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  1. Starwars and Matrix inspired music video
  2. Face research
  3. athlon 64 3000 or P4 3.0 HT
  4. Ice Age 2 "I beleive i can fly" scene
  5. 3D Modelling as a service ?
  6. Am I allowed to try and recruit for a single job?
  7. Need advice as a junior artist
  8. General Novice Q about character creation
  9. Jog my memory - Please! Liquid Commercial
  10. How hot is zBrush?
  11. Music talk: new TOOL song
  12. Can you become a pro in CG in these conditions?
  13. Creating a timelapse video in Linux
  14. PS3 graphics revealed!
  15. High Polygon/Low Polygon, what do they mean?
  16. EDITORIAL: VISTA smoked by Thurrott: Where Vista Fails MOD EDIT
  17. 3D in film with Carrara -
  18. What movie clichés need to go?
  19. CG Trees in films and animations
  20. What are THE most important skills needed to get into the CG industry?
  21. PC or Mac?
  22. CG Talk ... The first release
  23. Do You thik is that legal ?
  24. WHAT'S NEXT!: New Technology May Force TV Ad Viewing
  25. OT: Paris Hilton to Be in Mobile Video Games
  26. " Share pictures of your country "
  27. 3d conventions???
  28. Inspiring music
  29. Generally in games...
  30. Disabilities in CG Industry
  31. Abstract animation - what are your thoughts?
  32. Academy of Art Students?
  33. TheB1T CG Tips Videocast up
  34. COLLEGE!!!??? WHERE!? ahh
  35. What are those milky white renders?
  36. Paint Textures or Photograph Textures?
  37. New Autodesk ad on Maya/3DS Max
  38. J.J Adrams to supposedly direct Kirk/Spock movie!
  39. Can't access the forum?
  40. OT: Spiderman III in downtown Cleveland
  41. So...How was Silent Hill? [Spoilers]
  42. Need Art for 3D Animation?
  43. "Talaa Al Badr" new VFX song
  44. Wanted: Expose 1 LE
  45. OT: Some cool videos
  46. Question about schools...
  47. CG vs Puppets and Muppets
  48. How do you deal with foliage in your renders?
  49. Dude where's my Zbrush?!
  50. New Paul Robertson Vid!
  51. fmx/06 conference in Stuttgrat - is it worth to go there?
  52. Concept/ matte artists...please help
  53. anyone ever pitched an idea ?
  54. Help us to choose a 3d software package
  55. 3D Alien's (Glue 3d) story, very interesring and worth reading
  56. What is art?
  57. wacom
  58. OT: Japanse Rube Goldberg machines...
  59. Plz help me..........!!!
  60. Would like to interview Maya professional
  61. Is there "bad" art?
  62. which one ...?
  63. How clear was D-VHS?
  64. 3ds Max Biped Question
  65. Why is Maya Cloth not rendering????
  66. College...
  67. Do animators still mostly use hacks to render?
  68. Programming C++
  69. Immortal 2005 music
  70. Animation Show reel Help.
  71. LotR MIX ....check it out
  72. were r the good schools??
  73. Memory problems...
  74. SIGGRAPH 2006: Who is going to BOSTON?
  75. Finaly a HOT DAY
  76. OT: So what did you do this weekend? Show us a picture OR VIDEO!...(April 22- 23)
  77. Trying to locate an artist's website...
  78. Computer graphics and animation industry
  79. Our artwork is being ripped off!
  80. just starting out. need some advice..
  81. Favorite cartoon gag?
  82. Traditional College for CG?
  83. AO the new Lens Flare??
  84. Help! buying a new computer
  85. How are career opportunities in animation?
  86. What´s better 3d Engine??
  87. Monitor Colour Correction Problem
  88. Pixel Art: Pirate Baby's Cabana Battle Street Fight 2006
  89. Anybody work on Alien Planet?
  90. Open Figure Drawing Workshop - Rembrandt Master Copy - 016
  91. Have you ever been offered a job here at a CG forum?
  92. I want stylized water!
  93. C++ Vtm?
  94. Looking for fight sequences used in game animations
  95. Brush size in wacom
  96. Infringment!!!
  97. Animation show reel guidance
  98. Eternal discussion…
  99. Dino Skin shaders
  100. Art of Warhammer Collection
  101. Houdini's uses in Feature Pipelines
  102. a commercial for FFVII:AC on primetime tv...
  104. Papers about the incredibles
  105. JAMES CAMERON: Digital 3-D will save movie industry
  106. We're not the only ones MOD EDIT: (Allegations of Theft)
  107. Getting into 3D, I Need Help!
  108. God of War 2
  109. Question on the cgsociety workshops
  110. Anybody having problems with YAHOO MAIL & IE?
  111. OT: 50 worst things that happened to music
  112. Interior Lighting - Curtains/Blinds make room dark
  113. Slightly OT: On set VFX and Miniatures
  114. running tiny exe file on Mac
  115. Digital rights i want to be anal.
  116. OT RUMOR:Aliens Vs Predator 2 (PREDATORS @ KMART)
  117. Is this true, about the next generation DVRs?
  118. Workshop: Digital Anatomy Sculpture 1! The human hand - With Simon Roth
  119. Do you have to not care about making money to make money in CG?
  120. HDTV: Why 1024 x 768?
  122. USC CNTV MFA Animation??
  123. Am I to Old to Get into Graphic Design - From the UK.
  124. 3d tv
  125. Need help identifying a piece of art
  126. Voltron DVD
  127. I am being taken advantage of?
  128. gnarls Barkley 'crazy' video
  129. "thinking animation" - new book coming out
  130. General question about working as a 3d artist
  131. Cinema 4d
  132. Whats your take on this app/service?
  133. how can i made glass ? ( material problem )
  134. 3d/2d animator/modeler Resume?
