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  2. Cinematography and Directing Books and Resources
  3. Share the knowledge.
  4. Book about Scene setups..
  5. Animatics - control of the camera
  6. A Feature 3D Film: How Many Setups?
  7. Camera Set-ups for 3D-Animation
  8. Welcome and Big Bang to CG Directors!
  9. What programs?
  10. The market for indie animation DVD sales?
  11. CINEMATOGRAPHY: What movies should be required viewing?
  12. What is good directing?
  13. The unseen actors
  14. Basic Camera Setup: How do you shoot a hostile conversation in a restaurant table?
  15. Which movie character you think you related best?
  16. Camera lens
  17. Polar Express
  18. Shot Layout: How do you shoot a Galleon attacking a fort?
  19. Arch Viz Animator?
  20. What is Cinematography?
  21. Name directors who are their own cimematographers
  22. short film as a demo reel?
  23. Fighting boredom
  24. Stop Motion
  25. Need Help with assignment!!
  26. Final Cut Pro 4/chroma keying
  27. Trying to find a filmmaking website... help?!
  28. Low Budget toi High Budget???
  29. Low Budget to High Budget???
  30. 50 MB DV Contest Online at
  31. Advice
  32. Looking For Collaboration
  33. LA networking
  34. Avid Xpress Pro HD & Final Cut Express
  35. Liscensed cars in movies
  36. Horizontal lines in .avi.
  37. telecine
  38. Sundance Film Festival
  39. Licensing Music
  40. Film Festivals To Enter If You Can Afford Them
  41. Film Post-processing
  42. getting the standard "movie look"
  43. FILMMAKERS: We need you for the FXWARS
  44. Useful websites for film festival search/information
  45. (digital) film lab work-flow
  46. What resolution is 16:9 and 35mm
  47. Painter and Photoshop movies?
  48. discreet combustion
  49. Kerry Conran-this guy's the Captain;)
  50. Sex and Nudity in Films
  51. Compositing with HD or DV
  52. where to find sound track for short animation.
  53. How to get my 3d into the real world?
  54. My First 3D Short and Recommended workflow for students and hobbiests
  55. intressted in making a video?
  56. Your favorite resolution
  57. Make up or CGI?
  58. "Love is in the air" Deconstructed ( music video )
  59. Camera movement
  60. The big GREEN SCREEN
  61. The big GREEN SCREEN
  62. Recommendations for Studio Cameras?
  63. premiere wont preview from DV?
  64. Best audio restoration/cleaning programs?
  65. Best Screen Capturing
  66. Call for Entries: Planet Ant Film and Video Festival
  67. digital color-grading
  68. Xl2
  69. lustre
  70. First project on Film, what do I need to know for Post?
  71. need inspirations for quality animations....
  72. Tutorial
  73. colour correct
  74. Actors in 3d world
  75. Video layering?
  76. Space of "The Matrix"
  77. Render Que in Premier Pro?
  78. Hollywood Camerawork training
  79. directing for vfx, book or dvd ?
  80. audio during preview
  81. Question about AVID
  82. Slow Motion With Mini DV
  83. Articles and Tutorials on Film Making/ Cinematography
  84. Focus pulling on DV?
  85. premiere tutorials?
  86. Rendered movie is missing chunks of audio
  87. frame rates
  88. fps and different formats
  89. Action Cut - Filmmaking from Page to Screen in 3 days
  90. how do I integrate 3D w/live action
  91. Getting Started to get the feet wet
  92. "Se7en" - the ending recreated with stuffed animals
  93. What do you all think of Blender 3D
  94. Any used XL1's for sale
  95. HD->Film
  96. !!!panasonic Hd!!!
  97. What gets you in a film?
  98. Animatic to final render...
  99. Creating Explosions
  100. Editing books
  101. Hi8, still alive?
  102. CINEMATOGRAPHY: Then to now
  103. What is Inferno / Flame
  104. what's your way to cut your script into shots?
  105. FireWire External Hard drives question
  106. Dolly Project
  108. movive quality plz help
  109. Help with Camera's in maya
  110. hi, here's a bit of my next movie
  111. Thos previews are killing me
  112. Camera Links / Tutorials
  113. HD vs Film
  114. light flicker on sound? anyone got one?
  115. FILM PERMITS: Post contact info of your local Film Commission
  116. To go to school or not to go to school? is the real question
  117. School or no School? that is the real question
  118. The right DVD Authoring Tool
  119. Advice on pace in film
  120. Post here Short (and I mean short) movies to inspire us..
  121. Return to the Past video, please critique
  122. Action Scene Animatic
  123. Microphones?
  124. Timelapse
  125. If you're in Los Angeles this month... (May)
  126. is there a place for a movie editor in video games?
  127. Difference matte, opinions?
  128. ReTimer Alternative
  129. Finding actors/actresses?
  130. Super 8mm
  131. SFI any info?
  132. SFI any info?
  133. questions about dvd format
  134. Directing BROKEN ($8000 ACTION - 100 VFX Shots)
  135. Whats up ending films with the word "FIN"?
  136. M. Night Shyamalan next project?
  137. BV-01 short movie
  138. Rendering short movies
  139. SCHOOLS for Production Design/art direction for film
  140. THE BIG CHASE SIGNUP LIST: Post here those who are looking for partners/teams
  141. 2-MINUTE FILM CLUB!:Challenge:1 The Big "Chase"
  142. Sound for my Animation-Short-Film
  143. Casting Directors and Producers BEWARE
  144. 2-MINUTE FILM CLUB!-THE CHASE 6:20 (Animated)
  145. 2-MINUTE FILM CLUB!THE BIGCHASE :SergioKomic(and friends) "Live ACTION w VFX" WIP
  147. 2-minute film club "The Big Chase"- Hide and seek, live action.
