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  1. Moving Out to Cali
  2. Any PDA users here?
  3. Phase One: Celebrity Take Down
  4. United Kingdom
  5. Which App has more of a future?
  6. Do you have a personal weblog?!
  7. Suggestions on free 3d art hosting...?
  8. Completed Films/Images?
  9. What's your Fuel of choice?
  10. Digital Painting vs Traditional - Commercial Value
  11. Ob. Announcement: Phil Meggs
  12. Help please, I need fear and tension!
  13. Wherever you are, what school, course are you attending?
  14. Time for a new book bt which one this time
  15. CgTalk Merchandise
  16. Mortal Combats New Alliance is Fatal
  17. What did you think about Solaris?
  18. If I buy photoshop and 3dsmax and later I decide to go to college will the cost......
  19. BMW films on Tech TV.
  20. Treasure Planet , did you like it?
  21. hong kong movie
  22. tekki or zone of the enders concept art?
  23. Happy ThanksGiving to our American counterparts
  24. Barbarella type Character
  25. Good Free image hosting site???
  26. conformity of the price
  27. Sound effects
  28. Animation Drafting Table ?
  29. Iranian- F O R U M
  30. I'm searching for...
  31. Need help translating to arabic.
  32. Denmark
  33. This Is Unacceptable!!!!!
  34. Human Modeling sites?
  35. Dosch Skin Textures Original CD for sale!!!
  36. Move along little doggies...
  37. Title style of movie "Bound"
  38. Freelancing and tax returns in the context of the USA
  39. Bad 3D Animations Repository?
  40. High Dynamic Range Images
  41. question about royalties in the industry
  42. eyestrain-ergonomic colour themes ?
  43. Suggestion to CGtalk: Buy/sell/trade CGforum
  44. What is a dogma film???
  45. Scrat's Missing Adventure on ICE AGE DVD!
  46. how do i completely remove myself from this forum?
  47. Music!
  48. Complete Maya Programming book
  49. Help......
  50. silly question about CGtalk
  51. question> how ong have you been doing 3D work?
  52. Looking for references of WW2 Soliders...
  53. The Future Girlfriend kid returns!
  54. Dragonball Z model sheets?
  55. does your personal life affect your work?
  56. IK hinge problem
  57. final fantasy x2 wallpapers
  58. sound design
  59. Looking for a 2D/3D-artist :)
  60. cgTV
  61. Any good books to learn programming?
  62. 3D short for 2 weeks?
  63. Virtual Reality...?
  64. GRAD school advise...
  65. in need of CONTRIBUTORS
  66. Hi all! (introduction from a newbie)
  67. Apple Rips on their own switch commercials...
  68. suggestion for a new forum !
  69. CGTalk Server Rollback
  70. The Prince by Marchiavelli
  71. Believe in Santa Featuring the Rapsittie Street Kids
  72. Shake section in the compositing topics?
  73. 3D Max Heads?
  74. Compositing Web Sites ??
  75. OS X Docking Bar on WIN XP : Download here.
  76. Polar Express: "Why?"
  77. New to the challenges!
  78. a water Dynmics program/plugin other than NextLimit's RealFlow??
  79. Where can I download high resolution world maps?
  80. Art Institutes, revisited
  81. Someone from Portugal ?
  82. online shorts/cartoons
  83. Contributors Needed
  84. houdini online course
  85. MS Windows fade
  86. Aspect Ratio to work in it?
  87. Solaris
  88. Technical Director Career
  89. 147 demo reels thrown away!!
  90. Private Tutoring in MAYA, Photoshop, After FX- New York City
  91. Any info about salary?
  92. DVD setup
  93. Caption Contest #2 Finlaists
  94. Is good drawing required for a job/ carrer in the 3D or VFX industry?
  95. Aardman sneeky peeks
  96. Hi, feel free to watch my short animation
  97. Hey.... :-)
  98. Giving Credit to a movie Clip
  99. cartoon short planning
  100. marvel comics
  101. The best video-tutorial ever made!!!!
  102. Shake....??
  103. Magpie Pro?
  104. WideScreen resolution?
  106. Been Inspired recently?
  107. Hello everyone
  108. What the heck is Apple's friggin attitude lately
  109. -=«Lord Of The Rings Animation»=-
  110. MUST SEE!! Original and Vintage Demo Reel Thread
  111. Top 10 Villians of All Time
  112. Speedmodeling on #cgtalk
  113. Motionbuilder vs Messiah vs Built-in
  114. Music on demoreel, illegal?
  115. Combustion OR Digital Fusion..??
  116. Terminator Hunter Killer Schematics?
  117. Seasons Greetings
  118. How's the serenity? (Design Jobs in Melbourne, Australia)
  119. Movie Physics
  120. rabbit footage?
  121. o/t: Anyone know this artist?
