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  1. Where can i learn Maya in France and Canada ?
  2. MS Paint
  3. Maya 5.0 comming out soon?
  4. me and a couple of buddies will be in vancouver, b.c.
  5. How to critisize!
  6. What is Bad Demo Reel Etiquette?
  7. how'd you get your job...?
  8. Your best human figure meshes
  9. My new site
  10. How many Members?
  11. I'm a new user
  12. How many Chinese Member here ?
  13. Setting up an Crew
  14. Official CGTalk CG Newsletter
  15. Hookups in the industry, anyone?
  16. Lucas and Holywood...
  17. Kung Pow yourself
  18. original Star Wars Trilogy... may you rest in peace.
  19. Just an idea I had...
  20. SquareSoft DVDs . . .
  21. Worst Comments 2
  22. Art Institute Online - Games Art & Design, Opinions?
  23. Small studio FX solution
  24. Plug history
  25. Oscar Nominations Announced !!!
  26. Rotate a clip?
  27. career advice?
  28. Valentine's Day
  29. Clay Stuff
  30. Who here has a job but graduated with a completely unrelated major?
  31. Help me find old news...
  32. whats your favourite flame bait while you render?
  33. Vidcap software
  34. Are there grants for 3D students?
  35. Lego Instructions
  36. could there be a cheaper app for our animation project
  37. Apollo Mission photos
  38. redlightrunner (apple collectables)
  39. Get your Utilimark Textures here!
  40. Congratulations Tomek
  41. Tell us what is your favorite CG related annual conference?
  42. Get Free Hosting!!
  43. Eighth Year in a Row-Discreet Clients Sweep Academy Award Nominations for Best Visual
  44. How long have you been trying to get in?
  45. What is the best reel you have seen?
  46. UK situation!!!
  47. when is Robota book coming out???
  48. New York City Model
  49. new hulk trailor
  50. Wow what a find! trueSpace 3.2 Free!
  51. How many Latinamericans here?
  52. reminder: 2 weeks left for texturing competition at
  53. Porn, Censorship & Moral Perversion
  54. Anyone here have fingers?
  55. 3d art in from the past...
  56. Music for demo reel
  57. Voice, man, child and woman
  58. Employers: what are you looking for ?
  59. The images do not appear in my tutorial. I need help please!?
  60. Building A Vfx Crew/company
  61. Combustion, flame, flint... wtf?!
  62. Compositing Software
  63. Character: Probably the best model in the world
  64. Yes kiddie, but Zelda looks AWESOME
  65. why are all the cg jobs posted for games?
  66. Has your work ever been swiped? Tell us your horror stories.
  67. The Matrix Special Edition In DTS?
  68. who here has ever been fired from a cg job
  69. It's tough being a junior
  70. why are my threads constantly deleted without any notice or explanation??
  71. for all you concerened bout the "too much CG can kill you" thread
  72. I have to say...
  73. The definiton of art!
  74. TShirt Slogans
  75. Daredevil torn up
  76. robson street...
  77. DVD authoring
  78. help needed: time management/Organization software?
  79. Hats off to Konami
  80. Recommend an anim. compress. for QT 6
  81. XBOXlive it's here !
  82. Show us what you have done in the past month...
  83. Level Designer / Artist
  84. computer slowdowns
  85. Legality of pulling images from DVD for demo reels.
  86. trueSpace 3.2 free version
  87. Go-academy in malaysia
  88. For The Love Of God!!
  89. Chinese Lord of the Rings
  90. need general 3d animation help!
  91. Any Paintball players out there?
  92. New Here.. just saying hello and a ?
  93. AVI to QT
  94. site sponsors...
  95. creative block
  96. Hey! a simple quesiton
  97. Digital Trees / plants
  98. A non-cg job that allows time for cg?
  99. Sorry, another thread by me....another question...
  100. For those that even watch it....
  101. WestIndians?...
  102. PUFFS commercials-who does them?!
  103. Has CG stepped back?
  104. ok.. who saw shanghai knights?
  105. Sketchbook Pages Per Week
  106. Help me ,plz!
  107. Cubix
  108. Anyone Eat Poo
  109. I'm looking for an aritst!
  110. can you tell me of a good tutorial?
  111. how to screan capture?
  112. CG Interview tips / adivce ?
  113. Finding nemo
  114. New X Men Trailer
  115. online painting programs?
