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  1. Thoughts on Autodesk Vault 5
  2. Awesome And Funny Commercial for Metallica Lovers
  3. Master's Degree
  4. Mass Effect: New Footage (feat. Gameplay)
  5. Looking for Website for Traditional Artists
  6. OT?: Employee vs. Contractor
  7. Build your own Wacom Cintiq
  8. Game Design or Computer Animation?
  9. Asset Management
  10. WTF!! What is malware? i hate this crap!!!
  11. Adobe?! 64bit, multithreading, linux?
  12. School`s out for summer
  13. London Colleges, for 3D modeling
  14. Hello, i am newcomer =]
  15. Harry Potter Book deformations
  16. PS3 Sells for $10,000 on Ebay
  17. Free Andrew Jones, Linda Bergkvist and Daryl Mandryk workshops
  18. online jobs! need advice
  19. Playstation 3: Who got one?
  20. Books! Books!
  21. Interactive animated/rendered storyboards?? Anyone seen this?
  22. Good cross-platform codec for animation?
  23. Can anyone tell me if this is plagiarized or not?
  24. Dissipointed! Is this art fake?
  25. Rant: Challenges in finding good help
  26. Looking for an older animation...
  27. Purchasing help
  28. Anime Fans Out There?
  29. Free hosting
  30. Laptop Stolen from Family member....tracking?
  31. U.S. cities with most work
  32. Avoid triangular polygons?
  33. Getting a job
  34. What's the best mouse for 3D applications?
  35. is it ok to use symbols cia, american flag?
  36. 3D CGI TV Pilot production 'MOONRIDGE 5' article
  37. Animation schools in Central England/London
  38. What is the Software of Choice for Pre-vis work?
  39. Looking for short films to score
  40. Animation of Elf thing in Winter "Demo Reel"
  41. DeadlineTV. Making of real life CARS
  42. need help about my studies
  43. Autodesk
  44. How the South Park WoW episode was made...(Machimina)
  45. Help for a back issue of 3DWorld Magazine
  46. Is anybody Wiiing yet ? Wii launched in US last night (GD thread for the Wii)
  47. Does anybody know who drew these pictures?
  48. The happy VFX thread
  49. How much should I charge for freelance work?
  50. LOTR Prequels to go on WITH Jackson (Del Toro to Direct?)
  51. How Important Are Anti Virus Softwares?
  52. How was the human/dog transformation in Snoop Dog's video?
  53. game companies - portfolio guidelines
  54. Big Paint Shop Pro X problem :(
  55. Visual Effects Assignment- Idea feedback request
  56. Plese help me , To improve my skills,give me a used books,
  57. Commercial Bidding process?
  58. Graphics,Animation and 3d Max
  59. Desire assistance for student organization
  60. Christmas Bunny print/ Ballistic
  61. Hello Everyone
  62. Dead Mans Chest DVD extras
  63. Wacom Intuos2 Inking Pen? Is it worth the money?
  64. Normal maps in games
  65. Free Video: Creating Particle DOF in Fusion 5
  66. CG films other than U.S.
  67. Juggling fulltime work and being a cg artist??
  68. The Recycling Bin Is Gone
  69. Video Screen Capture Program???
  70. Animation Magazine November Issue Released
  71. Art institute
  72. Monitors are deceptive muthas...
  73. How do you handle your renderjobs?
  74. Using purchased 3D content in group projects
  75. istockphoto
  76. CG Podcasts? Any out there?
  77. OT: 3rd Gen Violence and Liability
  78. Laguna College of Art and Design...what do you think of it?
  79. directing/editting challenge
  80. censoring/recutting movies
  81. halo 3 releasing
  82. Best 3D Magazine??
  83. Science of Animation tv show (UK)
  84. do you know this movie ???
  85. so old...
  86. Exposé 5?
  87. Next Gen workstations
  88. USC for Comp Sci!
  89. looking for images
  90. Max / Maya Data Exchange
  91. Family and daily job vs art improvement.
  92. Hard to quit smoking in this industry.
  93. Do penguins Fly? : Funny short movie
  94. MGM will fight for PJ re:Hobbit
  95. PS3 as Render slave?
  96. Masterclass Kyle Balda in denmark
  97. OT: Robert Altman, 1925-2006
  98. Need financial advise from Gnomon graduates
  99. Third party application for yuv DPX to RGB DPX...? Tight forum? =)
  100. Opportunity hire
  101. jedi symbols- pls help
  102. Gamasutra; 2006 Machinima Festival
  103. Calling all Matrix adn LOTR fans....
  104. PlayStation 3 shipments below forecast
  105. Sharing my experience with Expression...
  106. CG Market in the UK
  107. Slightly OT: Research for post Vietnam War Brands / Posters etc.
  108. Gamasutra: EA, UCL Collaborate On Game Animation Research
  109. What render method did they use in Monster House
  110. OT/Movies: Darren Aronofsky's "The Fountain"
  111. Why do you thing ALL BIG STUDIOS use Pixars Renderman ???
  112. Unreal Tournament 2004 engine
  113. Animation Survey
  114. Quick 3D human modeling tutorials? modo / maya / max
  115. Ancient Hall, Advent Children Fight Sequence...
  116. Oh man!! Superman Returns on DVD is right around the corner!!
  117. Best Renderer for 3dsmax 9?
  118. Seeking Environmental Concept Artist
  119. Batch Archiving MOCAP files with Thumbnails
  120. Queries about RealFlow 4
  121. Procedural Textures: Gaming's Future
  122. New 3D Challenge: Winter
  123. Maya 8 and 8800
  124. HD Animation Video
  125. OT:I have good news and bad news which would you like first?
  126. Need Help!
  127. Blue Dragon: Making of cinematics
  128. 3D Political Animations?
