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  1. Where do I start?
  2. Suggestion for CG Talk Forums (busy server)
  3. Program to display folder of images in web browser?
  4. enyone as crazy in texturing as i am in modeling
  5. West Yorkshire Games Company's? Help me
  6. Fake Zelda revolution controller, but kinda cool nonetheless...
  7. I'm new here.
  8. Safety when working at the machine - graphics tablets & seating
  9. Enhance Your 3D Learning Skills(Sound Frequency & Brainwaves)
  10. QuickTime & MPEG Layer 3
  11. Using Maya PLE for demo reel material
  12. Dixar? A Disney|Pixar wallpaper
  13. Industry Advice
  14. OGLE: The OpenGLExtractor
  15. Looking for blueprints for other stuff
  16. Microsoft to license windows source code
  17. Spam was supposed to be eradicated by now
  18. OT: CandleQuake
  19. With fans like these Nintendo will never go away!
  20. What do you think about games industry consolidation?
  21. Free website to list programs with spyware
  22. Apple to develop new mouse
  23. Animators ToolBox version 1.0
  24. Work for free, not OT
  25. need advice
  26. Questions on Modeling Reels
  27. What Pixar sequel would you like to see?
  28. UK animation courses - A Warning!
  29. CG Cast Ep 15 - Shraga Weiss Interview
  30. What's RTZen up to these days?
  31. Hidden gems of 3D?
  32. FOR REAL: Astronomers find new 'Earth-like' planet
  33. Crystal Render
  34. Console System Polygon Counts
  35. Has anyone else seen "The Happy Elf"?
  36. OGLE Plugin
  37. Hilarious... "Earth Defender Freshman!!" (spoof)
  38. Gamers beware - 'Fear of Girls' short film
  39. say bye bye to Toy Story 3, at least for now.
  40. ADVICE: Buy Gnomon DVD, "Adobe Photoshop for Digital Production"?
  41. Help! Link between Character and Music
  42. Tips on where to learn good compression methods for Quicktime
  43. 2 Good artists into 1 Cap :)
  44. noob has a problem...
  45. houdini forum
  46. Just wonder.. about Technical Director
  47. Speculation: Will outsourcing be cancelled at Disney/Pixar?
  48. OT: recommend a HDTV?
  49. UT 2007, DCC in real time
  50. Some templates...
  51. Acura 3D TV Spot
  52. Anyone know what this font is?
  53. Peeling Paint
  54. I teaching a live tutorial-any tips?
  55. Graphics card advice
  56. or msn spaces?
  57. .X files in MAYA
  58. NEW CG FX magazine!
  59. Giant Hyper Real Sculpture: Ron Muek
  60. Any good alternatives to iStockphoto?
  61. Need help
  62. Nintendo Announces DS 'Lite' Console
  63. Multimedia and Animation or graphic design?
  64. Microsoft= Xbox portable?
  65. More Speculation: Will Pixar make a 2D Ghibli-style film
  66. Cant figure out THIS GRAPHICS CARD
  67. Why are CG software Missing Release Dates
  68. OT: Jack Thompson... the man has offically gone too far
  69. Can anyone help me with 3D stroke?
  70. Midway plans an FPS using Unreal 3 for Nintendo Revolution
  71. Traditional Japanese Buildings
  72. Maya 7 PLE
  73. Change order of right click menu file options?
  74. Video: Kojima talks about all his MG projects
  75. Artist looking for work section... effective?
  76. Create thickness
  77. All the files in My Documents have been deleted! Please help me!
  78. BBC: Sony's Aibo is put to sleep.
  79. Career Options
  80. Most effective critique setup?
  81. Few questions concerning copywrite.
  82. Build your own Motion Capture system
  83. Anybody do Digital Art with a Tablet PC?
  84. Software Piraci on ebay
  85. Intron Depot 3: Ballistics art book
  86. ?
  87. A letter to all CG brats
  88. Deal of the Day: 19" Monitor
  89. OT: So what did you do this weekend? Show us a picture OR VIDEO!...(Jan 28- 29)
  90. Happy New Year to our Chinese Friends! (Year of the Dog!)
  91. Best resolution for printing A3+
  92. Is it neccesary that a person should be a Artist to do 3D Animation or any kinda
  93. What is a Nurb?
  94. recording your work?
  95. Regarding Toy Story 3 cancelled
  96. Where can i get/buy Building/City Texture?
  97. Printing holiday photos
  98. Good daylight color light bulb?
  99. Freelance Artist Looking For Tax
  100. TUTORIALS - Traditional Figure Drawing - by Doctor Bone
  101. Building the Ultimate Computer
  102. Photorealism in traditional art
  103. In wich order learn 3dsmax tutorials?
  105. Amazing collection of surreal/uncanny artist links
  106. New 64bit System, Virus Scanners, Firewalls, etc.?
  107. Uploading Demo Reels
  108. Bio Motion Lab
  109. Help
  110. Next generation texturing techniques ??
  111. 2D Painting/Photo
  112. new website, new milk ads, new short film...
  113. Dual Core 4 threads???
  114. tutorials for website
  115. Uwe Boll interview
  116. i need some career counselling
  117. what does it take
  118. Tech Specs for PAL 3D Work
  119. An idea for a CG challenge
  120. most desirable laptop features?
