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  1. CG Artists: Nerds with a creative side or Artists with a geeky side?
  2. Difference between cg/non-cg painting
  3. Scary Weird Paintings
  4. Creative ideas: Whats your process?
  5. Computer Art and Modern Art
  6. Should we post Scupy posts
  7. TELL US: Who are the BEST Comic Book/ Comic Strip Artists?
  8. SHOW US: Comic Book Art Resources Online?
  9. Artwork copyrights
  10. Environmental Artist
  11. Show us your Mad Skillz
  12. Art of "Robots"
  13. Anyone get Artists depression?
  14. Is art going back to 'realism'?
  15. What inspires you most?
  16. How To Paint In Photoshop
  17. How to get job as Concept Artist?
  18. Religion in 3d Art.
  19. Do you have a condition that HELPS your art?
  20. Have ideas, but cant draw or model them..
  21. Kim Hyung-Tae - Artbook Oxide 2X
  22. Selling Out?
  23. Is 3D and/or painting the difficult commercial art?
  24. Anatomy reference charts
  25. Learn to draw proper
  26. Thoughts on the Master and Servant theme
  27. Welcome to the Art Techniques and Theories Forum!
  28. Art Tutorials, Foundational Knowledge, and Book/Video Recommendations
  29. Hand Drawn: Perspective Grid
  30. Pearls of Wisdom
  31. Artists we love
  32. a question , the future of 2D?
  33. Books on Illustration?
  34. modernism
  35. forum and gallery sites for traditional animators and illustrators
  36. Hey, I got the first new thread!
  37. Perspective and Figures
  38. Analysing styles.
  39. Drawing Faces
  40. Cubism? I erm don't get it.
  41. College Student Foundation Art
  42. New book is out: Art of StarWars: Revenge of the Sith
  43. William Bouguereau Popularity.
  44. Question !
  45. BEAUTY: who, what, when, where, why and how?
  46. any thoughts about modern art in general?
  47. Painting an eye (tutorial/exercise)
  48. Character/Game/Animation/ Modellers + 2D art knowledge
  49. videotutorial: painting an eye!
  50. Still life painting tutorials? Any websites?
  51. evolution of arts in this age...
  52. Industrial/Mechanical Designers
  53. Scanning Artwork: Your methods
  54. pressure sensitivity
  55. Painting how?
  56. Art Theory for 3D Artists?
  57. Show us your favourite painting
  58. Have you ever wanted your art printed on a banner?
  59. The processing of building a visual language
  60. Police Raid Club Over Nude 'Art Night'
  61. Traditional artist techniques
  62. History of 3D Character Animation
  63. Location: Right side of brain, 4:43am
  64. Inspirational speech
  65. Digital Art Canvas Printing
  66. Hey im new to 3D Work...need some tips
  67. Any Anime artists around?
  68. Basics of Robotic Art
  69. Waterhouse techniques
  70. Beauty and the Golden Empress
  71. regarding the thread picture
  72. Inspiration: Japanese adventure art predating the "anime" style: Komatsuzaki
  73. On the right track ? - Conceptual Artist/Matte Painter
  74. Videotutorial: Painting a worm..
  75. When beginners ask for brushes of another artist
  76. Computer-assisted 2D animation
  77. Hybrid Artist! how many hats do you have?
  78. Artists We Don't Care Too Much About
  79. Cloth study
  80. 3D assisted drawing or painting
  81. Ways To Combat Moire Pattern ?
  82. Process Or Product?
  83. Books that inspire you
  84. sculpture
  85. Yes, movies that inspire you!!!
  86. Scanning paintings ?
  87. [HELP/ESSAY] The Influence of Virtual Comunities on Digital Creation
  88. Finding inspiration in...Dreams!
  89. introduction
  90. What defines and motivates our CG art?
  91. How often do you disagree with film reviewers?
  92. "Art Theory Links" updated!
  93. Choosing the right background
  94. Why is it some people are naturally talented at drawing?
  95. Dreams
  96. clay models
  97. Potentials of Zoomquilt
  98. What Size do you use to create perspective
  99. Illustrative Techniques Opacity
  100. Your Art versus the World
  101. Craig Mullins' exercises::sphere.
  102. Save Loomis' torrents! create a seed pool for 'em!
  103. the largest and most intensive treatment of linear perspective available online
  104. Artwork needed
  105. Open Canvas
  106. Are you any good at quick sketches?
  107. Help Defining Perspective
  108. Who did this?
  109. What do you suck at as an artist? How are you going to fix it?
  110. References?
  111. Looking for a specific painting...
  112. ever been HIT by inspiration?
