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  1. How far can a demoreel take you? (frustrated student
  2. 3d reconstruction from video?
  3. Texturefly has launched.
  4. Bond shows visual effects guys a thing or two..
  5. reflections of light source in cg object
  6. 2008 Retrospective :: community suggestions
  7. Anyone know the name of the 2d people animation clips?
  8. How to put my showreel on my webpage
  9. How to print my work onto big paper
  10. star wars characters
  11. Gentoo VS Windows XP / Windows Vista
  12. South Florida SIGGRAPH Chapter meeting.
  13. Concept Art - I'd love your advice
  14. Gnomon dvds suitable for beginners?
  15. Figure against backdrop, like iPod ads
  16. CG people sharpest people ever?
  17. 2D video to stereoscopic 3D conversion?
  18. Graduate schools within the industry?
  19. Delinquent client
  20. Want to learn 3d
  21. Machmoving Hasselblad Lens
  22. What happened to Tweak modeling forum?!
  23. Gnomon School of Visual FX
  24. AutoCAD architecture
  25. How do you render your animations?? (format)
  26. error-TGA file
  27. Newbie needs help with product animation
  28. how we can make these effects ?
  29. Cool Explanation of the Uncanny Valley
  30. 3D Helicopter crash
  31. question about rigging
  32. short courses abroad
  33. About Blur studio
  34. 64 Threads of Rendering Power for Under $10k
  35. Rendering Animations.....Help
  36. how to export my maya model as a wrl file
  37. Michael Crichton Dies of Cancer (Mod Edit)
  38. 3DWorld/CGSociety Poll #111 :: Online Training
  39. NFL on-field graphic overlays - how?
  40. Questions on the Field
  41. Left 4 dead intro
  42. Laptop screen vs. LCD TV screen
  43. Is is just me or is there not enough space!!
  44. ZOMG! Gears of War 2!!!
  45. Industrial Design and CG/Animation
  46. Q: Legendary Pictures
  47. Madagascar 2: The Reviews are Crashing in!
  48. Looking for the owner of this....
  49. Sony DVD Architect Studio weird error
  50. Online MMORPG anyone?
  51. How do you see the future of CG in 20 years?
  52. Reflex from DigitalFish -- Whatever happened?
  53. AKIRA movie update; TETSUO = TRAVIS!
  54. Tips needed: procedural map generation
  55. Any Good Line Drawing Renderer for Maya 2008?
  56. Writing a Digital Distribution Guide
  58. Demo Reel. Shots or Story?
  59. Character/Creature creation for Film
  60. Small forum question ;) should be sticky.
  61. My Mod Needs You!
  62. Background image not rendering
  63. Help me learn how to learn!
  64. 3D computer GFX software survey
  65. Where to upgrade VFX software skills in Toront?
  66. Freelance rates (especially in New Zealand)
  67. Our first flash game
  68. The best of Hi res Game Cinematics?
  69. I am looking for a free app to convert sequential targas into .wmv or quicktime
  70. How we know that Matrix doesn't run on Windows XP
  71. how do i submit my picture to cgtalk gallary
  72. Best program to make tilable image textures?
  73. Oscar 2008 - Who Will win Best Animated Feature ?
  74. Light Analysis Shader MAX 2009
  75. Boston Autodesk user Group Meeting
  76. CGI - Christmas Time....
  77. New York City 3D Max User Group Meeting 11/13/08
  78. New Enterprise revealed
  79. Captain America Director Announced
  80. Hello CGSociety!
  81. Question about 3d Max and Maya
  82. Video - Making of the 'Animals' Commercial by Spyfilms
  83. [URGENT] Problems with MadCar plugins setup
  84. John Boorman's Wizard of OZ New concept art...
  85. Look what I found
  86. Musings: (here is...) why "this program vs. that program" threads get canned
  87. Clever Editing
  88. Mac vs PC gamma
  89. Going to Gnomon in January and looking for roomate/housing
  90. What should I do to become a layout artist?
  91. Any idea who made this video?
  92. For the old timers: Classic Amiga Animations + A new Clip by Eric Schwartz
  93. Im New and Here to Learn
  94. Im Here to Learn!
  95. I'm Facing A Big Dilemma
  96. Why CGTalk is Slow
  97. I want your Opinion
  98. Animation Jobs In Australia?
  99. Commercial: Not bad for a couple of buddies and 1K budget.
  100. Best Websites for 3d-Short Movies??
  101. Book Review: Street Fighter Tribute
  102. Cpu Rendering Propblems
  103. Buying a new monitor!
  104. How to get freelance work
  105. Vray Problems
  106. Disney's Bolt:MOD EDIT: The Reviews are Rolling In!
  107. What do you like most about a fighting game
  108. Artist Union, Question!
  109. LucasArts Recruitment Presentation @ Siggraph Video
  110. how can i prove my paints
  111. new fish joined CGTalk
  112. Global list of ONLINE schools that offer BFA
  113. First use of CG in light saber effects?
  114. Recommended Web Hosts for CG Artists...
  115. Zbrush 3 training now up at
  116. A "Third Way" solution to the Console vs PC choice?
  117. Good Books, other questions.
  118. Industry after 5 years (help me) jobs or no jobs
  119. questions regarding creating a demoreel for an fx artist/ fx td (junior positions)
  120. Windows Live Hotmail
  121. Can we download free material from any site to use as reference
  122. Suggest me a nice, free web content system for 3D collaboration?
  123. 3D Scanning Services in NYC?
  124. Best Format for Animation in Email?
  125. Watchmen new trailer!!
  126. Anyone remember D.A.S. ?
  127. learn programming language?
