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  1. Render Video from 3D Tool to Video Editing
  2. .k3d files
  3. If a tree falls at CGSociety HQ...
  4. Universe at War CGI Teaser.
  5. Anyone here studied at Escape Studios London?
  6. seriously over-quoting?
  7. new computer
  8. Help... .vrml2 or .x3d or ???
  9. Concept Art as Art?
  10. Do not buy a sager laptop or stuff from
  11. Your Vote is needed!!!
  12. How important are 2d skills ?
  13. Realistic characters and sculpting
  14. Newbie!
  15. Does this mean someone from Pixar saw my work
  16. Final Reel Outputs
  17. Help...Unmasking pictures
  18. Naming an Image (Need Tips)
  19. 3D job market in Orlando? Does it exist?
  20. 3d artist in south england
  21. Most inspiring shampoo commercial
  22. D+PAD Magazine Computer Games Art Submissions
  23. OT: VistaPages webhosting
  24. Why 3d arch-viz is not so well recieved
  25. Your vote may make a difference.
  26. I'm Sorry (school thread)!
  27. Online courses for Storyboarding and Visualization.
  28. 1 problem > 2 options :-)
  29. Help!: I'm only 18 and live in Spain, what should I do?
  30. My Ninja Warrior Video
  31. Siggraph Woes
  32. Rob Russell isn't going to Full Sail RWE
  33. Bungie Announces Halo 3 will offer 4 Person Co-Op Play
  34. Shipping your beloved computer around the world
  35. software for processing model turnarounds
  36. Recommend Me A Monitor
  37. facebook
  38. Bruce Timm: Anyone know every animated show he's been involved in?
  39. Do people actually like the Autodesk interfaces?
  40. Painiting Techniques
  41. Any news on KB3?
  42. need help finding a book?
  43. Where to find CG jobs for students?
  44. How to create a building of dofus cartoon style
  45. Anyone know how to download all pictures from a gallery without clicking on all thumb
  46. Siggraph 2007 feeds
  47. Help please on charecter multioly
  48. Fx Animators/TD - MAX Or Maya ?
  49. olschool rendering (wireframe/flat shading)?
  50. Feedback on D'Artiste Charater Modeling...?
  51. Alright nextlimit, why cant i register for the maxwell materials?
  52. Do companies let employeers work from home??
  53. What Age did you start doing 3d?
  54. Oprah Winfrey is Beautiful.
  55. Free Maya Summer Workshops -11th, 18th, 25th August -London
  56. silo forums got hacked
  57. Archetectual Sites?? - Sugestions.
  58. Render Farms
  59. CGTalk won't let me click on the featured art on the main page...
  60. Using Professional Renderers with your own apps
  61. Autosketch Symbol Library
  62. VFX companies in spain
  63. vfx houses in spain
  64. employers want it all: 2D, 3D, Video, etc.
  65. Dog from D'artiste Character Modeling 2
  66. Gallery Abominate
  67. Virtualdub For The Absolute Beginner
  68. Compositing Tools, any affordable ones
  69. Any 2d character animators around here?
  70. Best professional software for story boarding ....
  71. EMBEDDED VIDEO - apple website
  72. A big confusion
  73. Is there free alternatives to Extensis Suitcase?
  74. What does "working knowledge" really mean
  75. Best place to look for 3D freelance work?
  76. Minesweeper, the movie!
  77. any of you live in US and move to Europe?
  78. What are Autodesk Sketchbook's Strengths over Photoshop?
  79. Behind-the-scenes greenscreen spoof
  80. Quidam?
  81. Is this T3 clip all done in CGI?
  82. Health Insurance for Freelancers in the USA?
  83. California College of the Arts
  84. UK Bans PS3 Add
  85. Check your IQ...
  86. CG Production success and the Web
  87. Ron Mueck
  88. Need high quality yet fast renders
  89. VFS, What it takes to get in
  90. which programs can convert .RAW 3d file format?
  91. red or blue portfolio
  92. Wanting to go to DeVry University.
  93. Voltron Film update
  94. Help me find THIS MAGAZINE/BOOK PLZ
  95. Robotic Motion Capture
  96. Visual Effects/Compositing Universities
  97. Haiti UFO 6th of August. Cg or real?
  98. Which Operating System
  99. Siggraph '07
  100. FTP Server common use for freelance?
  101. Seeking Job Advice
  102. Wacoms and hand's sweat, how you deal with it?
  103. Photoshop Light Burst
  104. Character creation
  105. Make up time for Peter Jackson and New Line Cinema
  106. BIOSHOCK is out... the reviews are pouring in! [possible spoilers]
  107. how to open file type .cdr for map?thnx
  108. photoshop world, anyone?
  109. Contract & Freelance Work
  110. Glade Plug-in Commercial
  111. Maya to Interactive? (xbox, PC)
  112. What software was used for this?
  113. Third of the Sony Bravia “Color like no other” campaigns…
  114. Need help with interviews to get funded for school...
  115. Free shots for tracking/composing?
  116. Game Engine For Artists?
  117. Sangjunart
  118. How much time do you think it is ok to work for free,so that you learn,and then ...
  119. Price of rendering engines
  120. Mac or PC ?
  121. illuminate labs turtle 4 renderer
  122. Dark Kight Production Photos
  123. Career Question
  124. why cann't I find my Maya baked texture?
