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  1. Get Bryce 5 for free (expires Sept 6)
  2. I got a call from sam ..
  3. Colbert Report Video Challenge
  4. How is Thomas Knoll?
  5. Warhammer Online Cinematic released
  6. OT: Russian to turn down million dollar prize for maths
  7. Prince of Persia - What Artist Painted These Beautiful Arts?
  8. Need a suggestion for a New Video card.
  9. SketchUp Boom?
  10. Drawing abilities and animation...
  11. The world outside CG ?
  12. anyone know what I am talking about
  13. Imagine FX #5
  14. Take on and advise from old game artist
  15. OT, but funny: An "Artistic" 419 Scammer...
  16. Male and Female character modeling fo Maya dvd tutorials
  17. Animation Guild computer lab needs your input
  18. Studios in or near Sunnyvale, CA?
  19. Gnomon Student looking for roommate
  20. Help needed on messiah~thanks!
  21. problems with dreamweaver and mozilla, my new layout wont display correctly, help me
  22. Why read if i can listen to the tutorial?
  23. Gilbert Strang calculus text online
  24. [OT?] Youtube killer o not, sure it's best choose for videotutorials
  25. question about Academy of art University in SF
  26. Best UK game companies for character artists?
  27. Printer for graphic intensive usage.
  28. Compulsive internet use. Do you think you suffer from it?
  29. Mudbox (brush sculpting program)
  30. QTVR help needed!
  31. Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars
  32. Apple Leads All Catatgories PCMagazine Mod Edit: User base satisfaction
  33. Apple forks out $100M to settle dispute
  34. Stargate design
  35. Help for beginners? Where to Start...
  36. Houdini Tut's?
  37. Question about dreamworks linux
  38. beauty of render passes
  39. Top 10 Lies told to Naive Artists and Designers
  40. The best printing-services (alternatives to DeviantART)?
  41. Where is WIRO's Secondreality Site?
  42. Some new Spore videos!
  43. Stephen Colbert vs. Rancor(You know u want to watch it)
  44. New guy here
  45. TF2 Video from games convention
  46. Questions about life in the industry
  47. 3D figure free/share/cheapware?
  48. Project Scheduler/Acountant/Calendar, etc.
  49. Grad with no computer looking for some quick tips please
  50. Bioware's Mass Effect
  51. New to the forums.
  52. making 3d cel look 2d
  53. Demo Reel Question.
  54. What should be the approach in CG
  55. Resources for Construction Plane Images?
  56. programming for VFX resources
  57. Questions about Limkokwing University College
  58. Help me Glass breaking.
  59. How can i find out how much will amazon product delivery cost for my country?
  60. is there any professional cg schools in middle east?
  61. how much geometry nvidia Quadro fx 3400 can handle?
  62. external harddrive cannot be accessed!!
  63. Cool and funny gadgets.
  65. hp Xw6200 supporting Capture card ?
  66. Why are roads on TV or in movies always wet??
  67. mudbox forums ?
  68. Help me build my new computer, CGTalk!
  69. Art College or Self-study? Advice Please!
  70. college
  71. A little help with Maya please...
  72. Anyone Else Self Taught? Advice?
  73. Ghost in the it possible?
  74. problem viewing videos
  75. I swear I saw these little green boxes...
  76. studio and personal sites
  77. thought i would say hi
  78. USO : Unidentified Smiling Object
  79. Houdini tutorials
  80. Eh... Whats with the thumbs up?
  81. CNN: The origins of creativity
  82. Raging Boll: Uwe Boll gets ready to fight!
  83. Whats the first creative thing you did with a computer?
  84. hi, I'm the new girl
  85. Prject Tracking/Management Software???
  86. CG Photography
  87. for how long did they work on doom 3?
  88. An open aplology to those working on TFs
  89. Midi Recorder for Keyboards?
  90. Look boss I am working!
  91. Help Identifying An Artist
  92. How to get an animation producer??
  93. Architecture
  94. _Cars_ and inspiration
  95. OT: Spoof video "Movie" of Battlefield 2
  96. [For Real] Cool holographic effects
  97. Graphics researcher quits over SIGGRAPH
  98. Query for Fall2007 Masters in 3dAnimation & Visual Effects
  99. Salary in Sydney, Australia?
  100. Why do some films come out later in certain countrys?
  101. Voooote:::::AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ or Pentium D 945?
  102. How many extra hours do you work per month?
  103. Short film by Stephen Millingen
  104. Facial Morphing....?????
  105. Old Pixar commercials... are they online anywhere?
  106. Vista RC 1.. 100.000 downloads
  107. About Canadian VISA/PR, My Consultant says really weird things!!! Whats the fact?
  108. Selling your shorts on Itunes and other outlets - Discussion
  109. New website possibly starting up
  110. Tutorials on web design
  111. TF Movie Bumblebee?
  112. Is 2d necessary to be 3d ?
  113. Starcraft Ghost Cinematic
  114. OT : thoughts about cafepress ?
  115. IBC in Amsterdam
  116. Kaspersky Internet Security 6.0
  117. With love from Reykjavik
  118. Is there a good torrenttracker for my demo reel?
  119. CGI gone awry article on Twitchguru
  120. Renaissance painters might have used lenses
  121. Big animations studios use human Muscle systems for animation?
  122. Toon Boom (sound scrubbing problem)
  123. WB to release films to DVD 12 days after theatrical release for $1.50 in China.
  124. Does anyone have info on the Leipzig Game Convention in germany
  125. Question about Gnomon Portfolio requirement for CG Certificate Program
  126. Folding@Home - CGS Team?
  127. How far is Toronto Film School from Seneca college?
  128. Nicktoons Animation Festival
  129. Vancouver Film School w/Scholarship…Go? Or not?
  130. Why are these courses so damn expensive?
  131. Amount of Debt after attending Academy of Art University?
  132. 3ds into vue 5
  133. Multi touch interface
  134. synonym for "polygon"
  135. Master, Univerity or school of CG...
  136. building a PC for CG work? Recomendations please!
