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  1. Zbrush UV to Maya problem. UVs don't wrap around properly.
  2. Is this possible in Zbrush?
  3. Basic Zbrush Question
  4. Question about zbrush
  5. Combining eye sub tool into same uv map as body unwrap?
  6. 4R5 crashes
  7. Smooth Directional Brush Missing !!
  8. Zbrush 4R6
  9. Zbrush vs Lbrush from Joe Alter ?
  10. Bit confused, how can I get a photoshop style smudge brush in polypaint?
  11. [HELP] Divide Mesh issue.
  12. Creating Alphas from masks issue.
  13. Zbrush License Swap PC for MAC
  14. Brush along curve
  15. Paste UVs problem
  16. CG Monster / Character Modeler for Nickelodeon
  17. Can't open ztl
  18. Projecting Frustration. Advice needed.
  19. unable to open file objOut Zremesher 4r6
  20. Ptex vs polypaint comparision
  21. Re-projecting detail PROBLEM
  22. Need help with my model in zbrush
  23. Help! Exporting Texture Maps 3D Elements
  24. No Transpose Tool?
  25. Bug with Zbrush Ver4R5
  26. Backface Masking when Masking
  27. Preserve UV layout with Remesher
  28. sculpturing advice
  29. Zspheres + Adaptive Skin problem
  30. Zbrush UV's
  31. art advice
  32. do we have to retopology
  33. Texturing & Posing workflow?
  34. Zbrush workflow between low hi poly uv
  35. mirror problems
  36. Problems with my sculpture
  37. Zbrush smooth help
  38. Zbrush glitch problem, pls help!
  39. ZBrush: clip tool is in reverse?
  40. Confused about final UV & texture steps in ZBrush retopo process
  41. PROBLEM with Layers & Recording mode!!!
  42. Zbrush: Forgot to UV
  43. Smooth a sphere
  44. Kink when using curveTube brush
  45. UV Mapping problems in zBrush with UV master
  46. My texture looks too plain for me... Help
  47. create a low bas relief with zbrush
  48. studying advice
  49. ZBrush file cannot be opened, causes program to crash.
  50. Importing models! (noob)
  51. bezier smoothing thru ZSpheres
  52. Having a polypaint issue............
  53. A few questions about zbrush that maybe someone could answer?
  54. Wacom Multi-touch for navigation in zbrush
  55. UV maps do not import from Zbrush to 3dsm
  56. Medieval weapons sets for FREE
  57. A general perspective of ZBrush
  58. Questions about Adding new objects to multi Pose Character
  59. Arnold VDM Tangent
  60. Arnold VDM Tangent
  61. Zombie Alien - My latest sculpt.
  62. Sell my Zbrush 4 Macintosh Licence
  63. insert mesh + matching to subtool pos
  64. zbrush spotlight problem black color
  65. add mesh selections to overall selection...
  66. "Error has been encountered while trying to load a Tool. Loading has been aborted."
  67. size issue of low poly and high poly in zbrush
  68. Maya Texture Map to zBrush
  69. Controlling hard surface objects
  70. Controlling hard surface objects
  71. Keeping it Low Poly
  72. Transpose Master Crushes all the time.
  73. Zbrush UI help
  74. PLEASE help. Am I doing this right?
  75. HELP a noob, would ya!?
  76. Image plane static background
  77. Remesh problem
  78. How to get started
  79. help ! i'm not able to preview BPR Filters changes :/ !!!
  80. Selling my Zbrush PC license , $600.00
  81. Daily Sculpt - Sessions
  82. How do I save quickpick and brush settings?
  83. Unselected subtool disappearing when orbit
  84. Imported symmetric instances' front faces missing
  85. I can't edit document
  86. Pixelated Texture map
  87. UV Master - Rotate UV Islands
  88. Zbrush 4r4 Displacement Map Issues
  89. Displacement - One thread to rule them all...
  90. Having a polypaint issue............
  91. Zbrush transfer UVs
  92. GoZ polygroups transfer?
  93. zbrush draw cursor dissappears while sculpting
  94. How to modify the UV of a painted tool in a 3d program and import it back
  95. Extract command (Zbrush 5r6)
  96. Zbrush to Maya scale issues
  97. how to import highpoly maya model to zbrush
  98. Speckled polypaint problem
  99. sculpturing advice
  100. Preserving the edges of a plane
  101. Having a polypaint issue in zbrush
  102. brush, tool and saving files questions
  103. Where is the "max points" slider in ZBrush 4R6's Stroke=>Curve modifiers ?!
  104. Wacom Intuos Pro or Pen?
  105. DC area, anyone?
  106. Exporting entire .ZTL file as an .obj file
  107. Snakehook
  108. How to combine the vertex?
  109. Direct paint on mesh, with a brush to combine various texture ?
  110. Help. Can't start zbrush
  111. Retopology technique for hard surface using Zremesher in Zbrush
  112. clip brush issues
  113. zbrush uv master is missing
  114. Can anyone get past 8 million or so polys?
  115. Adding teeth in Zbrush
  116. fix the edges
  117. Sketchfab exporter for ZBrush - free plugin
  118. polypaint 50% grey
  119. GoZ refuses to remember what apps I don't have?
  120. Texture stretching when i use spotlight?
  121. THe mesh will be like that when I use snake hook
  122. Divide Geometry - Receding Edges Issue
  123. DUmb Question; How to generate Normal map from another mesh
  124. Polypaint issues after retopologizing
  125. How can I setup my UI like this?
  126. wacom help?
