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  1. record directly from my miniDV with finalcut
  2. Planning to do a animatied short on sadako story, anything I need to know
  3. CG Special Effects Companies
  4. How are cartoons made!
  5. THE FILMCLUB: Movie Listing Thread
  6. THE FILM CLUB THE NEXT MOVIE ()...Pick the Cathegory
  7. Clip with 24P Advance Pulldown with 4:2:2 color smoothing
  8. The Filmclub: Thriller (Nov 14 -20 ) The French Connection (1971) DISCUSSION THREAD
  9. Clapper/Slateboard Numbering Question
  10. re-edit without having to recompress?
  11. XDCAM vs DigiBeta
  12. The Filmclub: Adventure (Nov 21 -27 )"Raiders of the Lost Ark" (1981)
  13. Type of codec for little web movie
  14. Making a movie ? can it be Done ?
  15. The Filmclub: SCiFI (Nov 28 -Dec4 ) Alien (1979)
  16. Super 16mm versus HD versus 35mm!
  17. focal camera(maya)
  18. Hollywood Camera Work DVD Set.....
  19. export edit 2 dvd
  20. HD shooting then camera tracking.
  21. Canon XL2 vs Panasonic DVX100A
  22. Image quality in Camcorders.
  23. The Filmclub: Comedy (POSTPONED)
  24. Music Is the soul on any film, right?
  25. HVX Firewire/HDMI capture
  26. New to film making need advice
  27. Editing and Post Production Suite advice needed
  28. Short film - LIVE LIFE
  29. What to render for film festivals?
  30. Short Showcase Movie
  31. Need advice on the new direction
  32. Anyone here built a dolly that worked?
  33. Short film costs
  34. SCI-FI Costume Making
  35. DV and HDV artifacts - adding and removing
  37. Photogrammetry
  38. Message Deleted
  39. Where do I Start!
  40. 800k pixel DV camera - enough?
  41. 3ds Max to FC Express Quality Problem
  42. Canon XLH1?
  43. What is the director ?
  44. Video Clips into to 3dsmax Animations
  45. Film Resolution for theaters
  46. tga and cinelerra question
  47. What camera do they use?
  48. High Definition
  49. export without loose quality in finalcut
  50. Where is
  51. render resoulution and compression questions
  52. sony vegas rate-change
  53. Sound Mic-ing Tips, Tricks?
  54. JPEG to AVI?
  55. suggest for buy a camera.
  56. Heard about Director/Film Training...MUST READ FOR ASPIRING HOLLYWOODITES!!!
  57. Movie making with Maya !?!?!?!?
  58. HD content and DVDs
  59. Need a REEL and screen time?
  60. what color temperature you use for film work ?
  61. Which CameraSonyHDR-FX1 vs XL2 Cannon
  62. Final Cut Pro- Alpha Channels
  63. Help whats the cheapest but best camera
  64. Music for your films!
  65. Sony Bravia Spot
  66. cost of scoring a 3d movie
  67. What is everybody up to this year?
  68. Sound editing - Radio commands
  69. Old movie style plug-in
  70. Help! Camera questions
  71. Cinemascope Format With Dv
  72. Codec
  73. King Kong Movie
  74. Creating a Full Motion Movie with Realistic 3d GFX
  75. Working On A 3 Minute CG Short....Need Help Please
  76. the first videoclip
  77. stop action
  78. cost of printing a movie on 35mm film
  79. Stereo Movie Player?
  80. The Apprentice
  81. 'Almost Brand NEW' Sony DCR VX 1000 for sales
  82. Short Martial Arts Film
  83. Good Movie Maker/Editor?
  84. Few complicated Questions
  85. Editors Block....
  86. Composer / Sound Designer for coop in film...
  87. 35mm Transfer Costs
  89. shadow with chroma key
  90. Compression and Format.
  91. Launches Animation Awards for all Animators
  92. Directing/Management System for Shots
  93. slice modifier in maya
  94. My Movie
  95. importing files into adobe premiere
  96. Video Converter Software.
  97. Advice on Basic HD Setup
  98. What's the difference?
  99. Rendering out 3D for Film
  100. Offering free music for film or demoreel
  101. Filmmaker's Central
  102. Greenscreening and maya
  103. Editing in Premiere?(what file format to use)?
  104. Indie CGI movies questions
  105. inspirational films
  106. importing targa files in Premiere?
  107. Scary Silent Film!!
  108. Using the right Software and getting the license
  109. Widescreen Aspect Ratio
  110. The Life of a Pirate
  111. PROPOSAL for the 2 Minute Film club "I AM CGTALK"
  112. Painterly Rendering of Video?
  113. APTI short film - Snail Trail
  114. How to build sets
  115. Renting High end video camera for chroma shots in Croatia?
  116. 48 hour fim contest
  117. re$olut1on?
  118. camera for stop motion
  119. Looking for an audio editing app with Video Preview
  120. Making 3d music video
  121. Fundamental book about film-making
  122. New D&D Short movie "CHOICES"
  123. Getting the best out of a 1ccd DV camera?
  124. First Editing Project
  125. y space at bottom in Close up composition?
  126. mix defrent photage "16/9 as letter box and as pixel accept retio"
  127. which video camera fit with 16mm cameras??!