  135. Fifteen minutes of Advent Children!
  136. How come...
  137. FOR REAL: Star Wars General Grievous Wheel Bike
  138. Where to submit Photoshop tutorials
  139. How long time does it take...(modelling Qs)
  140. Colour Box - Colour Theory Game
  141. What does 'Platinum' mean for game sales?
  142. Getting into the industry?
  143. Armor Texturing Help!!!
  144. Survival Kit animation sugestions
  145. OT: Save the Planet - Reduce Power Usage - Share Your Tips!
  146. OT:SciFi Channel To Launch GALACTICA Spinoff
  147. Hosting .com /.ca /.net any downsides ......
  148. Do you know any good school?
  149. I need to find the alien inception image from Expose 2?
  150. screen test
  151. 'Telepathic' biometrics?
  152. 'Best' 3D Program for Young Begginers ?
  153. Any Filipinos in the house?
  154. really funny but cool, KOF fighting animation style
  155. Master in Animation
  156. ogo_takai
  157. Tutorial poll
  158. Toronto mental ray User Group Meeting: May 9th, 2006!
  159. Anybodu know industrial machinery reference source?
  160. My CGTalk post on Google Groups
  161. All 3D apps
  162. Good or Bad Idea?
  163. [DemoReel]What models should I put for character modeler wanna be?
  164. Studio Pendulum revisited
  165. Star Wars Origins (where Lucas got his ideas from)
  166. Anyone Used Hexagon 2.0?
  167. Cartoon network "cartoons"
  168. What is this kind of art called
  169. Hexagon 2 for $32!
  170. Difference between Photoshop and Zbrush?
  171. computer graphics and health
  172. Poser 6 problem
  173. OT SPACE: Hubble Space Telescope's Sixteenth Anniversary
  174. Disney - copy & paste animation between films
  175. Zen Bondage, yet another funky game to while away your day
  176. New Free Video, " Fusion 5, 3d Particles Text Tutorial"
  177. who is that artist?
  178. Zero point energy - Incredibles
  179. Studios picking up short stories?
  180. When is it when you've modeled TOO MUCH?
  181. Model only jobs??
  182. metro wars
  183. GOOD or CHEAP college?
  184. 3D Image of Star Wars
  185. the Animation Workshop, Denmark
  186. speed sketching comp?
  187. Those crazy japanese machines
  188. Student Internship
  189. Nintendo Wii - Nunchuck motion sensitivity? Did I miss something?
  190. Webcam Technology
  191. OT: Zen Bondage
  192. How does your day look like when you have a fulltime job?
  193. OT: Face Blindness, when every face looks the same
  194. How does compositing 3D into live action and vice versa work?
  195. for TOOL fans: 10,000 Days is out!
  196. How necessary is a pen tablet?
  197. Alias Tools learning resources ?
  198. X-MEN 3 Preview (Fastball Special! ) MOD EDIT
  199. Woodhouses references
  200. 3D Modelling
  201. OT: Worst Toy Idea Ever?
  202. how does dpi setting affect my RAM/workflow?
  203. OT: So what did you do this weekend? Show us a picture OR VIDEO!...(April 29- 30)
  204. Completely Tired: OT Day/OT Post
  205. Go see United 93
  206. So I guess you need a masters degree nowadays
  207. Mobile Phones
  208. sources of reference...........
  209. Staying awake?
  210. Saving animation as tiff frames
  211. Dani California
  212. Studying Animation in India or abroad?
  213. Meats Maer short?
  214. AnimationMentor Character Inquiry
  215. Do you have to include naket people in your portfolio if it asks for life drawing?
  216. Question of a beginner
  217. Has any 3D movie in america been made with something other than Maya?
  218. Looney Tunes Background Art
  219. REQ urgently software to make spherical panoramas on a path and useable for the web.
  220. Reference - Photos and Textures from the Eastern State Penitentiary
  221. OT: Adult Swim Viewers
  222. School or no school?
  223. Is getting motion capture work done cheap enough for amateur animators?
  224. Windows Shells - Are you using one?
  225. vfx/sfx lunch time conundrum
  226. OT - UK SIM and Britrail pass up for grabs
  227. WSJ: Hollywood's and Internet (What they made up, what they GOT RIGHT!)
  228. help, my external hard drive has changed drive.
  229. OT FOR REAL: World's Largest Pyramid Discovered in Bosnia
  230. sss physical shader problems
  231. Good place to get business cards...
  232. OT:CNN 'Revenge of the Nerds' being remade
  233. I need sound effects
  234. Smooth Attribute
  235. How to create dynamic msn messenger display picture?
  236. some CG questions
  237. Digital Intermediate thru the eyes of The Colorists
  238. OT: Spam from Animation 'xpress and/or
  239. LOSING a contest when an ANIMATION is TOO GOOD (Firefox Commercial Contest)
  241. This white wall is not "that white" .. client "problem"
  242. Ray Harryhausen's CLASH OF THE TITANS to be REMADE
  243. OT FOR REAL: NEW ROBOT CAR RACE! Now in the City! (DARPA announces Urban Challenge)
  244. Is it legal to rip audio from a movie for doing animation?
  245. Monitor Keeps Switching Off
  246. MD/DC/VA jobs?
  247. Any progress through the years??
  248. How are old movies remastered in 3D?
  249. Team working in a project
  250. SURVIVING THE WORKPLACE: What to wear in a office that has a dress code?