  137. Seeking for an animated movie!
  138. What software is used to make video tutorials???
  139. Crazy Russian
  140. What are your thoughts on ZBrush?
  141. Peter Jackson to produce Dam Busters
  142. A touch screen monitor for $50!
  143. Great speech by G. Kawasaki
  144. Lets talk monitors. Is it so bad? (Buy-thread)
  145. Buying online.
  146. The Crystal Ball: How do you see CG toolsets 10 years from now?
  147. Cartoon Skeletal Structure
  148. how to reduce size of my reel?
  149. Film Production Course In Toronto
  150. Greatest FX scenes?
  151. Modeling Specialty
  152. Coding your own XBox games
  153. Net browser promises private surf
  154. Advanced Flash Graphics Question
  155. short movie - when the lights go out
  156. Max Tutorial/ZBrush
  157. Nintendo DS - pdf reader?
  158. Poser 5 for FREE limited time offer!
  159. what it takes?
  160. Chromatte & LiteRing
  161. Free Resources available at McGill International.
  163. Take a Second and Drop a Suggestion!:)
  164. Mid Sized Animation Studios - which operating system?
  165. Max Ballie Rig? Mark Tsangs version?
  166. Drive Backup Software/Methods
  167. Seriousness in Cg
  168. help needed regarding photoshop certification
  169. 3d crystals...
  170. New Venue for Animations and Motion Graphics?
  171. Houdini in production?
  172. Poly count for modern games?
  173. What cg projects are you working on? Show us, if the NDA allows
  174. 3D Scanning w/ a Camera and Projector
  175. Combine vfx and on-set work?
  176. CG community in Helsinki
  177. is this image fake or real ?
  178. CG Artists - what do they look like?
  179. Student Animator!
  180. Lord of the Rings and Hobbits
  181. Wacom still doesn't get it (open letter to Wacom).
  182. David Tench Animated Host...
  183. Maya 8 Complete for $1999 or 3DSMAX 8 for $3495
  184. what´s Best fantasy book you´ve ever read?
  185. Work flow issues... from 3D design to CAD... how does your company do it?
  186. OT:Steve Irwin Dead
  187. Banksy's Greatest Stunt Yet [Paris Hilton CD Cover]
  188. "Castle" my Work in Progress!!! Need ur views and suggestions
  189. Are the 720p HDTVs obselete already?
  190. Maya 8's Max-friendly features?
  191. how much time do you spend on cg beside work?
  192. CON-CAN Off theater - short films online
  193. Rembrandt exhibition in Berlin (Germany)
  194. Need Advice on New Mouse/Interface Device
  195. Oops! Got made redundant!
  196. Need car crush reference material...
  197. Lucasfilm Animation USA
  198. Flyboys!
  199. And she smiles?
  200. Crocodile Hunter' Steve Irwin Dies
  201. Dell M90 & 65
  202. Amazing Transformer Video Sequence, Really :-)
  203. Austin Game Conference
  204. Gothic Church - Need Reference
  205. C'mon animation/Comp how was it done?
  206. Need Maya help
  207. Is Henrik Wann Jensen really a god?
  208. Maya 7 gone where?
  209. The Scratchpost's ANIMATION CONTEST!!
  210. Assimilate scratch?
  211. What should be Resolution of Textures
  212. Beginner's tips
  213. Digital Juice
  214. ASIFA Hollywood Disney Drawing Exhibit
  215. In College, What classes
  216. Cg Challenge When???
  217. Slightly OT: 1K Project II - very cool
  218. CNN Poll: Online movies aren't catching on
  219. Exorcism of Emily Rose - how did they make the demon faces?
  220. The Passenger Premieres
  221. Luxology at RFX of Hollywood to host an evening with Modo 202 goodness!
  222. what do I do? :(
  223. Need help with Maya-Max conversion in person...
  224. Wich part of the 3d industry is most open for new people?
  225. Lets learn something new every day!
  226. Creating a Desert scene in Maya
  227. would you hire me? reel land
  228. To people who have studied Animation Mentor
  229. Minuscule : The French C.G. touch
  230. Right click on top to collapse window...which program?
  231. Quality Next-Gen models on the net
  232. Pirates of the Caribbean to hit 1 Billion today (September 7th, 2006)
  233. Bristol to salute Wallace and Gromit
  234. Dealing With Clients
  235. Been rejected in 2d gallery,WHY?
  236. Help Me with PF Tracker
  237. difference between CGI and live-action foota
  238. Looking for Beta Testers
  239. freelance modelling from home/online sites?
  240. Posting Sculptures Pictures
  241. Underworld Morphing??
  242. Casino Royale Full Trailer
  243. f-r-o-n-t-p-a-g-e ?
  244. Dead or Alive Trailer ..
  245. Where on earth is Bay Raitt?!?
  246. New 2D Challenge in sight?
  247. Looking for sliding car 'ballet' music video/short
  248. Seneca College's Ontario Graduate Certificate Prtogram for VFX
  249. Minuscule - very nice animated short film
  250. Demo Reel Question (couldn't find this in other threads)