  113. What category/type of graphics do images fall into?
  114. Which artists have you copied the work of?
  115. Music that inspire you..
  116. Dreaming in your favorite app's GUI yet?
  117. Who is your favorite artist?
  118. Need help on my "Logan" pic!
  119. Inspirational legends:
  120. Ideas for a character - Ian
  121. Sketch - Which your importance?
  122. Art education
  123. Inspired to improve anatomy
  124. OLD work
  125. CAR modelling: POLYGONS or SPLINES
  126. Art/concept trends anyone?
  127. Robot 3d Designer Wanted
  128. Art Movies
  129. Learning to Sketch
  130. Understanding Timelessness in Artwork
  131. The power of shading.
  132. Cartoon-Like color Palette
  133. Design
  134. Sargent Drawings
  135. Start-up Art Business help
  136. Children and Digital Art
  137. New Age Music
  138. Inspired by colour?
  139. Which Wacom Tablet to Purchase?
  140. What grabs your attention in a drawing or painting?
  141. Getting Started in Digital Art
  142. Concept art supplies
  143. Resources of CG that changed the Art, or no.
  144. Is it possible to have 100%?
  145. Re-drawing photos...
  146. Art education trips- where to go?
  147. How to get maximum educational benefits from an art gallery?
  148. The place for morality
  149. Some doodlings and explanations on perspective...
  150. Nightmare Before Christmas: Inspiration Comes Standard
  151. Anyone seen this before?
  152. Help Me...
  153. Not CG!!! (gasp!) - Unplugged Art
  154. "Hyper-Realism" Evan Penny sculptures
  155. Drawing and drawing well are two very different things.
  156. Tutorials, brushes, color palettes, etc...
  157. For those people who dont like Art !
  158. drawing - many short strokes vs single long
  159. Drawing columns in perspective
  160. Loomis Books
  161. Andrew Loomis
  162. Linda Bergkvist's Ailill- Minor Details
  163. Artist of the old method
  164. Leaves?
  165. who can call themself an ARTIST?
  166. Are we getting too digital?
  167. Drafting boards, recommendation/thoughts ?
  168. Drawing Videos
  169. Noob On Nudes
  170. How is your city? Artwise!
  171. Music compared to Paintings
  172. Edge loop modelling help
  173. the pyrotechnics thread
  174. 3D in italy
  175. Symbolism
  176. Life Darwing Short Course
  177. Question about Digital Art ?
  178. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? Or does it just piss you off?
  179. Colour perception test
  180. What's the 2d version of a chrome ball on a checkered plane?
  181. Themes of the "Digital" Era
  182. Where to buy Art?
  183. Where to buy Art?
  184. Procrastination on art...and managing your time
  185. Artists I have always respected
  186. Where to get Marble/Plaster busts/statues?
  187. am i on the right track?
  188. New quality artistic material fear ?
  189. The nakedness of light.
  190. Drawing Facial Expressions
  191. Thread of useful things
  192. Looking for lettering guides
  193. Are you gainfully employed as an Artist? - if so, what do you do?
  194. concept art
  195. Has Illustration Lost Something?
  196. What are shadows/midtones/highlights ...
  197. art supply
  198. Traditional art classes
  199. Printing Issue
  200. Whats Best Painting/Texturing DVD's ?
  201. Finding a book
  202. HELP: Animated Short?
  203. Skin tones and colour blindness
  204. "Computers are useless. They can only give you answers."
  205. Tutorial: creating good linework on the computer
  206. Genius... what does it mean?
  207. 3d shorts with 2d techniques
  208. Lighting help
  209. Stroke Graphics
  210. Books/Stories that inspire you
  211. Should 2d artists use traditional perspective, or 3d tools to generate perspective?
  212. Protecting sketches from fade/smudge
  213. Looking for good architecture tutorials!
  214. Gait Analysis
  215. when you see this do you think of anime?
  216. Vilppu added to Art theory links & tutorials
  217. decision: which college should i go to?...
  218. Post your funny art story!
  219. Realistic beasts
  220. hmm ... a newbie question .....
  221. Abandoned stuff.
  222. what are cg's effects on the movie industry in artistic ways?
  223. Where to buy reference figures?
  224. Digital Art--- the next big movement?
  225. Artists in touch with popular culture
  226. Using Props and Costumes
  227. beautycheck
  228. What drives you, why do you love cg?
  229. Your first digital paintings!
  230. Is this how it is to be "Burnt out"?
  231. Need help choosing the right Notebook for Animation
  232. Should verticals always be vertical ?
  233. Heip Me !!! Come In
  234. Zorn vs. Sargent
  235. Clash of the Titans: Photoshop vs. Painter vs. Photopaint vs. Satori
  236. Traditional illustration techniques.
  237. Takita and Maloma
  238. Capcom VS SNK Artist
  239. How in the world do you paint scales?
  240. 3D Models as Contemporary Art? - Can you spare 10 minutes please?
  241. traditional art and collge stuff
  242. Comic Books that Inspire You
  243. Facial composition help?
  244. Digital Training DVD....why not?
  245. Ambitious newbie needs some advice!
  246. The difference between digital illustrator and digital artist
  247. Themes in college artwork.
  248. Character Creation Class - Freehand Drawing
  249. Wacom pens
  250. Using classicism in Post-Modernism