new interactive textbooks initiative & cg
  230. Any tips for accommodation in London?
  231. Outsourcing?
  232. should i use manikin to learn to draw figures?
  233. Star Wars Creator Calling it quits
  234. Resident Evil:Retribution Trailer...
  235. Something Different - Creating a Live 3D Product Preview Window?
  236. Damning Evidence Emerges In Apple-Pixar-Lucasfilm-Adobe “No Poach” Antitrust Lawsuit
  237. VANARTS Game Art and Design 2012
  238. WEBGL Benchmark
  239. HTML5: Pluginless 3D Rendering Through a Web Browser via X3DOM / WebGL...
  240. Sites you should Visit: Animation Master Andreas Deja Blog
  241. Red Tails: The reviews are flying in!
  242. iCloud or other for file storage?
  243. Suggestions on DSRL and lens
  244. How to get my first vfx job
  245. 2D to Stereo 3D Conversion
  246. is there any software to draw/write on computer screen ?
  247. How Does George Lucas Do It?
  248. Alpha Channel Noise
  249. Production Timeline question
  250. I Did The Same Project With 4 Different 3D Programs