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  1. [Photoshop] Lens flares, orbs & more light effects
  2. Collapsing layers in Painter 12 problem
  3. How to automate saving differnt hues of one file?
  4. question about adobe forums
  5. Unwanted floating panels in CS5
  6. Crisp Gradient Effect in Photoshop?
  7. Opening .tga with an Alpha channel in PS?
  8. A good DOF generator plugin?
  9. Where have my windows gone?
  10. Greyscale bug?
  11. Vector smart objects on 3d objects
  12. Smooth Curved Lines in PS?
  13. Photoshop script for zooming to specific ratio
  14. Compositing with premultiplied alpha in PS
  15. Is there an easier way to view numbers on the rulers?
  16. Exporting Illustrator file to PSD *NO MEMORY*
  17. Layer Detailing Question Please help me
  18. Save an old PNG opens PSD dialogue box?
  19. Stitching multiple frames
  20. Photoshop Color issues
  21. Help jaggy lines
  22. Grid not showing
  23. Enlarging picture
  24. photoshop cs2 lighting going wrong
  25. photoshop 9/10
  26. Corel Painter 12 Mac Users - A Hot fix for OSX 10.7
  27. Photoshop Incremental Save (backup)
  28. Using different sampling filters for resizing
  29. PSCS5 zoomed view accuracy issues
  30. Frustrating Painter 12 problem
  31. Automating tasks and exporting results to a text file.
  32. Scripting PS with ExtendScript-Text layer problem...
  33. Forming an image with pattern of small images
  34. Photoshop Bump/Spec maps ect.
  35. Exporting targas in Photoshop
  36. Photoshop: Flow vs Opacity
  37. Glowing Curved Line Simulate To Pen Pressure
  38. Flat just won't do..
  39. fantasy art
  40. Folds and Wrinkles Photoshop brush
  41. .skp to poserpro or body model?
  42. Ultra deeper Curves Adjustment knowledge (PS)
  43. HDR image problem
  44. Issue with Adobe colour picker
  45. Create A Random Circles Brush
  46. Create A Simple And Elegant Lines
  47. Geometric Lines Design
  48. Vector brushes in Photoshop
  49. What would I gain in upgrading from CS3 to CS5 ext for 3D usage?
  50. Remove Background From A Photo
  51. Duplicating/Deforming An Object Along A Path
  52. Photoshop 7
  53. Is there a program to MASS-convert bitmaps to PNGs?
  54. iPhone & iPad UI design tutorials
  55. Where can i find this ?
  56. Adjustment layer to affect specific layers, but not all?
  57. The Best Realistic PrismaColor Col-Erase Pencil Settings?
  58. Opinions on GIMP?
  59. use illustrator cs5 color and gradient libraries in photoshop cs5
  60. Symetrical drawing in photoshop
  61. Blur's Good Brush 5.0 released
  62. Creating fabric texture
  63. Lens blur and depth pass just not working like I remember.
  64. opacity is greyed out in patiner 12.1?
  65. Photoshop: Can't draw a perfect circle with tablet
  66. Question about transparency modes
  67. Panning passed the border in Photoshop
  68. New Photoshop Wiki
  69. Lenscare plugin - problem with bluring
  70. correctly converting 32bit render passes layers to 8bit
  71. Digital painting help - how black can you go?
  72. Having trobule creating 3D object with Repousse
  73. 3D texturing merge down hue changes
  74. Medieval Photoshop Styles
  75. Drawing in a Vintage Style
  76. turned images
  77. Text on a path question
  78. Illustrator CS5 crashes 3 sec after opening...
  79. Photoshop with Wacom Intuous 3 Tablet
  80. convert grayscale to alphe for texture
  81. Parent layer?
  82. question on simple features (line drawing)
  83. Is there a brush browser for Photoshop?
  84. anyone meet 0xc000007b error?
  85. Samsung Series 7 Slate 11.6"
  86. Problem working in CS5 after CS2
  87. Printing descriptions with photos in Bridge
  88. not able to dock fav brushes in painter XI
  89. transforming both layer AND mask- what's the tip?
  90. Record brush strokes and export as imagesequence? (photoshop)
  91. Illustrator 3D Effect
  92. New brush set
  93. Would you like seamless painting in Photoshop?
  94. blizzard
  95. Painter 12 constantly crashes within 20 minutes of opening it
  96. Corel Painter: How to mix like in the mixer ?
  97. Corel Painter: Performance ?
  98. Photoshop: Why are all my PSD files flattening??
  99. painting in photoshop
  100. Projecting an illustration onto a sphere(how?)
  101. Photoshop and LWF
  102. what are the main differences & or improvements of PS-cs6 over PS-cs5?
  103. Sanskarans Speedpainting brushsets
  104. Convert raster image to path
  105. Simple (or not so) alpha and styles issue
  106. Who uses the blur tool in Photoshop?
  107. NKS5 - Natural Media + Texturing Toolkit for Photoshop
  108. How to draw in Photoshop
  109. cs6 brush preview
  110. content aware move tool >disable the coords box
  111. Dots
  112. cs5 temporal scale problem during free transform
  113. gradient pressure stroke
  114. Adobe Photoshop certification Exam
  115. Comic Book Layout Techniques
  116. Help! Dynamic zoom gone!
  117. [Ph CS6] Animating HDRI process in still photo (Hard question!)
  118. CS4 3D issues
  119. paintingTut
  120. (Advanced) Writing my own plugin - what do I need?
  121. Several instances of the same panel??
  122. Script question: Batch "Load into stack"?
  123. [Ph CS6] Best selection plugins
  124. How to delete parts of an image using alpha of another image?
  125. where does PS CS6 store its auto save information?
