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  1. Strange seams when importing UV at lowest level
  2. Zbrush UV/Polypaint issues? Polypaint map changes once created?
  3. zbrush plugin Z-uploader
  4. screen mode brush "zbrush"?
  5. Transforming Your Shape In Multicubes Like Lego Cubes?
  6. Allocating more hardware to Zbrush
  7. Fibermesh curves don't show up (other apps)
  8. Zbrush 4R4 Change cache file location
  9. Need some help with the interface please! (Image Plane related)
  10. Need help with ZBrush
  11. Importing ztool into lower version of Zbrush? Possible?
  12. 4R4 Virtual Memory/Cache File
  13. Subtools - what am I missing to merge it?
  14. Importing from Maya to Zbrush
  15. Shader and Material Blend Question
  16. How to reduce z intensity of all sculpted data?
  17. Adding Topology to areas of the model
  18. copy layers?
  19. Looking for a good place to get detailed Zbrush models for a project I'm working on
  20. Stuck in initial stage of modeling because of symmetry
  21. need uv master help! urgent!
  22. Editing lower sub divisions outside of Zbrush and bringing them back in?
  23. wacom cintiq issue: zadd subtracts, smooth makes rough geometery
  24. Highpoly texture on lowpoly object
  25. zbrush-4R4-Renamer Maker
  26. Character workflow problem
  27. upside down poser object import
  28. Quick Dynamesh Question
  29. Displacement Map Problems
  30. adding edgeloop crumples mesh
  31. Solo Mode Auto Turning ON?
  32. zbrush-GoZ- Howto if your Application does not support GoZ
  33. Wth is going on with Zbrush?! Help please :(
  34. Cinema 4d To Zbrush , Heeellpppp!!!
  35. 3D Max to Zbrush (im sorry)
  36. Gaining confidence as a new artist to Zbrush
  37. How to frame a large object imported from Maya.
  38. Learning Zbrush rendering
  39. Adding more Geometry to model via Maya Extrude
  40. How to make UV's out of Polygroups
  41. GoZ workflow with PhotoShop?
  42. Polypaint foundation color different from my chosen color
  43. Starting Modeling Again, advice on where to start with Hard Surfaces via Zbrush
  44. zbrush4r4-mesh-fusion tutorial
  45. ShadowBox have a Grid?
  46. Best way to learn Zbrush?
  47. zbrushNormalmap
  48. How does the Zbrush handle animation?
  49. Mesh Extraction BY LAYERS
  50. zbrushNormalmap
  51. 100% Symmetry Possible?
  52. How do i get this nice carving hard surface effect?
  53. Cant setup GoZ with Maya?
  54. Polygroups-->Auto Groups Not Working
  55. Macbook Pro i7 CPU Fan 100%?
  56. Zsphere retopology stuck under model
  57. Z Sketch mode not initialising
  58. alfa image sequence render
  59. Insert Mesh Problem
  60. Zbrush Masking Going Through Object
  61. ZBRUSH4r4 mesh fusion And QRemesher video
  62. zbrush to max uv problem..
  63. Load a reference image into the workspace
  64. Zbrush 4R5 Here
  65. Wrap subtool around another?
  66. GoZ to maya - head smooths/avg points help
  67. how to mirror sculpt on a unsymmetrical object ?
  68. How to purge undo history.
  69. how to project the highpoly details onto the unwrapped lowpoly model in Zbrush?
  70. Need advice on work flow.
  71. Geometry HD Crash
  72. 3D Video Tutorials CHRISTMAS SPECIAL
  73. ZBrush-4R5 Combo-sliders Plugin
  74. Zbrush Fibermesh...
  75. Zbrush 4R4 topology problems
  76. How to blend/bolean two subtools.
  77. Problems with topology
  78. Masking/Hiding Polygroups
  79. without UV
  80. Polygroups and Hiding with Lasso Tool
  81. ZSphere Character Workflow Help
  82. How to extract one subtool from another.
  83. Help! New ZBrush User ReMesh Problems
  84. Mouth Problem?
  85. uv check ,lost one face
  86. How to fill the Preview tool with sculpt object.
  87. Splitting imported objects?
  88. Ripping MatCap materials
  89. Zapplink imports paints front/back/inside.
  90. Displays the current texture
  91. "mrg" merge UV Coordinates doesn't work
  92. how do I make sculpting constrained to a single axis?
  93. Zbrush Masking Question....Been years!
  94. ZBrush 4R5 reduce polygons with Delete Loops Tutorial
  95. problems exporting normal map from zbrush
  96. Closing holes and cutting in Zbrush
  97. ZappLink error with 4R5 to Photoshop
  98. Exporting Displacement Map
  99. displace map mode problem
  100. ZBrush GoZ to Maya 2013 Mental ray issue
  101. Zbrush - Goz- 3D max error
  102. Transferring Details
  103. repeat last action hotkey?
  104. Tips/Techniques on bridge sculpt
  105. Snap brush to curve
  106. having an issue with transfering details from Zbrush to Maya
  107. Maya displacement not looking like my Zbrush sculpt
  108. ZBrush / Maya Shadow Issue
  109. keeping polypaint but adding new uv's
  110. Adding topology to interior of sculpt
  111. Removing HD geometry?
  112. Newbie having difficulty with some basics
  113. Zbrush complete help document/reference
  114. Demo or trial version?
  115. Subdivide causes weird visual anomaly?
  116. New to the forum! A question about partial subdivision and polygrpoups
  117. local transpose scale?
  118. Basic question on zbrush to 3ds max workflow
  119. Zbrush to maya displacement map
  120. Bad adaptive skin from Zspheres
  121. 32 bit displacement problem (i read a ton of similar threads using google already...)