  122. ok, whos been bumming about with cgtalk?
  123. What shall i study?
  124. Ttt
  125. HighEnd3D where? Why? When? ....What??!!!!!
  126. IRC Channel???
  127. The 1st thing we made with CG...
  128. Star Wars Ii: Aotc Best Animated Film
  129. That Switch Apple Ad music.
  130. Feature spot archive?
  131. Question About 2 Books...
  132. Game Art WIP Challenge
  133. Game Art WIP Challenge
  134. Collins College
  135. Brochure
  136. Searching for a book
  137. education in Sweden
  138. inconsistant thumbnails
  139. Schools za za za
  140. The Two Towers - review (no spoiler)
  141. The making of LOTR - some more info...
  142. What makes an atrist GooD ?
  143. The Two Towers - spoiler
  144. CG Talk's birthday!
  145. Star Trek - Nemesis (spoilers)
  146. View at your own risk!
  147. Where to find FREE blue/green screen footage
  148. Any young people here?
  149. What movies deserve a CG remake?
  150. Spanish 3D Portal is BACK !!
  151. creating a battle sequence
  152. Near to 10.000 downloads !!!
  153. Maya for Mac VS PC
  154. better than star trek: nemesis? quite possibly, yes!
  155. hair problem
  156. 3D courses in the Netherlands
  157. mp3 players
  158. Any old people here?
  159. Tip to make your reel more usable than disposable
  160. I got in!!!!
  161. Everyone Please Read
  162. Save Connan
  163. Protect Yourself Now: ZAON Computer Workstation and Internet Security Recommendations
  164. Tesselation in Directx9?
  165. game development for 3d packages
  166. Whats up guys
  167. When I was a child ...
  168. First Hulk Poster
  170. Stretch Foot SetUp - Tutorial
  171. 3d 3d
  172. permission to use images in book?
  173. once a week
  174. A 3D modelers Future
  175. What are you!?
  176. Alternative to Media Player?
  177. Working hours in the UK games industry?
  178. Why NINTENDO won't grow up.
  179. Quick question about Studio Tools...
  180. What kind of internet connection?
  181. i need to vent
  182. challenge this month
  183. Divx problem
  184. Top 10 Heroes of all Time
  185. How do you convert to VHS?
  186. What Application is this?
  187. what video format is best for showreel
  188. AI in Massive
  189. Who is going to see TTT in about 2h and 15 minutes??
  190. Changing your nick?
  191. film quality output
  192. Most sweetest, finest, cutest girl alive
  193. Best Of The Best Productions
  194. Lord of the Rings II: Comments
  195. Gollum deserves an oscar
  196. <------------What do these icons mean?
  197. Portfolio content?
  198. funny SW switch ad
  199. lord of the rings making
  200. Sony owes Nintendo over name "Playstation"?...
  201. Gollum Technology article ?
  202. need a cool....
  203. feedback about CG hosting through CG channel offer
  204. HELP:(linux maya) cursor changes to default x
  205. hdri creation
  206. Terminator 3 Trailer. Your thoughts?
  207. Want a JOB IN COMICS?
  208. Where can I study this?
  209. CFX no more?
  210. Star Wars/LOTR Why are they at Odds???
  211. Christmas Gift.
  212. CNN Recommends Oscars Adopt a CG-Award for CGI characters
  213. TLOTR Golem
  214. The Two Towers scores HIGH on
  215. Russia...
  216. How do you pass render time?
  217. US VISA requirements changed
  218. Mac OS rant.
  219. Top ten games ever
  220. Future of Visual Effects Facilities?
  221. Your thoughts: Standout CG moments
  222. Proposed New Rule for "Gallery-Finished"
  223. Short film repository : Flogtales
  224. Frustration Rant
  225. Forum request.....what if I said pretty please??
  226. Lord of The Ring - CRITICS ONLY
  227. anyone use POV Ray?
  228. And the Winner is...
  229. anyone buy the new dell axim?
  230. carmike cinemas rant
  231. New Forum !!! Team Works
  232. Is there a DEMO for Shake...???
  233. Ban all comparison threads!
  234. cannon fodder
  235. IBM 16-Processor Servers Hit Market
  236. top ten comic characters?
  237. Looking for Good Books
  238. everytime i click on a link ie crashes
  239. Back to the Future DVDs
  240. Peter Jackson on set of SW Esp II ILM w/Rob Coleman
  241. The Terminator...coming soon to an army near you!
  242. anyone know why Centropolis Effects is shutting down?
  243. win free logitech stuff
  244. Is Disney a thief?
  245. To all French and Spanish out there!
  246. advice for schools needed!!
  247. Maya Community : Or Lack Thereof
  248. Who does wot ???
  249. 3d SCHOOL ??!?!?!??!
  250. What was the first 3D shot you saw (your Epiphany in 3d) ?