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  1. Mel Scripting...
  2. [3DSMax]3DSMax SDK document - Learn programming plug-ins !
  3. Stroke-based Rendering
  4. addressing a plug through MEL
  5. Need help with a renaming script...
  6. Release version of texture has artifacts
  7. C# How can I fill out a form and submit it?
  8. Maya Vertices Display Too Small
  9. re: Prman, how to handle huge amounts of Points?
  10. Need help
  11. Mesh Manipulation in Maya plugin
  12. math formulars in maxscript
  13. create meshes by scripting
  14. XSI - PYTHON - PPG Object Logic question
  15. returning the length of a spline/curve with walking it?
  16. animate vertices
  17. Dreamweaver
  18. jpg image format question
  19. C++: Move object along hypotenuse
  20. .osg files and shaders
  21. Fitting BVH to arbitrary skeletons?
  22. Help me ! How to export ...
  23. Recommendation needed for instructional books/media
  24. .slim compiling on linux
  25. TBN for skinned mesh
  26. Redraw line
  27. Renderman "brick" map?
  28. Going back and forth
  29. need help for 3d game
  30. gcc versions and maya plugins
  31. perl script for negative frame numbers
  32. Question on maya connection
  33. OpenGL and DirectX TMO Development Kit
  34. Writing Mental Ray shaders using a C++ class?
  35. RFM shader compile error...
  36. Maya/Mental Ray surface/displacement shader
  37. Opinions needed on 3D applications written in Java
  38. 3delight/renderman: occlusion & LOD combination
  39. Video: Rally Cross Physics
  40. Maya API - Iterating attribute arrays?
  41. Expressive/NPR Cartoon Rendering
  42. dx studio
  43. python problem
  44. Multidimensional Graphics, help please.
  45. real time 3d charts
  46. long long llong_max = 4294967295ULL
  47. Generating data for 3D object recognition
  48. Debugging Maya Plugin (Linux + Code::Blocks)
  49. Mel
  50. Direct 3D (Direct X) Export Question
  51. Writing a compositor. Where to begin...
  52. c++ software or phthon software
  53. How to _USE_MATH_DEFINES with math.h
  54. Anyone know about bit-shifting and endianness?
  55. java player ???
  56. openGL glDrawPixels
  57. Problem with axis angle
  58. Inverse Kinematics & 'preferred angles'
  59. C++ Development for Maya / .NET for Max - VS on same partition?
  60. Trying to find out same files in differnet folder.
  61. color of a single pixel, using glReadPixels
  62. starting maya batch from cocoa
  63. mel gui question
  64. 3delight: shader override possible?
  65. Matrix/vector maths.... Converting individual rotations to XYZ rotations...
  66. Problem with cg parameters
  67. Appalling Slowness of VS2005 Hotfix Installs
  68. 3d Nla
  69. Brahma for C#
  70. Texturing a mesh for a game
  71. Real time rendering of FBX file
  72. Is there any photo to explain graphics card's Pixel shader and Vertex shader?
  73. For Loop Question.
  74. Can you do this with If Statement?
  75. which game engine to start with?
  76. which game engine to start with?
  77. Texture data
  78. How to create automated effects online
  79. Maxscript : Animation Loop...
  80. MTL format specification
  81. css
  82. Natrual Cubic Spline tangents
  83. Computer Graphic Master Degree
  84. Coding for a FX TD demo reel - need advice
  85. Maya API ls -type command
  86. My MEL Scripting dilemma
  87. Math for CG
  88. The workflow of programming shaders in MAX
  89. Raymarcher
  90. X format
  91. Best place to start learning?
  92. Can I...or even Should I learn Renderman?
  93. Physics Programming
  94. Motion Tracking?
  95. MayaAPI - accessing data MFnEnumAttribute
  96. MEL File Reading
  97. How could create menu with use maxsdk in 3ds Max.
  98. Importing .OBJs into Java 3D
  99. Maya API getClosestPoint
  100. reload sl shaders to slim
  101. Question on NURBS
  102. Convert matrix from right-handed to left-handed - w/caveats
  103. Maya API and env Command
  104. Maya API MItDependencyGraph
  105. Need ideas for FPS AI
  106. Maya API: Removing Objects from scene
  107. Maya API: Equivalent to dgdirty MEL command?
  108. OpenGL - C++ Links & Info
  109. Matrix decomposition
  110. Filter operations on scanline data
  111. Maya API: initializing deformer attributes
  112. What happened to Renderman Academy
  113. Maya API: get MObject (of the component) from face index and dagpath
  114. Maya API: get MObject (of the component) from face index and dagpath
  115. Code/libraries to read PICT bitmap image files?
  116. Blending modes algorithms
  117. My Firsr Mental ray shader... lil help please!
  118. Maya API: Question about commands passing data to nodes
  119. My first game test
  120. c++ and c# multithreading benchmark.