  128. I'm creating my own Track Dolly, any tips?
  129. How to capture DV film correct?
  130. Some info on JVC GY-HD100 needed !
  131. Capturing Chrome Ball data (Tripod Head)
  132. Directing Others
  133. how to setup two cameras in the feature film
  134. The best codec
  135. Red
  136. Edmond A Movie
  137. Need people to collaberate with on CG DIY Sci Fi short film
  138. Clueless: Digital DVD Camcorder or Professional Cams
  139. KARTING - Eden Games 2006 : The MOVIE
  140. How to shoot a MArtial arts film?
  141. High Def Video
  142. Making video look like night time
  143. general question about sound...
  144. free video stock
  145. video retouching software
  146. Rendering for 2K widescreen / aspect ratio question
  147. A Movie Intro I Made
  148. A Movie Intro I Made
  149. Trouble with my DVD
  150. B&W clip...keeping blue colors
  151. Producing Animation
  152. Seeking a movie producer thats familar with animated films
  153. Job Designation question...
  154. My Christmas project
  155. MatchMoving?
  156. Camera Choice
  157. How are they doing this ?
  158. High Definition?
  159. Why realtime is up and coming
  160. Any Solution for my camcorder problem please?
  161. Know of anything shot on 16mm?
  162. How did they do that in Underworld 2?
  163. Harsh colors on TV
  164. Producer??
  165. Final Cut Output?
  166. DV Rebel - Making action movies cheap!
  167. Rendering resolution for DVD
  168. Convertind CG animation into TV video
  169. .mov vs .wmv
  170. FCP work on widescreen tv AND 4:3?
  171. How do you get started?
  172. HD screening
  173. Film Size for making a animation movie ?
  174. 2-MINUTE FILM CLUB!_Challenge 4: "Cute Girl
  175. 2-MINUTE FILM CLUB! Cute Girl: Matt Vogt (ANIMATED) (I'm not a cute girl)
  176. 2-MINUTE FILM CLUB! Cute Girl: 3DEffects (LIVE ACTION)
  177. Naming convention of scenes and footage
  178. Any tips for a first time director?
  179. The Cinematography of Pan's Labyrinth
  180. Please check out my first "short"
  181. Quiroga - Argentinian Shortfilm
  182. Need advice how to learn to animate a camera realistically?
  183. Help our community: film scores!
  184. How much money i would have to pay "backgorund" actors?
  185. My Latest Short Movie!
  186. Short Film The Watchers
  187. Company fiunding for animation project
  188. I want to see some short movies made by individuals.
  189. Attention All Animators/Filmmakers - Australian political Ad Competition
  190. How to do color correction
  191. video editing / jumpcut
  192. My short films
  193. Annotations on top of quicktime sequence
  194. free movie stock sites?
  195. Ancient History Documentary
  196. HD Production & Visual Effects Seminar Direct from Hollywood!
  197. 48 Hour Film Project
  198. Convert frames to Video?
  199. Film Score Now™
  200. looking for job applicants
  201. Short Film Contest
  202. Film Vs Dv-on Going Saga Closing Soon
  203. camera move
  204. What is George Lucas's story?
  205. Online Short Film Competition
  206. Radar Music Video Festival
  207. SCANNERS, scanning 8mm,16mm maybe even 35mm
  208. City camera shots from above?
  209. adobe premiere Pro eXPORT PROBLEMS!
  210. How do they shot acidents,fights or whatever on famous places and streets ?
  211. Filmmaking Workflow?
  212. making a Opening for series Workflow audio VS image curiosity
  213. Film School in Toronto
  214. Why did they do this in Harry Potter?
  215. FEARnet 2007 Halloween Video & Interview
  216. Promo Videos
  217. SCAD shorts...
  218. Car Story
  219. want to buy portable blue or green screen..which is best??
  220. some work
  221. For ppl who wanna find a good art school to pursue the professional path
  222. Final University Project
  223. do i need to check genuine software lic. before i hire a freelancer ??
  224. digital or film....
  225. Need Help in CG short film Guidance
  226. How do they get the movie look?
  227. what is the best + cheap HD camera with exchangeable lens ?
  228. Internet resources/Tutorials
  229. How to do dynamic 2-persp shots in real world?
  230. Movie scene where someone crashes through wood plank door/wall
  232. viking short film
  233. Best way to set up Tracking Targets for Shoot
  234. delivering finished movies
  235. need help, I am cleaning up a mess
  236. What to do when your done with your cg movie
  237. No where else to turn - motion tracking and 3D
  238. size for greenscreen format...
  239. Matching 16 mm grain
  240. HELP! searching 2003 Hulk film 'making of' images
  241. What directors should I study?
  242. where to learn to operate film camera??
  243. How am I suposed to keep up with a Princeton film student?
  244. Are there any forums where people analyze shots in movies?
  245. How can i get to be a director assistant TRAINEE?
  246. RED L.A. User Group Meeting 03/15
  247. What is it that makes student movies look unprofessional?
  248. Summer workshop in Filmmaking
  249. 3D Light Data when filming? Need infos..
  250. 3d animation for pre-viz and pitching your ideas