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  1. Stuffed 3d Characters
  2. How much time should be spent on the 'stages' of an art piece?
  3. can't find specific article on composition
  4. If you want to improve as an artist, jump right in here!
  5. Can you help me with perspective?
  6. 3 Point Perspective Question
  7. A study plan and best books to do 'studies' of
  8. just thoughts on painting...
  9. Andrew Loomis
  10. Reference guide
  11. Requesting Advice: Environment/Genereal
  12. Use a ruler in environment sketching? General Tips for environment sketching?
  13. is this normal?
  14. Good to posture to draw/ & paint digital
  15. stuff for artists
  16. robot parts design
  17. Silhouette for the beginners
  18. Resisting temptation... the novice dilema
  19. Hair and fabrics
  20. Painting Jewelry
  21. Where to find high quality video tutorials?
  22. In-depth images
  23. Color Theory: Saturation?
  24. Living Wood
  25. concept art = blank canvas...
  26. Human eye lens angle?
  27. 2D digital techniques for B/W Comic-book-type art?
  28. lines to paint...or blobs to paint?
  29. Drawing with a ruler on a Wacom to get straight lines
  30. Inquiry about preliminary picture process
  31. What/how to study anatomy to do decent in manga/anime drawing?
  32. Foundations of Drawing/3d
  33. Robert Chang's Survivors Club Sketches
  34. A Free Digital Painting tutorial by Alex Ruiz (1/3)
  35. Looking for specific brush set
  36. Another Free Digital Painting tutorial by Alex Ruiz (2/3)
  37. Gesture drawing tips.
  38. "Crashed" text effect
  39. Who painted this?
  40. Brush & technique for painting leaves?
  41. Difficulty in drawing human.
  42. Scanning large works
  43. Nintendo DS Colors app
  44. Thumb War by Paul Richards.
  45. Getting started with environmental concepting
  46. Looking for a second drawing book to read
  47. Polishing your creation!
  48. Soul of art?
  49. Measuring vs instinct of the artist's eye, developing a sence for proportion
  50. Inspirational Artists: Pascal Campion
  51. How can I improve with Photoshop as a artist
  52. Develope story & cinematographic decisions
  53. How do you conceive of your paintings?
  54. THE PIXAR STORY- Tamil E-book
  55. Color of light and sky through day/night?
  56. Coloring technique and lighting
  57. Character Concept Tutorial
  58. Learning the Elements and Principles of Design
  59. logo inspiration: in corpore sano
  60. concept art beginner question
  61. 3 point perspective: where is the cone of vision & other questions... please help!
  62. Making a curriculum for self learning?
  63. Did any of you ever made walnut ink?
  64. Top 5 Ways to Generate a Strong Idea:
  65. Help please
  66. How to study Andrew Loomis? Im stuck..
  67. Interview with Pascal Campion
  68. Theories of Digital Painting?
  69. What Creates Impact?
  70. Does practice a lot help me improve my drawing?
  71. How to practice eye measurements
  72. creativty
  73. complemantary colors question
  74. Free Video Tutorial: How to Draw: The Basics
  75. Free Video Tutorial: How to Draw: The Basics
  76. Life drawing advice for beginner/intermediate artists
  77. Free Video Tutorial: Playstation Controller & Blender Intro
  78. Free Video Tutorial: How to Draw: Masterclass Ayers Rock
  79. Which Loomis book to start with?
  80. how to get on digital painting
  81. Change color
  82. Color Spill
  83. Rotating cubes
  84. Beginner needs advice !
  85. vision of Ezekiel
  86. Digital Painting, Detailling?
  87. Any video series for drawing techniques?
  88. Tutorial Tuesday Ep.1 - Creating Porcelain Animals
  89. questions about scanning sketches to digital.
  90. Guidance for a newcomer
  91. Subject
  92. Just picked up a tablet and looking for advice.
  93. Cane someone Guide me Please ..Start with Photoshop ,Cinema 4d Or Zbrush
  94. Please explain to me how someone gets their own style in drawing?
  95. Need help with "Fun with a pencil"
  96. Getting into digital painting
  97. Don't know where to begin (Drawing)
  98. Best teqnique to make 3D universe simplest way as Pro
  99. Art Project
  100. Rembrandt Against Caravaggio
  101. Painting Realistic Eyes Photoshop
  102. beginning drawing
  103. Collection of Free pdf & e-book Tutorials ?
  104. Free Video Tutorial: How to Draw & Paint: Self Portrait Oil Painting
  105. Resolution Question
  106. Any drawing books that are better than fun with a pencil?
  107. Concept Art Methodologies towards Game Characters
  108. How to train that Technique ?
  109. Anatomy and Lightening
  110. Art Direction
  111. Speed painting technique/approach; how is it done?
  112. Eye of the Painter by Loomis?
  113. Concept art video tutorials, aimed at beginners
  114. Perspective tutorials?
  115. Best Illustrators in the world?
  116. How to map text on a sphere?
  117. Making a river. help plz
  118. Aspiring painter wanting to paint landscapes
  119. Fine art cross-over to 3D Animation?
  120. Choice of Books/How To Practice Loomis
  121. still life set up
  122. Digital Painting Tutorials - Beginner + Advanced
  123. Beginner artist, starting foundation.
  124. Its not how you paint its what you paint ... or is it the other way round!
  125. Doubt regarding perspective
  126. Interesting things to improve on
  127. Digital Painting by using real photos only?
  128. Masks
  129. Is this an ideal way to color in GIMP?
  130. Quick Portrait Walkthrough
  131. Advice for character concept art
  132. Putting it all together...
  133. Artistic Style Question
  134. "Free Video Tutorial: How to Draw & Paint: Shoe Still Life"
  135. seek a little advice :)
  136. Recommended Books for CG Artists.
  137. Creative Block
  138. a little movitivation!