  125. FREE 2D Animation software?
  126. Question which 3D software to purchase?
  127. How to make a shot breakdown
  128. Laptop Numpad problems
  129. Amazing New Technology: Paint, from Microsoft
  130. Finding More Work
  131. CAT vs. Maya
  132. Inside The Coke Machine - Part2
  133. Looking for a set of xmas elf ads
  134. What are the most common Company Porfolio Requirements...(Post them and discuss them)
  135. New "Coca-Cola Happiness Factory" spot
  136. Animation workflow.
  137. Program Recomindations Please
  138. movie poster font
  139. Portfolio Webpage: english / mother tongue
  140. 1990 paint program Studio/8
  141. Sydney Animation Workshop with Pixar's Andrew Gordon
  142. Cheap Render Farm?
  143. who animates the cameras?
  144. Freelancers allowing clients to show work
  145. Question re. 3d programs and Maya
  146. Registering and Copyrighting Game Titles
  147. Generative art - dynamic painting
  148. Joystick short article on altered game screenshots (AKA""Bullshot"")
  149. 4:2:2 10bit YUV to RGB
  150. Anatomy Model
  151. Most amazing flash animation I have ever seen!
  152. Looking for Pepsi Can animation
  153. Motion Smear animation technique
  154. working morning and night shift
  155. who is the artist of this image
  156. all rounders with showreels
  157. Dallas Game Art Workshop
  158. Guinness: Music Machine ad
  159. Anyone Using SherWeb Hosting?
  160. Guys, I really need your advice and opinions?
  161. Freelance websites needed
  162. seeking figures from Sharon Calahan's 1996 paper
  163. Recommend hard drive for editing?
  164. cgi android
  165. Yaris vs Yaris (youtube)
  166. Difference between 2ms and 5ms monitor?
  167. gnomon fast track roomate needed
  168. Time for a new category?
  169. Seeking for professional advice....
  170. What do YOU want in an animation tool
  171. Copyright Law Query
  172. Help posting images
  173. Teaching 3D modelling in Montreal
  174. anyone attending IEEE VR 2008?
  175. Paper Bumble Bee
  176. Vfx training courses in the Uk
  177. Designer Slash Model
  178. Aardman Exhibition in Liverpool
  179. Is it worth it to?
  180. thesis "Architectural visualization"
  181. Solid state drives do they increase render speed?
  182. Animation Mentor or Institute of Art School
  183. Truemax - COPENHAGEN
  184. "Which 3D app should I use?" Link broken
  185. Reel or Short?
  186. I need a graphics tablet, any suggestions?
  187. I thought this was kinda funny
  188. Anyone used
  189. Looking for 3d heads in Alabama
  190. London Game Career Fair - Event
  191. Need identificatioin of this artist, please
  192. Damage control
  193. Appropriate Tools for Beginner?
  194. A funny thing happened to our dongles
  195. Programmers: How good at math were you when you started?
  196. My Mac
  197. Gears of War/Halo3 Commercial director to direct LOGAN'S RUN
  198. Blizzard negotiating with researchers for virtual epidemic study
  199. Clay Sculpting Lessons in London?
  200. Cel Shading and New
  201. Animation Guild Computer Lab Fall hours
  202. Working and living in London - what to expect?
  203. Programmer to Artists
  204. Is DigitalFish's Reflex Animation Software Vaporware???
  205. 3D Package Statistics
  206. What are the best Web Comics right now?
  207. Will 3D Printing bring change to 3D software?
  208. TempArt Staffing (icreatives)
  209. Guitar Hero III / Rock Band [updated track lists!] who rocks out?
  210. The Roberto Ortiz Thread
  211. Festivals List (animated short)
  212. help to decide
  213. "Justice League" To Be Motion Capture?:UPDATE: Warner Bros. has confirmed the project
  214. previews Will Wright's Spore
  215. Lucasfilm network setup if someone is interested
  216. Medal of Honor: Airborne demo is out, and it's great!
  217. Australian Industry
  218. The Animator's Life
  219. 3d/Motion Graphic Studios in/near San Diego???
  220. Developer IDE for C++? Bloodshed, or which one?
  221. 3D Painting
  222. What is Archicad?
  223. Animator vs. Animation (youtube)
  224. Build Your Own Virtual Rube Goldberg Whizbang Doohickey
  225. Whats up with the Job listings
  226. 3D Renders on Stock image sites
  227. Interesting banned animation...
  228. Aliens vs. Predator- Requiem trailer
  229. Avatar: Book 3: Fire (Offical Trailer)
  230. Help me figure out what to do after high school
  231. Boys vs. Girls
  232. Managing Clients
  233. Dude asking for my works to showcase in his reel
  234. Help me choose the right tablet pc.
  235. Anyone live in Miami
  236. Gnomon school- (international). looking for friends...
  237. Question for Environment Artist ?
  238. Running 3D applications on Parallels 3.0?
  239. quardro or 8800gtx what to take?
  240. What is an art form - a form of art?
  241. Difference between CORE™2 DUO Processor and Dual Core Cpu ?
  242. Question about what's appropriate
  243. Cg Industry/High School
  244. License violations?
  245. Good 3d magazines for the office? (actual print)
  246. Bugs in CG software.
  247. Gnomonology & Other Question's
  248. New Ultrasharp 2407WFP-HC
  249. Where to get free videos?
  250. Heroes Season One DVD out tomorrow!