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  9. OT: Whats Your Best "Art Of" book?
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  12. Need suggestion. poses and modelling reel
  13. what is a cover letter
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  15. I need Help in a research i'm on(please reply)
  16. New Street Fighter Movie Planned
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  18. Is this for real?
  19. Is an expensive tablet that important for a beginner?
  20. Cook an Egg in an Xbox 360!!!
  21. Semi-OT: Huge mentos chain reaction
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  23. How did you discover CGTALK?
  24. Work on "Halo" film halted
  25. audition and soundbooth?
  26. whatever happened to the great american spirit
  27. Call for talent: Character and Set Designers
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  29. Blizzard art contest winners announced
  30. Character artwork [USA]: How much does it cost to hire someone?
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  33. what does "water-tight" mean?
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  35. Is it the end for money making 3D movies?
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  39. NA Wii Launch final details on physical and VC games.
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  45. Processor or Video Card for 3D renders
  46. indie game: Once Upon a Time Released!
  47. What kind of skills do i need to be a 3D man
  48. Traditional Art Schools in Canada...
  49. Is tabletPC good enough for painting?
  50. Building a nice PC Box - impossible?
  51. why don't post new threads
  52. The Wii's brains finally exposed?
  53. Pixar 20 years ago... do you know "Flags and Waves"?
  54. Studios in the Boston area?
  55. Which Company to work for?
  56. indigo render
  57. GAME: SkyBoard is ready to PLAY! for free, by Silent Bay Studios
  58. GAME: PowerBoat is ready to PLAY! for free, by Silent Bay Studios
  59. Can we add some sort of rating/review system for tutorial dvds?
  60. Tutoring - Lessons - Southern CA area
  61. Are we ever going to have a GPU based rendering tool?
  62. Looking for a teacher
  63. What does it take to setup a game company?
  64. Starting Character Creation?
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  68. heart render thread?
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  70. real flow help - realwave
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  72. can ears be sexy?
  73. websites info needed!
  74. 2 to 3 million enough?
  75. advice on office furniture -- need a big table
  76. Flushed Away: The Reviews are pouring In!
  77. Travelers Shark Cage Ad
  78. Who are the The Masters of Makeup Effects..and what can we learn from them?
  79. 2d concept artist a dying breed??
  80. are there any design schools in germany ?
  81. Yakshimash: Borat Film Review
  82. Aqualtis BUF Comercial
  83. Video - PS3 interface
  84. Another poll: Is this image a CG or not
  85. looking for a drawing
  86. artists colors to rgb conversion
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  88. CG animation milestone - 20 years ago
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  90. camera match
  91. Redirect Please
  92. Adobe Motion Web Ad/Site: (Hell I was on the film crew)
  93. AAH LJ Help!
  94. Character Design books
  95. Rythym And Hues Making of Jor el ( Superman Returns), whats the soundtrack?
  96. how to play flash file.
  97. Neil Blevins interview!
  98. HDRI XP Thumbnails?
  99. Laser Effect
  100. grants and scholarships
  101. need help finding info on comic book art
  102. which program language?
  103. mocaption cheap?
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  105. Archvision plugins
  106. 1pic, 10pic, 100pic, 1000pic - NEW PIC!
  107. ....Storyboard.....
  108. Adobe Acrobat is almost 1GB!!! why is it so heavy?
  109. Help with forest...
  110. An easy question for the gurus...
  111. looking for something like CGtalk...
  112. CG Professionals: EU Visa Discussion (US --> EU)
  113. Default Another 'paste flipped pose' armature problem
  114. Education Versions?
  115. Raxar 2D: need testers for new image program!
  116. 3d studio required operating sys
  117. HD Movies/TV shows coming to your Xbox 360 --> Nov 22nd
  118. Do any commercial packages or plugins do this?
  119. Yukon : Two Nice Robots
  120. My Ideal 3D User Interface
  121. Hexagon... is it worth having a dedicated thread for?
  122. ....Storyboard.....
  123. Health Insurance
  124. New York Exhibit: The Golden Age of Saturday Morning Cartoons
  125. Vividas videos
  126. Looking for a decent compression codec for WMV or AVI
  127. Forest Man or Vine Man??? Need Help.
  128. Game Design...where to begin? Any Books?
  129. Honda Civic + Tron
  130. Awesome VFX : Heisman Trophy Second Part
  131. layer/scene manager for max 7 / 8 / 9
  132. Wacom Express Keys
  133. Advice for new Mac user
  134. has the working environment at Ea improved
  135. European job sites
  136. Payment method for cgnetworks course
  137. MacBook now with core 2 duo
  138. Washington DC: Cartoon America Exhibit opens today (Library of Congress)
  139. American Animation Institute in North Hollywood
  140. OT: APEX Electronics Junkyard Gallery
  141. Animation presentation problem
  142. Gears Of Wars , I just played today (maybe contain spoilers)
  143. Please define Animation!
  144. Basil Poledouris Is Gone (Composer: Robocop, Conan the Barbarian, Starship Troopers)
  145. amazon computer cloud- can it be a renderfarm?