  129. What OS platform do you prefer for 3d?
  130. Dual core: Does this appear as two processors to windows?
  131. Crysis (20min of "new" footage incl. Q&A)
  132. Gnomon online classes
  133. Ecksdee
  134. Help : Searching France 3d music video clips..
  135. Help! glowing objects with mental ray?
  136. Good picture viewer for multiple reference pictures?
  137. DVDs are 720x480? Why then....
  138. Making a realistic human, why is this still impossible?
  139. IN-credible animals in womb pictures!
  140. dodgy sequels, dodgy sequels
  141. cool software collabiration tips
  142. looking for specific design
  143. Traditional drawing/painting schools?
  144. How big is your studio?
  145. trueplay - interesting looking free thing to play with...
  146. Helo me Pick a collor pallet :D
  147. Graduate programs
  148. Need a hand picking out a new Labtop.
  149. time lapse
  150. Vray for Maya
  151. Websited for Uploading your Reel
  152. Research
  153. What's at the top of your holiday wish list?
  154. Boxx, SGI or Mac Pro?
  155. Nick Park Interview
  156. Make your own Wacom Cintiq for cheap...
  157. Non-compete with 1 yr. clause
  158. XBox 360 Laptop Mod
  159. 1st look TF Movie Scorponok
  160. >> 10secondclub << what's happend?
  161. Help with application choice
  162. I need your Help! :) No Really I do...
  163. Does all quads make for better employment prospects?
  164. Quadro FX 3450 vs. high powered gamer card.
  165. Total Textures discs 1-6 Reviewed with mini contest!
  166. Autodesk 3December in London
  167. EXOTIQUE 2—Now available!
  168. Looking for animation "The Race"
  169. Is it that hard or what??
  170. Demoreel question: showcasing modeling skills
  171. Animation in Shanghai?
  172. Where Learn Massive?
  173. OT: What are you playing right now?
  174. 3d training in NY??
  175. RealFlow 4...worth it?
  176. 3Dconnexion announces SpaceNavigator
  177. Artschools in canada
  178. rocky balboah trailer2
  179. OTish: Reactable - a 'tabletop tangible synthesizer'
  180. Casino Royale visual effects review
  181. Blendshapes, dynamics and musculature in animation.
  182. Studying 3d in Great Britain or Ireland
  183. Superman 2- the Donner cut
  184. Maya Unlimited or Max + Plugins?
  185. Silent Bay Studios - SnowBoard Madness for Miniclip
  186. Best Painting Software..
  188. Arial photography - looks like miniatures
  189. Searching for a new challenge, regarding to my language
  190. So what are you working on?
  191. Create-A-Snowman
  192. Strange dots in my scans
  193. Great ideas for level/map modeling
  194. General Render Question
  195. How to deal with a FORUM allowing posting illegal materials?
  196. Ahh...CG nostalgia on YouTube
  197. First look: (Fantastic 4 movie)Fantasticar flows onto film
  198. Videos of stuff exploding
  199. Sony Imageworks’ seminar on Managing Digital Workflow
  200. First look at Halo 3 CG trailer airing monday!!
  201. How to search forum
  202. Sci Fi Ch. Caterpillar
  203. Cheap(er) Wacom's at
  204. Help , tips, suggestions
  205. 3d growing wide
  206. Moving windows mouse pointer speed beyond xp speed ?
  207. Premiere Magazine names Disney's Fantasia among the "The 20 Most Overrated Movies"
  208. Who framed Rogger Rabbit?
  209. 405 the movie guys, where are they now?
  210. need help getting started
  211. Playblast trouble Maya 8
  212. Light to Unite - Quick Easy Way to Help AIDS Research TODAY ONLY
  213. Interactiv Flash Video for clients?
  214. Whos going to GAME ON? London science museum
  215. Average UK day rate for compositors?
  216. Ray Harryhausen tribute video
  217. Photoshop CS 3 almost ready ?
  218. 3d animated totems prod
  219. Best Practices for good management? (What makes a GREAT producer)
  220. lost frames
  221. Anyone here know anything about SVA?
  222. Forum...
  223. Good Tablet Brands?
  224. Avatar the last Airbender season finale
  225. [UK] Win signed Lasseter 'Cars' goodness...
  226. Four Free HDRIs at HDR Mill
  227. Maya help!
  228. CG Lawyer Commercial
  229. Please recomend me some good sites for game mods
  230. video options for powerpoint?
  231. New Free High Res. Building
  232. You'd think two of the biggest effects houses would have better websites ....
  233. iceman?
  234. News: Scientist's find 2100 year old computer
  235. what makes a good tutorial?
  236. DAVE School (new info?)
  237. Spielberg among Kennedy Center honorees
  238. AWN: Editorial The Renaissance Age of Animated Shorts
  239. cool morphing vid - child to old man in 40 sec.
  240. XSI in OS-X (via Parallels)
  241. Videos of artwork production
  242. XSI in Mac OS-X (via Parallels)
  243. Widescreen Resolution - Again
  244. Next StarWars to be all CG?
  245. Puegeot design contest website down
  246. Vancouver Film School - Fear of wasting $45,000
  247. Saatchi student portal
  248. Ms Paint God
  249. D&D Animated Series Released Dec. 5
  250. New to 3D