  122. How would you make this hair?
  123. Dynamesh all subtools in one go.?
  124. Understanding Noisemaker (Intermediate Video Tutorial)
  125. can we create this kinda terrains in zbrush
  126. applying noise causes mesh to spaz out
  127. What kind of detail can I expect out of zbrush export?
  128. How would you approach this?
  129. Normal+Disp+color matching issue
  130. Polygons suddenly is at another place after going up a division level
  131. zbrush 4R5 Surface mask By Noise Tutorial
  132. Transpose Master Issue
  133. Can you scale your Image Planes?
  134. zbrush4R5 Dice tutorial
  135. What's up with Polypaint?
  136. Layer recording darkens tool
  137. zbrush sss problem...
  138. University Project
  139. Zbrush help request: Can't edit model/tool WITH edit mode on.
  140. Problems: multiple faces
  141. Displacement map generate out as flat color with no information
  142. German Bunker - Any tips on subdividing?
  143. Help needed for Matching Subtools from Scaled Maya import
  144. Normal mapping nightmare
  145. When to use Zbrush vs Maya
  146. Clip Curve Unwanted Snapping
  147. zBrush Displacement Map Glitch?
  148. Create New from Polypaint problem
  149. Object disappear when zooming
  150. isolate selection on rigged mesh?
  151. Zbrush4R5-Move-Postion-Ver-A plugin
  153. Maya to Zbrush-Zbrush Display Problem
  154. How to draw spotlight images with blended transparency...
  155. Creating highly realistic fabric texture
  156. Asking for help on the retopology
  157. making Best render look as good as the Preview render
  158. unwrap problem with ZBrush !
  159. ZBrush Standard Hotkeys Not Working?
  160. Zsphere Adaptive Skin Problem
  161. centre insert cylinder in sphere?
  162. How to export multi-material mesh from 3dsMax into Zbrush...
  163. Smoothed border/decimation master/zphere/adaptive skin
  164. videos observations
  165. UV unwrap don't follow from maya to zbrush
  166. Normal map issues Zbrush to maya
  167. Normal map issues Zbrush to maya
  168. How to create rope on an empty subtool
  169. New to Zbrush - Brush overlap and pixelation question
  170. Does R5 crash a lot or is it just me?
  171. I forgot the name of a software
  172. Increase memory to zbrush
  173. -Projection on intersecting meshes-
  174. How do i save preferences?
  175. Zbrush vs lipservice w/lbrush ?
  176. How can I make a stroke taper to a point?
  177. Goz to C4D
  178. View plane based flattening
  179. requesting a little help with re-topologizing
  180. zbrush UVs farting up :S
  181. UV Unwrap - before or after high detail sculpting?
  182. GoZ 4R5 on Maya versions
  183. Materials, from ZBrush to Maya
  184. Flat plane left behind when clipping
  185. Problem exporting polypaint.
  186. I dont even know where to start..
  187. Need help getting started (newbie)
  188. Constructive criticism of my sketchbook
  189. Default brushes documentation
  190. Removing mesh from InsertMultiMesh brush?
  191. Is it possible to put new strokes of a brush as different polygroups?
  192. 3d Printing
  193. Zbrush remeshing mannequins (newbie)
  194. Zbrush remeshing mannequins
  195. Best way to bevel an edge in Zbrush?
  196. UV Master not copying UVs on identical meshes
  197. GoZ Temp files - Where do they go?
  198. FREE Zbrush IMM Brush Sets
  199. Zbrush to Topogun issue.
  200. Transferring Topology
  201. Getting some strange artifacts(?) on certain area when moving to higher subdiv levels
  202. ZBrush 3.5 import not working
  203. Can zbrush materials be exported into 3ds max?
  204. Beginner question: Rendering in Zbrush vs Rendering in Vray
  205. zBrush creating unwanted lines on displacement map
  206. Some ZBrush tutorials
  207. Maya to Zbrush Uv Problem
  208. Vector displacement export
  209. I need help with Retopology on my dragong WIP
  210. doubts about retopology
  211. Zbrush - Retopo Help
  212. Customize brushes?
  213. GoZ & Cinema 4D : Polygons selections to polygroups
  214. zbrush file viewer
  215. Zbrush EXtrude problem
  216. Need help with projecting detail on to low poly sculpt
  217. Smooth Clay Brush ---> Download
  218. Zbrush GoZ - Use over Windows Parallels?
  219. non-edit move snapping problem
  220. Overwritecolor on matCap problem
  221. Zbrush ah lil slow...
  222. Zbrush/Maya pipeline issues.
  223. Beginner: How do I get my details from high res mesh onto low res mesh?
  224. I can't get enough resolution. Help?
  225. Zbrush to maya
  226. Weird result when I press "Project All"
  227. Even alpha application?
  228. Spotlight as stencil?
  229. Zbrush Workflow Problematics
  230. polypainting in different layers?
  231. Making tools from Mesh ?
  232. Baking materials onto Texture. Grr!
  233. 3D printing with UV maps
  234. Wacom Pen Not Moving
  235. Weird result when importing object from maya to zbrush
  236. Zbrush with Wacom Intuos - wheel setup
  237. Zbrush productive workflow question - Bump maps
  238. Map border visible in the displacement
  239. Beginer question - strange mesh in backgraund
  240. Zbrush or Mudbox for me? Characters to a movie
  241. Object details symmetry problem
  242. Modeling the holes for a speaker
  243. a lot of troubles,please help me...
  244. 3dsmax to zbrush
  245. New To Zbrush I have a Quick Question
  246. may I get better performance with more ram on an old machine?
  247. sculpting face
  248. Hollow Uv mapped object
  249. Render problem
  250. Z-Brush Mac Licence For Sale