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  1. Best program to create normal/displacement maps?
  2. Jobs in Connecticut
  3. Resolution needed for Poster sized print?
  4. Video Clip from "Halo Legends"
  5. Next CGS Challenge
  6. 3DSMax in VFX Feature Film industry in Australia
  7. The Stereoscopic process
  8. Better processor or better graphics card?
  9. The Vimeo Megathread
  10. file project management tips/ suggestions?
  11. Art Clokey creator of Gumby and Pokey RIP
  12. Jack Kirby vs Marvel over copyright
  13. Escape studios courses survey: Win a private CG mastercalss with Lee Danskin
  14. Working with two hands...
  15. The A-Team trailer: MODEDIT: New Trailer!
  16. Rule-Based Interiors with the CityEngine
  17. Securing your IP - prevent copyright infringement
  18. looking for a WIP scrat video
  19. Hollywood Camera Work's Visual Effects training
  20. Science fiction film "Errans Viridis"
  21. A smooth transformation from 3D-2D
  22. Documentary style film: The Archaeologist
  23. Are You Ready For The GPU Revolution? Part 1
  24. Military Modeler's Reference Website
  25. Spiderman 4 dead at Sony, Reboot Planned (Multiple reports)
  26. Amazing Panoramic CG Image
  27. boujou Tracking
  28. Particle Sim Inspiration
  29. IBL Maps Questions
  30. how to give a Price for 3D character design?
  31. Transformers: War for Cybertron
  32. Inside the Artist's Studio - Questions for everyone!
  33. Finding Work
  34. Rigged character like this one
  35. What is your System configuration??
  36. Basic overview of how MS Natal works
  37. Industry Getting Hired Test for CG?
  38. Is Brazil R/S as good as death?
  39. Favorite dolly and crane/jib?
  40. Sony's Motion Controller- A Competitor for Wacom?
  41. Actor Driven CG Performances
  42. Where is the proper place to post...
  43. Restoring the Nostromo (model ship from Alien)
  44. how to view your 3dsmax viewports in 4Dimention .. Amazing and simple
  45. Thunderdome Channel on IRC
  46. Avatar Crew Shirt Giveaway!
  47. Do schools sometimes give students false expectations?
  48. Teaching Art to Kids - Any Help Appreciated!
  49. Is it legal?
  50. Ownage !
  51. "John Carter of Mars" Production Announcement
  52. Congratz to PIXAR: UP wins 2 Golden Globes
  53. I want to use a song in my demoreel - Infringement issues.
  54. New Layout
  55. Joe Johnson on Jurassic Park 4, start of a second trilogy!
  56. UV mapping Vs Referencing
  57. Color Management and Wide Gamut Displays
  58. Best cities for a 3d art or any games centric jobs?
  59. Starting an animation website.
  60. Interview Questions for School Assingment
  61. torn mask in maya or zbrush
  62. Important Skills and Project Environment?
  63. Assassin's Creed 2 Effects Tutorials?
  64. Problem with a Software Vendor
  65. I can't find a job, please have a look at my website
  66. Animation Demo Reel
  67. US TV Late night wars in Chinese News Animation
  68. Anyone else have problems watching movies in 3d?
  69. Help with research
  70. First encounter to 3D apps
  71. Preview screening of The Princess and the Frog at London BFI IMAX with Q&A
  72. Who owns the rights to the assets used in a project.
  73. Is there a buy/sell section?
  74. 10 Reasons Why Your Render Sucks
  75. re-doing things
  76. Copy or creation
  77. Would you recommend going into 3d/Gaming?
  78. Simple Texture files catalogue/album software?
  79. Animating around "Gimbal Lock"
  80. game company setup
  81. New Laptop, advice needed!
  82. Vanishing point
  83. Good scanner for digitizing sketches?
  84. Help needed!! How can I render my model with a nice show off?
  85. Working freelance gigs while travelling abroad?
  86. vrml2 x3d exports for 3d printing
  87. Boujou Depth Perception
  88. What do you read?
  89. Work
  90. New: AVP Trailer
  91. please point me in the right direction ....
  92. Global Illumination & Maya for animation Tutorial?
  93. Plates in vfx
  94. Animation or Composting
  95. Pose Master Challange. Free software like Pose Maniacs
  96. To Those who are Financially Successful
  97. Endearing characters (characters that last)
  98. Help from somone who uses Blaze 3D
  99. Looking help with my web project
  100. Finding a program.
  101. Free texture libraries ?
  102. CGPlugins website
  103. Ideas for motion capture workflow?
  104. Best way to improve?
  105. The Rift between Costume Design and CG: What Designers can learn from Costumers
  106. Concept artist project
  107. wanna start drawing, dunno where to start
  108. Epic Behind-The-Scenes of Avatar, 23minutes
  109. PREVIS short film pitch.
  110. Compositor's salary in Singapore
  111. sculpting problem in z brush . need help !
  112. Live Stream Good or Bad idea?
  113. CG artists and Martial Arts
  114. Franz - Student Short
  115. Mototo_mv
  116. The VFX of Caprica: Interview with Gary Hutzel
  117. ILM Breaks Down Star Trek Spacejump Sequence
  118. Animation Festival Questions
  119. Digital Location Painting
  120. The Future of the CG Industry
  121. Printed artwork coming out much darker than on my screen...
  122. Compositor Tasks
  123. Any art competitions going on?
  124. Need advice for demoreel
  125. File formats?
  126. Face Photo Reference
  127. Apple event: will a new tablet be unveiled?
  128. getting into the INDUSTRY?