  126. Throwing the line?
  127. CS6 color lookup tables
  128. brush settings
  129. Problems with color
  130. RGB to CMYK mask issue
  131. Corel Painter Brush Lag on New Layer
  132. Recommended Graphics Tablet for Game Art?
  133. Regarding Intuos Art Pen Realtime rotation in PS 6
  134. frischluft lenscare photoshop Help !
  135. Does a Handwriting Simulation Plugin Exist?
  136. how to achieve this effect...
  137. Advanced transparency Q has haunted my career
  138. Why CS6 cost twice in Europe (Germany)?
  139. New 3-Hour Fantasy Concept Art Tutorial - DRAGON SIEGE
  140. PS CS6 and brush Transfer settings issue
  141. Photoshop CS6 Lag!
  142. Is it possible to restore opacity in a semi transparent PNG?
  143. What Photoshop filter do you wish you had?
  144. Hand drawn effect?
  145. CS6 3d paint issue
  146. Automated photo-strip
  147. Corel Painter 12 color set and papers issues on iMAC OSX Lion
  148. Zoom options
  149. Learning Landscaping?
  150. Corel Painter: 3 rank nozzle creation
  151. How To Leave Only Cracks In Asphalt...?
  152. Changing PS CS4 extension background colour?
  153. Making foliage for video games?
  154. PS CS6 records brushstrokes - but it's not bug free
  155. high CPU usage on CS5 photoshop (window 7)
  156. How do I apply adjustments to sequence files, Help!
  157. Shading/Color transaction issue
  158. Help with the "Preview" function
  159. Trouble with Seams in CS6 Extended 3d
  160. PS Retina update impressions
  161. How to simulate an ultrasound?
  162. Pixel Limit
  163. Painter 12 not responding
  164. Mouse wheel scrolling - like watching paint dry or getting fired out of a cannon
  165. Final Thesis about Photoshop 3D-Painting tool.
  166. Lana Del Rey "Ride" photo effect
  167. Photoshop colour workspaces
  168. Intous4's distance between Pen & Surface problem
  169. Raw Video Footages?
  170. What filter/plugin/FX did this? (example inside)
  171. staircasing or stepped effect when painting in photoshop
  172. Help for beginner
  173. converting 32 bit exr to 8 bit in PS
  174. [Painter 12] brush creation/settings question
  175. Strange target when brush selected (no capslock tough!)
  176. Why isn't there local color palette in Photoshop?
  177. Possible? Batch action, select a colour and delete
  178. Corel Painter 12- new user
  179. how to achieve this specific kind of glow/burn effect
  180. Starting Painting... Utopia or not?
  181. Tutorial video - Photoshop Smart Objects
  182. Normal Maps Plug-In/Application
  183. Simulating the electron cloud image in CorelDRAW
  184. Which brushes/tools would you use ?
  185. Which brushes/tools would you use ?
  186. Compositing Render Image - Alpha Segmented Edge
  187. Black shadow on picture: how to eliminate
  188. Photoshop Wacom Tablet Problems
  189. Batch Cartoon effect
  190. camera raw editor
  191. Create an save action that respects the filename?
  192. color restoration to old photo
  193. Photoshop CS6 Pattern Mystery.
  194. How to change a colour on an image?
  195. Nvida plugins and Photoshop CS6
  196. Colorize Kelvin-style?
  197. Brush effect, a cry for help
  198. Painter 12 to photoshop CS5 help!
  199. Painter X3 release
  200. PS 3D tool not showing up
  201. PSCs6 Can't do much with 32bit HDRI Image
  202. photoshop cs2 text effect problem
  203. How to draw perfect square in perspective?
  204. 'Hanging' PS with Wacom Intuos 5
  205. Seam painting in Photoshop
  206. Filter/plugin for generating patterns!
  207. How to combine Two images in Photoshop CS5.1
  208. Optimum File Size
  209. Lazy Nezumi Pro - mouse and pen smoothing in PhotoShop and other apps!
  210. Corel's broken checkout system
  211. Digital whiteboard video process
  212. issues with photoshop's soft brush
  213. Photoshop Distort Filters- am I going crazy?
  214. Costume halftone shapes (instead of circles)
  215. Convert full spectrum height map to grayscale
  216. I think I broke my Photoshop
  217. Snapping while Free Transforming (scaling)
  218. Color Correction - Automatic Way
  219. begin painting
  220. Noisy/grainy skin
  221. Bokeh effect like the Battlefield 4 art?
  222. Photoshop CS6 uses only 1/4th of the RAM
  223. 3d dds tearing using texturing
  224. Trying to achieve a color I don't think is possible...
  225. photoshop cc stopped working
  226. Images Scale Down When I Drag Them Into Photoshop
  227. Batch Mask Operation and Save image
  228. How do you get the background of an object transparent for Photoshop/Illustrator?
  229. Is a bug or something else?
  230. Free Photoshop Actions
  231. 3d text effect with background?
  232. looking for a tutorial 3d typography and backdrop
  233. Advanced Action/Batch - Need help
  234. working in photoshop with different grading?
  235. Alternative for the old Photoshop "Pattern Maker"
  236. PS - Edit alpha channel per layer
  237. Gravitational Lensing
  238. newbie needs help with basic PS scripting
  239. Photoshop controller for android
  240. Photoshop CC vs After Effects for video and animation
  241. Recreating a Corel Painter brush in Photoshop
  242. Photoshop Cs6 How to make Chutes curve !
  243. New to PS. Is this a good start?
  244. PS Question and is this a good start?
  245. PS Question and is this a good start?
  246. Painter color wheel - HSV values
  247. ndo 2 load a saved (custom) preset
  248. When should I renormalize?
  249. Question about saving brushes to a Custom Brush Palette in Painter X3
  250. photoshop scripting, masks? photoshop scripting, masks?