  127. Head model morphs when I add body parts?
  128. Can UV master make extremely clean UV maps for games
  129. New SizeAjustor plugin (for ZBrush, PC+MAC)
  130. Converting Polypaint To Textured Map Everthing Becomes Messed Up
  131. Zsphere and UV Mapping
  132. Issue with loading a HDR image to zbrush
  133. Multiple UV sets in Zbrush?
  134. normal tangent map has UV lines all over it
  135. Polygroup issue when I run decimation master!
  136. How to sculpt this type of plumage
  137. UV Texture Mapping? (ZBrush=>Maya)
  138. Hight Res to Low Res help please!
  139. Zbrush normal map export error!
  140. Is It Possible To Export Normal Maps In Zbrush For Multiple Subtools At Once?
  141. zBrush/Maya Polygroup Problem
  142. Make topology brush curves snap together or merge?
  143. Exporting
  144. how increase brush size
  145. Double mesh/subtool problem, help?
  146. Having trouble remeshing hands
  147. problem with UV
  148. Texture map doesn't match my model?
  149. anatomy assessment
  150. anatomy assessment
  151. Selling My WINDOWS Zbrush License
  152. Apply different MatCaps to different Subtools
  153. replace geometry
  154. Focal distance...
  155. dynamesh question
  156. Importing Tool, How to Flip
  157. dynamesh re topology for exporting maps
  158. Polypaint exports low res
  159. zbrush back to daz3d
  160. zbrush workflow for animation
  161. Retopology
  162. Help with displacement for 3ds max
  163. Is there any way to retopology a suit collar?
  164. Dynamesh - Uncertain how to proceed
  165. Super confused about workflow
  166. Keeping detail to altered meshes
  167. Mesh extract using poseable symmetry not symmetrical
  168. From low-poly to high-poly
  169. Applying matcaps with zapplink
  170. I need 32 bit rgb deformation but ZBrush ONLY creates 16 bit grayscale, please help!
  171. have normal map leave base mesh features alone?
  172. How do people get polycounts up to 50 mil points
  173. question on clothing and creating difference mesh?
  174. Reference images
  175. can't unwrap mesh to export polypaint
  176. Workflow - Dynamesh/Zremesher/Unwarp?/Export?
  177. GoZ always opens a new scene
  178. Dynamesh Problem
  179. Creating a relief with an image
  180. Projection Master - Dropping Texture not wrapping right
  181. [ZB 4R6] Sculpting bas relief from photo
  182. zbrush moving imm
  183. GoZ to Max - Scale Problem
  184. Brush settings
  185. exported textures don't align properly
  186. qRemesher doesn't work
  187. Alpha not working properly
  188. Normal maps are weak
  189. Normal maps are weak
  190. Will Zbrush run smoothly on 4GB?
  191. GoZ Cinema 4D Problem
  192. polygon redistribution/retopo.
  193. Remesh Tool not working please help!
  194. Making of Monkey Island Pirate by Cleyton Jonnas
  195. Zbrush texturing reference
  196. [Requesting Help] ZBrush - Character Modelling
  197. need help understanding a high poly character to low poly character
  198. Texture Quality Change from ZBrush to Max Using GoZ
  199. Retopo/texture struggle.
  200. 3d Layers Issue: Detail Layers + Pose Layer Interaction = Hot Mess
  201. sculpt advice
  202. how to display reference images in zbrush
  203. dynamesh problem
  204. UV master makes the uv-map not fit the borders
  205. Scanned mesh texture issue
  206. Saving tools
  207. Remove part of a dynamesh
  208. insert mesh issue?
  209. [Help] Merging geometry - Zbrush + Maya
  210. Wacom Brush Spacing Artifacts?
  211. Replace left hand with right hand
  212. Backface culling
  213. Maya to Zbrush Export problem
  214. Is there a way to Copy and Paste UVs to similar Model?
  215. Dynamesh Substraction Artifacts
  216. HD Sculpt + Fibermesh questions
  217. Dynamesh hard edges / topology ?
  218. GoZ not working
  219. Alpha Masking only ZAdd
  220. Texture map from 123d Catch doesn't sit right
  221. material request
  222. Tentacle texturing
  223. About UV Master plugin in Zbrush , help !
  224. About UV Master plugin in Zbrush , help !
  225. Stretchy Noise Deformation
  226. license swapping
  227. Shadowbox leaves behind a grid
  228. different brushes!! am confused!!
  229. zbrush uv master to 3ds max
  230. Normal & displacement maps with Decimation Master
  231. Cancel undo history
  232. Erase parts of layer?
  233. making geometry transparent
  234. how to cut sharp in zbrush
  235. US/American keyboard layout hardcoded?
  236. How Cut the geometry
  237. Texture Map Painting - Not Polypaint!
  238. Max to ZB back to Max Tutorial.
  239. Unofficial San Diego Zbrush Users Group is Open for Business!
  240. Zbrush to Max. Displace Map Problem
  241. Saving Retopology Work
  242. Anyone else just getting started with Zbrush?
  243. zbrush to Max/Vray displacement tutorial
  244. New to zbrush, need help please!
  245. Arranging object as a pattern in zbrush??
  246. Helmet design by Joseph Drust - videos
  247. the beginning of the end of zspheres?
  248. Duplicate model (Can't move it or edit it)
  249. Dynamesh, what the fudge
  250. Displacement map trouble