  139. How do I make my art better?
  140. Where to go from here?
  141. A recent grad in need of advice
  142. Skintone and Color - Digital painting tutorial (huge files!)
  143. 80's sci-fi book cover style?
  144. Help creating backgrounds that compliment characters
  145. I think i suck at drawing, really need help!
  146. How to Direct A Trade Center Presentation ?
  147. VPs of 2 cubes at different angles?
  148. Overlay and Trace Method
  149. Scathing criticism of Betty Edwards' book "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain"
  150. Requesting input on a learning plan
  151. Is there a way to counter this?
  152. Improving my Shading
  153. Medieval Art
  154. Comic style skybox
  155. My technical skills are inhibiting my creative learning
  156. I need drawing hair tips badly
  157. Driveable vehicle creation in Unity engine - Tutorial
  158. Drawing from the foundation
  159. Mechs etc....
  160. Best Practice for beginer in digital paint
  161. New Post production techniques tutorial
  162. Learn how to Draw In Perspective
  163. Animation Writeup/Overview
  164. Any reason to be avoiding photoshop
  165. What has your Greatest Challenge been?
  166. Fun With a Pencil -- Am I practicing it right?
  167. Questions about microdetailing on starship concepts?
  168. Critique for my current works (Concept Design, Painting)
  169. Recommendations for Books on Color Theory?
  170. identify this style
  171. Does someone know what pencil can I use for sketching?
  172. Why 3D artists want to learn to draw/paint?
  173. Improving Creativity and Artwork Through Sketchbooks
  174. What kind of perspective and style in this image from victorior?
  175. Help: I miss Linda's tutorials !
  176. Printing ?
  177. Texture: on small brush strokes ?
  178. Upscale from 72dpi (1080p film stills) to 150dpi or 300dpi? (booklet print)
  179. The dangers of "cherry-picking" from photo references
  180. What kind of perspective feng zhu was talking about in this youtube video?
  181. 'iDrawMonsters'--ipad application lecturing cute monster design for beginner
  182. Fluence in Digital Drawing
  183. planetside 2 concept 2d/3d hybrid workflow
  184. PeneMenn_3D_Perspective.PSD in Photoshop CS5 Ex
  185. How do you use AE in your 2d work?
  186. Getting inspiration for a short story
  187. Painting rocks and mountains
  188. [Video Tutorial 1440p]Creating DOF / Bokeh in Vray, Photoshop, After Effects and Nuke
  189. An important question: 2D or 3D (Help if you can)
  190. Rembrandt and Brushes ?
  191. From Grayscale to Color ?
  192. 4 Tips for Character Design [VIDEO]
  193. Speedpaint Video
  194. How to Draw in Computer
  195. Tutorial: Rapid Drawing: Bee
  196. Books for learning basics of paintings?
  197. Composition Question
  198. Where do people get ideas?
  199. Tutorial: Quick Sketching: Motorcycle
  200. Drawing Tilesets for 2D/Isometric Games
  201. text in sand
  202. Trick Eye Museum
  203. New Artist need advice
  204. The Danger! (Composition theory)
  205. Graphic Artist Help - Translucent lines?
  206. ryansumo's tutorials
  207. File's super big. How can I minimize?
  208. How to digi paint using mouse?
  209. Projection drawing...
  210. DRAGON SIEGE Coming Soon!
  211. Andrew Loomis books reprinted
  212. Artistic Knowledge and Creative Design
  213. "Grid Method": is it a crutch?
  214. Got my first Wacom Bamboo today!
  215. How do you color drawings like Hayao Miyazaki?
  216. What Is Your Favorite Inspirational Source?
  217. Weird Questions Involving Photoshop
  218. Anybody knows which artist did this?
  219. Seeking pre-workshop advice
  220. Painting Environments
  221. Any idea on how to achieve this style?
  222. How do you actually train color/value/perspective?
  223. Character Designing Tutorials
  224. Interactive Anatomy Tutorial Game? *nudity*
  225. Expose and Exotique books for inspiration
  226. Filling in Blacks and Process of Inking
  227. How to actually practice drawing the smart way?
  228. I Could Use Some Advice
  229. Technique for these kinds of Foiliage?
  230. Free drawing tutorials?
  231. Confused on what to do?
  232. How to choose correct background to blend with character & make realistic blending?
  233. How to draw from the inside out?
  234. So I think I should again quit and start again..
  235. Learning to draw before painting digitaly
  236. Have you become a better artist?
  237. Desperate to practice!
  238. Need help with shading
  239. What about drawing?
  240. How to get rid of a cartoonish style?
  241. Advice needed on creating stylised forest scene.
  242. Effective Learning Methods
  243. Cyborg Ninja Tutorial
  244. Frustated with anatomy
  245. Drawing figure in bird's/worm's eye view
  246. 1 hour/day to get better - focus on?
  247. Just started a painting course and need to find a painting to copy.
  248. a tough choice about learning
  249. Help: Suggesting scale & Mass in outer space scene?
  250. Looking for a specific tutorial !