  146. Optimal resolution for DVD animation
  147. RTS type perspective
  148. commercial special effects
  149. Digital clay
  150. FFXII anyone?
  151. 3D viewing plugin allowing markings
  152. Demo Reel to DVD Tutorial?
  153. Frank Lloyd Wright Architectual Visualisation in Half Life
  154. Videos: Behind the scenes in making games. Video collection
  155. Challenge rules clarification please? :)
  156. Playstation Pornable? great...
  157. Creating animation using free software.
  158. 9 Days 'Till PS3 Launch. People lining up already!
  159. Critiques Appreciated
  160. What is the future of maya?
  161. Storyboard and layout question
  162. what goes first-shading or texturising?
  163. Interesting Interview about procedural textures
  164. bug in IE 7
  165. Blue+Yellow= Not green in Photoshop?!
  166. 3D Model of the Human Body
  167. Interface Usability
  168. - Donate games to children's hospitals around the world!
  169. Justin Long from the mac ads gets the boot
  170. 10secondclub, lost forever?
  171. 32bit performance in WindowsXP 64
  172. Old Interior,New lighting.
  173. OT: City Slicker's 'Curly' Jack Palance gone.
  174. Whats a great digital camera for under $300
  175. Looking for Framed Paintings/Photos in the Bay Area
  176. Reference 4 Textures
  177. Is it more challenging to develop for the PS3?
  178. PS3 - Anyone got one??
  179. Need help...
  180. Scanner = no more modeling?
  181. Advice on Steps needed to open an Animation Production house for feature film
  182. Best College for Character Animation
  183. need help jaguar x300
  184. Pre Modelled (not necessarily rigged) Characters for Student Project
  185. Demo Reel question.
  186. Please Recommend a good AVI Player for Windows
  187. Please recommend a 3D Viewing application
  188. Trying to figure out what to do!
  189. Vancouver Colleges, Best or Skip them?
  190. Wacom Tablet?
  191. Help needed with FireFox
  192. multi 2d pictures into 3d
  193. multi 2d pics into 3d
  194. New Simpsons 3d trailer.
  195. What's the best computer to use with the Maya Software?
  196. For the computer animators
  197. Best program for 3D character modeling for next-gen games?
  198. Economics of Visual Effects?
  199. make Nightcrawler (Teleporter) effect
  200. Hair Reflection Question
  201. Freelance Websites?
  202. Justin Long from the mac ads still employed...
  203. Drawing comic characters - help!
  204. Zelda: Twilight Princess. Reviews!
  205. MoCap in Monster House ?
  206. Help Needed in uploading images to my CGTalk portfolio
  207. Intuos Question! PC / Mac???
  208. Why is my monitor so dark?
  209. Maya Plugin for Vault 5?
  210. Color Blueprints / Race Paint
  211. Cheap or free video editing software
  212. best way to do eyelashes for animation?
  213. Pirates trailer on The Santa Clause 3 ?
  214. Quad Cores have been released
  215. How important is research when creating an animation???
  216. CG Toolkit's "The Making of Leon"
  217. Free Reference and Pose Requests - Male / Nudity
  218. University of Westminister/Kingston animation courses? Advice needed
  219. Contimplating GA&D Over IT Help
  220. Other Sketchbook pro like programs
  221. A Quick Questionaire to Save My Life (to hell w/ the cheerleader)
  222. I'm working on an article (or something) about the CG industry
  223. Atari Atlantis II game selling on eBay for $1.7m
  224. OT: King Kong 3 disc question
  225. Wii Mii ideas/thoughts.
  226. Weta please resume your work on Evangelion!
  227. The Gadget show campaign for free wi-fi in the uk
  228. QuarkXPress hotkeys?
  229. Probono work
  230. Need Help Deciding On A Laptop...
  231. 110% Off Topic: How to Prank a Telemarketer
  232. Black Friday
  233. How to record desktop and interaction?
  234. Happy Feet: The reviews are pouring in!
  235. A beautiful short video/film
  236. real life toon shading :)
  237. This guy is insane!
  238. Editorial: Why great minds think alike in animated films
  239. 3DWorld/CGSociety LIDAR Poll
  240. books!
  241. DempReel
  242. Where to buy Mirai?
  243. Simplygon (Polygon Repair and reduction)
  244. Good reference blueprint pages
  245. SFGate.COM: Walt Disney's Tale
  246. MeshLab 0.8 released! a free, mesh simplification/cleaning system
  247. Anyone remember that old sea turtle song animation?
  248. Resume correction
  249. The First PC RPG Game in the Middle East: Orient
  250. advice needed