  116. How many African Americans come here?
  117. Help!!!!!aahhh!!!!!!
  118. 6-7 min cartoon, sell to TV
  119. Nothing better than the real thing, eih!!!
  120. \Short films for you to --[Download]--/
  121. BA Animation (sheridan college portfolio)
  122. Search for school (Paris France)
  123. Car modelers,whats your favorite racing games?
  124. Radiosity
  125. The Internet CAN read your mind
  126. Profanity
  127. European Animation
  128. Motion Capture Commercial breed 80's Flashback
  129. Do you play a musical Instrument...
  130. Split the WIP and Finished forums into two parts?
  131. Hollywood depends on...
  132. Wonderful Days! looks amazing.
  133. Homosexuality, only ok for women?
  134. Retro Style Game Graphics (under 8-bit baby!)
  135. Need advice, getting into 3D as a career
  136. Importance of a Degree?
  137. Game Developers in Europe
  138. special character input devices
  139. your first 3D works
  140. completely OT: Bob Dylan & Ani Difranco
  141. Who did the Micheal Jordan commercial?
  142. Where to go for Manga/Anime art?
  143. So I want to be a level designer...
  144. pixel math!
  145. 2 part software question
  146. 28,632 members!!!
  147. links?
  148. What is the best Game platform(s) to DEVELOP for?
  149. What should be the content of a good portfolio website?
  150. Please keep Politics Polls off of CGTalk
  151. Driven keys
  152. To all that may remember me!
  153. What happened to the guy doing the CG Akira project?
  154. Reloaded vs X2
  155. What it takes to be a 3D animator
  156. Online sound archives (in particular P-51 Mustang)
  158. Hey all. Are there any studios in the South?
  159. 3d\cg school on west coast?
  160. Motorcycles
  161. Hulk vs Daredevil
  162. is the NAD Centre even worth it?
  163. CG Thesaurus
  164. New Italian CG Forum!!!!
  165. true colours
  166. Please help!
  167. Latinamerican animation festivals
  168. This has probably been posted before, a supersmall skeleton and a supersmall guy
  169. Nike Commercial
  170. Australians Unite!
  171. Good 3d animation schools in the UK?
  172. What studio has the best benefits for artists?
  173. Link To Free 3d Applications
  174. Online training opinion
  175. Icarus
  176. Acting for Camera Q?
  177. Where'd the SFighter model goto?
  178. 3d companies in Toronto
  179. OT: some frik'n fun for you all
  180. Need help with set-up
  181. XMEN DVD 1.5 RELEASE: Whats Special or New About It
  182. Should Movie Theatres Be Sued For Showing Commercials??? Somebody Thinks So
  183. Clone Wars cartoons on Cartoon Network
  184. Animated shorts up for Academy awards
  185. CG -> Talent or Knowlege?
  186. Thanks everybody!
  187. few questions about animation in blender.
  188. Vader Wins Villian Poll
  189. Bionicle trailer...
  190. CG success stories
  191. OT: Absolutely Amazing Model!
  192. Terrific Book Buying Resource
  193. Question: Where can, or where have you found project funding?
  194. check this link
  195. proprietary software dreamworks/PDI
  196. Horror At the Sargent Show
  197. 3D/CG Magazine?
  198. let's see your ride.
  199. cool little animation studio
  200. Apartment 307
  201. Fight Back people
  202. The Cathedral
  203. Tales from the afternow..
  204. OT: Futurama first season DVD is coming out in US
  205. Website counter! for new webspage..HELP!!
  206. Name Your Favorite Darth Vader Quote
  207. How to kill the QT tray bug?
  208. SOLARIS - How was it done?
  209. Linux 3D Programs??
  210. Which 3D field is easist to get a job
  211. getting a job out of state
  212. eye material
  213. Freelance rates
  214. kilauea
  215. Scripting: Axis Order Conversion (math)
  216. Purchasing older versions of 3D modeling programs
  217. To those who review Demo Reels...
  218. Favorite Codec?
  219. PS2 Linux
  220. What if Microsoft Bought Apple?
  221. General Zod
  222. Please Help Me!
  223. SO WHAT U THINK XMEN(2) vs Predator vs Alien Which do u want 2 See 1st
  224. My Comrades in CG, I need some advice:
  225. rpg animation that is neither 2d sprites nor 3d rendered
  226. Where do i find 3D Challanges?
  227. Farewell, for now...
  228. "Straight Ahead" or "Pose to Pose"? What is your animation method?
  229. Tribute or stealing? What do you think of copying elements from other movies?
  230. GDC Awards
  231. Companies need promotions we need companies
  232. Do companies usually help Relocate?
  233. Where to buy Blank VHS
  234. Do you have a CG Degree or did you learn everything byyourself?
  235. "Feature Price" ISP under investigation.
  236. Whats a good Video player (AVI, MPG, TIF sequences) for animators?
  237. Getting started with OpenGL...
  239. Moron Inc.
  240. looking for a REAListic 3d female model
  241. Benefits of Character Animation in Visualization?
  242. looking for models
  243. Program to CONVERT MODELS??
  244. Converting from Lightwave to 3ds max
  245. Inspirational Quote
  246. Just a funny thread...sort of!
  247. Philosophy and Mechanics of Art, inspiration, creativity, talent, etc
  248. Hundreds of 30 second animations
  249. Why send a demo on videotape?
  250. Discreet or Quantel