  129. Ten Things to Make Your Renders Suck Less
  130. DRAWING on IPAD!: There is an app for that.
  131. Please help with some information.
  132. camera zoomerator
  133. Film, Videogames or 3D Company in London
  134. Should I take the Chance?
  135. How do I protect the Wacom Intuos 4 pad?
  136. 3D animation application for the iPad?
  137. Video editing with hand motion cap?
  138. Price for licensing an image?
  139. solving the 3d artist oversaturation problem
  140. Microsoft Courier
  141. question regarding the masters of the past...
  142. Vanquish game trailer...
  143. how will Avatar in 3D translate to viewing on TV?
  144. are 3D artists and regular artists disposable
  145. Rooftop photos
  146. How does the industry judge the skill of an artist?
  147. True standalone render program?
  148. True standalone render program?
  149. 5 Worthwhile Purchases For 3d Artists
  150. Male profile illustration
  151. Real World Sizes
  152. Graduating from a lackluster school - What should I do?
  153. Developers Don't Seem To Care About 2D
  154. Indie Gaming Studio needs artist
  155. Optic Aberrations
  156. Switching company
  157. Modular modellering for characters - efficient or a timespender?
  158. Facial retarget
  159. Info on Camera tracking 3D??
  160. which wacom or intuos tablet to purchase
  161. Can 3D Programs be used in Photography Integration?
  162. Comic : Techno
  163. Is the unwrap mosaics technology available?
  164. Niche for sensationalized animated news!
  165. OSCAR 2010 Thread: Congratz to Avatar for Best VFX!
  166. REAL-D Polarized 3D - Revisited.
  167. Help: 3Dequalizer tutorials?
  168. Computer tablet trend for the artists (after release of iPad)
  169. How much time are you allotted for deadlines at a VFX house, or for Game cinematics?
  170. Looking for a joint input device...
  171. CGTalk web hosting for Demo reel
  172. PIPELINE (work flow) OF DIGITAL COMPOSITING in films
  173. Happy Birthday Norman Rockwell!!
  174. I need the name of...
  175. Best Place to learn Stereo 3d, Anaglyph/Polarising
  176. Trying find tutorials- environemnts
  177. Trouble choosing "non cliche" Demo reel assets... Help
  178. Where to find used CG DVD magazines?
  179. Tired of Kids CG? A.D. CG animation has grown up.
  180. Any Wirefusion Gurus Here...
  181. Unpaid Internships - How'd you do it?
  182. Plug central
  183. Inside the Artist's Studio Interview - CHET ZAR
  184. UV editor - selection doubt!!
  185. Ready for Watchmen 2?
  186. Nvidia Quadro FX 3700?
  187. If I wanted to create
  188. Are you ready for 3-D TV?
  189. Best Software 4 EXPLOSIONS?
  190. Link compile for CG/Art literature
  191. import + create plane + array
  192. What did Disney use to make Princess and the Frog?
  193. Question about rigging and animation
  194. create shape from section in maxscript
  195. Sorah Fleinch and The Secret Book
  196. Fairness For VFX Artists: My Open Letter To James Cameron
  197. Some little questions
  198. 512px*512px instead of 500px*500px
  199. What makes an obj, game ready?
  200. Ethnography on CG & the job market
  201. VFX Proxy/Animating
  202. The IRS and the Freelance Dilemma
  203. Rendering Animation for Mobile Devices..
  204. How to use 2 mice in Maya/ Zbrush...
  205. Anita Steckel letter of encouragement to student
  206. Dominance War V - Montreal Group
  207. Can someone clarify this please
  208. Identifing type of line art/ drawing in images
  209. Where is the nostalgia?
  210. CGI in real Movies?
  211. Tutorial Addiction
  212. Animated 3D crowd
  213. Looking for resources
  214. Is Digital Apprentice Workshop Dead?
  215. Dr Who Concept Art
  216. Inklet trackpad tablet app for Macbook(Wacom's worst nightmare)
  217. Need urgent Flash help: How to make it print?!
  218. God of War 3 - Modeling the Leviathan
  219. Need bird modeling company
  220. CONTEST - Create your favourite hero from DC Universe comic
  221. Avatar's FX snippets from Weta Digital official site
  222. Terminator sold to Pacificor - Sony and Lionsgate consider helping out
  223. poll for school report-what cg program do you use?
  224. How to choose a Project Management Software for CG production?
  225. Looking for a specific music video, help me find it
  226. What do I as a new person use besides truespace?
  227. The Wolfman - meh!
  228. Logorama - awesome Oscar nominated 3d short
  229. New Toy Story 3 Trailer!
  230. Live-Action AKIRA might return from the dead
  231. Camera and resolution settings for shorts
  232. Percy Jackson and The Olympians The reviews are Lighting In!
  233. later CGTALK...
  234. God of war 3 trailer
  235. Chinese Animation
  236. Can you top this fan made LOTR!?
  237. Render time comparison of 3D software
  238. true 720 degree product view
  239. What do you do when u find yourself losing motivation and distracted?
  240. Free realistic character rigs
  241. LOCUS Visual Development team.
  242. Websites for Selling Your Art Online, Imagekind and Boundlessgallery
  243. How long does it take to finish a cgchoice image?
  244. decorative brickwork
  245. Clash of the Titans Featurette
  246. Porsche GT3 R Hybrid
  247. Update of Disney’s Rapunzel
  248. Weird question for the Avatar production team
  249. Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland... not in theaters?
  250. Fairness For Visual Effects Artists.