  148. New Superman movie video journal
  149. 2-MINUTE FILM CLUB!THE BIGCHASE :NationalAnthem (animated)
  150. less than 2 minute film - the giant
  151. Renting digital camera
  152. 2-MINUTE FILM CLUB!THE BIGCHASE : Igor Sandman (live action)WIP
  153. 2-minute Film Club!the Bigchase :team Thermite (live Action With Vfx)
  154. Dateline 2m Filmclub: 10 DAYS To Go!
  155. my storyboard
  156. Question about editing with premiere.
  157. 2-MINUTE FILM CLUB-Chase : Archer (animation)WIP
  159. A few spare chase scripts...
  160. 2-MINUTE FILM CLUB: The Big Chase- Steve Sherrin
  161. How does one become an Extra in a film?
  162. A Big question!
  163. 2 Minute Film Club! The Big Chase: C Sqaured (Animated)
  164. 2-MINUTE FILM CLUB!THE BIGCHASE: Valerio S. (Live action)
  165. 4:4:4 High Definition
  166. Vfx ( Sfx )
  167. colorist websites
  168. Camera used on tv series?
  169. Trying to recored from VCR to Mini DV into Premier Pro, Help !
  170. Which Camera
  171. Controlling sound effects in real time
  172. 2-MINUTE FILM CLUB!THE BIGCHASE : Robot 36 and the Kid (ANIMATED)
  173. WE WANT YOU! Looking for FILMAKERS For the next FXWARS
  174. CG Creators wanted for scenes in feathered film
  175. Free Chroma Keyer software?
  176. The Language.....
  177. The Lady and the Lion - a new beginning
  178. large file size/long movie problems
  180. 2M FILMCLUB MONDAY VOTING PAGE (POST HERE If you want to be included!)
  181. 2M Filmclub: To all with FINISHED SHORTS...
  182. VOTE! 2-MINUTE FILM CLUB!:Challenge:1 The Big "Chase"
  183. Chromakey clothes?
  184. Intro to HD/formats info?
  185. Sony HDR-FX1 Mini DV Digital Camcorder
  186. Filmmaking issues: (free) Music 4 your feature
  187. Teenz Inc - CGI needed
  188. 2MN Filmclub WINNERS!
  189. 2-MINUTE FILM CLUB!:Challenge:2 "The fight"
  190. 2MN FC: THE Fight SIGNUP LIST: Post here those who are looking for partners/teams
  191. 2-MINUTE FILMCLUB! The Fight: SteraFiLMS (LiveAction)
  192. [2-Minute FILM Club] The Fight: The Way [LIVE ACTION]
  194. Weird Problem with a Video in 3dsmax
  195. Hd 1080
  196. DV interlace???
  197. 2 Minute Film Club! The Fight: C Sqaured (Live Action)
  198. 2-MINUTE FILM CLUB-Fight: Archer (animation)
  199. Two Minute Film Club - The (food) Fight live action with VFX
  200. mini DV collaboration
  201. 2-MINUTE FILM CLUB!THE FIGHT: Gustav Nikitin (Animated)
  202. Converting Avi to Quicktime .MOV. best tool?
  203. ICARUS (Interactive Calibration and Reconstruction from Image Sequences)
  204. Very redwhiteblack Weblog by film maker
  205. 2-MINUTE FILM CLUB!THE FIGHT : Igor Sandman (live action)
  207. Film Festivals?
  208. 15 second short film.
  209. 2-MINUTE FILM CLUB-Fight: Archer (Live Action)
  210. not really happy with final cut - anybody knows a better prog
  211. Confidential!
  212. Amateur Film Director
  213. final cut newb please help
  214. My Appologies To...
  215. Need Ideas on Postprocessing Tecniques?
  216. filmtestdvd?
  217. 2M FILMCLUB (THE FIGHT):The Voting Thread goes UP on Friday...(POST YOUR ENTRY HERE)
  218. 2-MINUTE FILM CLUB!THE FIGHT: mrSnoogle (animated)
  219. HD 720p or 1080p?
  220. VOTE! 2-MINUTE FILM CLUB!:Challenge:2 The Fight
  221. Black bars in Sony DVD architect, grr (pixel aspect ratio problem)
  222. 2MN FC: My City SIGNUP LIST: Post here those who are looking for partners/teams
  223. capturing 24p in premiere?
  224. 2minFilmClub/mycity/valerio-stepington/live action
  225. maybe a noob question but...
  226. Converting between frame rates
  228. 2minFilmClub/mycity/mixed media SCOTT HARRIS
  229. Need help with sequence
  230. 2D animation editing
  231. Overlapping action on cuts
  232. DV capturing stripes?? not interlace
  233. Too much shake? and General Feedback
  234. NEW DATELINE: 2MN Filmclub MY CITY (November 14th 2005)
  235. Short Animation Advertisement Idea
  237. California Film Schools
  238. MiniDV tapes not reading?
  239. HD resolution: 1920i or 1920p ?
  240. DV Codec Compression
  241. Question: Illegal Tshirt?
  242. Editing Software used by Industry
  243. 2k or 1080p when aiming for festivals/35mm
  244. Creative Block
  245. Hip-hop artist film clip
  246. DV Deinterlanceing issue
  247. 2 Minute Film Club: Stick figure theater... (Proposal)
  248. How do you measure the length of a shot?
  249. what purpose does an external audio mixer hold in editing?
  250. Help needed