  121. Value of Creativity in art
  122. Oh He's Back: 06-06-06
  123. Video Resolutions Resource
  124. CG themed calenders?
  125. Happy Chinese New Year
  126. how much bandwidth do we need?!
  127. Freedom of Teach Sculpture Quality
  128. GIMP in a studio?
  129. New member, just saying Hi!
  130. Nervous system model?
  131. Pre-college program
  132. Which web community interface? Wiki? phpBB?
  133. Vanishing threads altogether?
  134. Cintiq 18sx resolution problem
  135. Copyright
  136. Animation Challenge Idea from the News
  137. Interview with William “Proton” Vaughan
  138. Income doing commisioned fan art, etc.?
  139. Shake software. thoughts and info
  140. Movie Going Experience!!
  141. Render Farm Questions
  142. Laptop Case
  143. CG + Mathematics education
  144. 3D Gallery?!?!?!?
  145. Why Internationals pay Thrice and Twice the Fee for CG SCHOOLS
  146. using as webspace
  147. No CG films in the running for the Oscar this year...
  148. Hello. New to all of this...
  149. Maya 7 PLE
  150. Rendering?
  151. worth it?
  152. Rendering?
  153. TORQUE GAME ENGINE Users ROLL CALL!: Lets see some examples!
  154. Exotique Book available in Canada (Toronto)?
  155. I need some freelance advice
  156. OT: Prison Break and House
  157. Say goodbye to your productivity today :)
  158. Magazine suggestion?
  159. FBX and Motionbuilder
  160. Criteria Question
  161. Alright, question about mod team
  162. Optimus Keyboard(s)
  163. 2-D&anatomy
  164. An Intresting New View Needs Opinions.
  165. How good is
  166. Where can i find Spiderman suit texture? Need it for my spiderman.
  167. Shawn Kelly Interview!!
  168. 1 good video card, 1 ok video card?
  169. Stylized or realistic... how do you like your CG films?
  170. Expose 4 Submission Question
  171. OT: 72 hours to authorise a card?
  172. The Making of : Shadow of the Collossus
  173. For GOOD 2D Drawing Animation Softaware
  174. Photoshop User Group in Wash. DC area ??
  175. 3 3DS Max Training DVDs For Sale on eBay
  176. Ambition or loyalty?
  177. What are the NEW rules for GOOD Demo Reel Etiquette?
  178. Looking for an animation
  179. New to 3d
  180. Anybody like to rig my spiderman for fun?
  181. project?
  182. Funny D & D video... i can't find it.
  183. FOR REAL: 10th planet in OUR solar system.
  184. film and game convergences- BS?
  185. Make your Own Movie Here and Share with Us.
  186. Interesting Essay on Pixar's History
  187. Can you make money making animations?
  188. New Site - Would Like Input Please :)
  189. Mixing reality and virtuality
  190. Anyone else uncomfortable with the ImagineFX ad?
  191. Looking For Schools that teach Maya in utah.
  192. 2d portfolios vs motion/3d portfolios
  193. Animation Challenges?
  194. OT: Six to stand trial in Norway for 'Scream' heist
  195. OT: Six to stand trial in Norway for 'Scream' heist
  196. Electronic Arts Cuts 5% Of Worldwide Staff
  197. Banty's Toolkit 1.3
  198. Motion Builder Training?
  199. no avatars...why?
  200. Drawings of the muslim prophet
  201. new designer
  202. OT: Man sues over iPod 'hearing risk'
  203. Art Rage 2 Vs. Alias sketch book pro
  204. TheB1T Radio Podcast
  205. Sponsor a child, it's fun
  206. Student in High School....Help with 3ds max 5 please!
  207. How to make a profit from making bad movies!?
  208. Ownership
  209. He stole my character - that guy
  210. DVD burning.
  211. *Sumition refused*
  212. Online Video Files - Types/Sizes/Formats???
  213. Is it wrong for an adult to like cartoons?
  214. freelance
  215. Splinter Cell Double Agent Trailer!
  216. Industry Standard Technique?
  217. Ipod video help
  218. OT - Bored? and waiting for renders? read this story!
  219. Can Someone Answer This Question: "a history of violence"
  220. NYC Artist Demos! Manchess, Foster, Dos Santos, Bell, Rex, Vallejo
  221. a tablet question
  222. Career question
  223. Coppermine Photo Gallery SW - what do you think of it?
  224. a well balanced team for a business plan
  225. OT: Best one-liners ever
  226. Colleges/College Courses for Computer Graphics
  228. Tell us about your best ever CGTALK moment(s)
  229. Disney in Toronto
  230. The curse of Kazaa
  231. Gnomon DVD
  232. Getting into the CG Industry: Do good grades matter at all?
  233. zbrush2 tutorial
  234. U.S. Bill for limiting artistic expression.
  235. New-But want to know it all.
  236. Best Solution for 5TB of Space?
  237. Tutorial DVD on 2D animation, where?
  238. Alias SBP 2.0 vs Painter 9.1 for Industrial Design curriculum
  239. women Models?
  240. 5th Element Image Request
  241. Anyone know how to create this effect?
  242. Wretched hive of scum and villany...
  243. Very first LOTR preview
  244. A silly question about TVs and Monitors
  245. At a road block. First of many.
  246. Post Some Of Your First Creation's For Review
  247. a good subject for a demo ?
  248. Resolution Pro Companies Like Pixar Render At?
  249. Looking for Sci-Fi 3d artists
  250. Selling game textures?