  128. Emmerich back to his old tricks again: 2012 Trailer
  129. .sldasm,.sldprt file size help ( SolidWorks )
  130. New here... kind of
  131. 3D Max Fundametals Courses
  132. Who is doing game design at Ringling?
  133. Orphan Works is back in Play (Lame Duck session) 12.01.08
  134. Good online Art and Gadgets shops?
  135. What software do Anime Studios use nowadays?
  136. Working in UK, (again, Strategies approach)
  137. Best recent 3d animation shorts?
  138. Animation in New Zealand
  139. The Virtualiz3d Manifesto
  140. Hi, help needed.
  141. Question on making a 3D rendered vehicle
  142. hello and i need a model
  143. Freelance hell. What would you do in this situation?
  144. Augmented reality used in book scenario
  145. Book Review: Art of Madagascar
  146. 3d/CG events?
  147. visual references: helpful & legal?
  148. Poor child need a help :(
  149. An idea for getting more experience
  150. Its Officially Broken
  151. Have you ever feel....
  152. Recommenmded video upload sites for animation
  153. Why Were Warner Bros. Cartoons So Good?
  154. Iron Man Photo Diary...
  155. Moving Titles and Credits.
  156. Is this a good thing?
  157. What do you like most about comic-books ?
  158. NFL game in 3d
  159. Weather Images
  160. James Cameron's AVATAR - Concept Art
  161. Filling an hour long lecture
  162. CG Apps Task Force - Unite!
  163. Book Review: Art of Iron Man
  164. Galactica Season 4.5 promo
  165. Ok guys im ready to start
  166. scad| major and minor i dont understand help?
  167. NEISIGGRAPH support and advice and suggestions needed
  168. Free Blender RenderFarm
  169. Terminator Poster rocks!!
  170. language problem
  171. Works of gore (3D)
  172. making render footage look like its been shot with dv camera
  173. applying 2d motion blur in post?
  174. render queue management
  175. Maya Texture animation
  176. I seek advice and direction
  177. Egg Man
  178. 3DWorld/CGSociety poll :: Autodesk/Softimage
  179. DVCPRO HD 720p60 Codec?
  180. I want to do graphic design and digital art work with only a GED, what are some place
  181. renderman render farm? anyone?
  182. Guidance please. I'm going nuts. (not app vs. app)
  183. Tips for Advance Special Effects
  184. Royalty free sound effects
  185. Jobs in 3d with CADD degree?
  186. Blender user time to comput...
  187. Naming Conventions
  188. How do I get the skill?
  189. blurring colour channels .eps file
  190. For users with knowledge of Turbosquid, a few business questions.
  191. Anyone else here have to take a lame job to pay the bills?
  192. 3D seminar / presentation help
  193. Advice needed on getting new equipment for 3D design
  194. Student Placement
  195. Rent a render farm? UK
  196. New markets in CG: Animation in Clothing?
  197. Gnomon going astray
  198. Anyone willing to help me rigging setup and skinning?
  199. Editing software preferences?
  200. Question: What's the best way to achieve a 3d comic inked look?
  201. making a MEL script button in Maya
  202. Anyone know of any good game character creation maya books?
  203. College Advice for Online Masters Program
  204. Maya to solidworks?
  205. CGtalk equivalent for Graphic Design
  206. Star Trek and hyped-up junk
  207. Good/the best piece of advice you've heard from someone in your field...
  208. Please help me pick a Kick Butt computer!!
  209. University in US or Canada
  210. i want to go 3D.. any suggestions?
  211. Character Rigging with 3d Studio Max and Biped - Paul Hormis
  212. (Rant) If I see one more "cute fuzzy creatures movie" ...
  213. Ralph McQuarrie Battlestar Galactica Original Concept art
  214. Cinema 4D to MD2
  215. Bad Hair Day no more?
  216. Has anyone seen the specific animation I speak of?
  217. cool shuttle image
  218. CG-related Books...where have they gone?
  219. The Stories Behind Hollywood Studio Logos
  220. Looking for a picture : ancient camera
  221. George Lucas talks about Star Wars 3D
  222. How your system affects the performance of graphic design,manipulation and production
  223. Premade Brushes
  224. anyone watched resident evil degeneration?
  225. VRay exporter for Rhino 4.0 to render in VRay Stand Alone
  226. magazine subscription reccomendation?
  227. Illustrated mini vehicles
  228. I want to buy a supercomputer - help me with specs
  229. Purple Zhu Jian--chinese Bamboo
  230. What are good courses to do to get a job?
  231. Share tips for getting more done less time?
  232. My client is TOO nice! HELP!
  233. Anybody experienced using Creaform's 3D handheld scanner?
  234. how do you write plugins for apple motion?
  235. How do science shows do their animations?
  236. A beginner desperate to learn
  237. Review: Lighting & Rendering in Maya: Lights and Shadows with Jeremy Birn
  238. image searching service by uploading images
  239. Why 3D education isn't working - 3DWorld article online
  240. Interview with Earth Stood Still Designer
  241. What's the prospect for working in the compositing industry with a reccession on?
  242. How do I figure out what I want to do in the industry?
  243. I got it.. I finally got it!
  244. cool 3d 8 bit art
  245. Pretty Cool DarkNight/Joker Oscar Poster!
  246. Stuck in Kansas - How do I get a job in the CG industry
  247. Help needed to propose an Architectural Animation Studio Setup
  248. the MacBook + OSX + intel GMA Graphics issue
  249. Geek Leyend Forrest J Ackerman passes away (Eulogies by P. Jackson, Rick Baker)
  250. cg studios or work in hong kong