  121. Interactive 3d content for the web
  122. Exporter for Maya 7
  123. Maya notifies your phone when it is finished rendering?
  124. MayaPluginWizard - API
  125. about Normalize a vactor
  126. question about ray tracing.
  127. Gpgpu
  128. Perlin Noise help
  129. Interested in the math of computer graphics. Need help.
  130. Best Renderman Book
  131. rotate coordinate sytem of imported objects (Maya api)
  132. XAML export
  133. speed of deep shadow maps on single-core systems
  134. Sorry, wrong forums
  135. 'move -rpr' using the API
  136. how to generate random numbers in cgfx
  137. decomposing a maya matrix
  138. Simulation of optical detectors
  139. 3D Stroke Implementation
  140. Rendering short hair in Renderman
  141. rendering layers in renderman studio
  142. Texture mapping(OpenGL)
  143. How to CREASE all edges in RIB/Renderman ???
  144. Vertex Data structure
  145. Shader writing; Trace() returns black
  146. Any HLSL buffs?
  147. Paper about user-interaction
  148. Shake Command Line
  149. Arguments for XNA and against m3g for my diploma thesis
  150. Arguments for XNA and against m3g for my diploma thesis
  151. Generating a texture map
  152. Spotlight in OpenGL
  153. Chromatek prism glasses for real-time stereo?
  154. New Curve Coordinate System
  155. motorola ad
  156. Cuda as a rendering farm?
  157. Algorithms for Conforming Normals
  158. Memory Mapped Files (C++)
  159. A strawberry shader
  160. [UE2.5] How to use #EXEC commands!?
  161. file format that supports 8 bit indexed color and an alpha channel?
  162. UnrealED Help
  163. SSS in Slim(RAT)
  164. UV for Spheres
  165. game programming
  166. Selfmade 3D-Scanning
  167. Atmospheric Scattering as Post process
  168. OpenGL problem (C) "Rodents Revenge 3D"
  169. Getting Lua running in a VS2005 project
  170. Matrix Rotation
  171. Polycount
  172. Calculating the volume of irregular polygons
  173. Resources about optimizing image filters
  174. SPH Fluid Simulation
  175. Spore procedural character design tool!
  176. LOD/Mipmapping
  177. newbie question: Why write shaders?
  178. My Raytracer
  179. Current Scenegraph APIs.
  180. Book on implicit functions
  181. Behold, the Elusive Antinode!
  182. poseDeformer maya 8.5 sp1
  183. Anybody please help me on building 64bit maya plugin?!!?
  184. MS STL String
  185. Data-Driven Material Edting In Film Studios
  186. file rename
  187. Start
  188. Building a sceen outside of the 3D software
  189. test
  190. Decoding imeges from lm_2DMV shader
  191. Splatting realtime terrain using glsl.
  192. Which IDE/Complier ?
  193. OOP message passing
  194. Open Source Node Compositor
  195. FBX: How to rotate bones?
  196. Point Cloud Manipulation
  197. OsX Graphics Programming
  198. Image rotation and nearest neighbour lossiness levels.
  199. hello
  200. NVidia PhysX Acceleration ...
  201. RenderView Application in Python!
  202. Normalmap Problem in XNA - Application - Need Help
  203. cg to cgfx
  204. Point Cloud Ray Tracing
  205. Recommend me a learning project
  206. Lip-sync algorithms, papers, sdks
  207. reading multiple unformatted integers from text file via getline
  208. ffd
  209. Going back to school to learn graphics programming
  210. Noob Question: How to start?
  211. Smallest file sizes when exported.
  212. Mpi
  213. look at, aim constraint
  214. Transparency Question, please
  215. Scanline rendering
  216. paintable attributes C++/MEL
  217. 2 geometry questions
  218. Realistic Procedural Skin
  219. Any recommendations for a RenderMan SL editor?
  220. renderman question(s)
  221. Basic Shading programming
  222. Average aka mean of N rotations
  223. How to develop a LUT for my specific needs?
  224. Confused about how to start in graphics
  225. Artist-turn-programmer?
  226. loading slim file
  227. What is the best university in Europe to study CG
  228. making a reel based on MEL/Python
  229. Importing videos into Maya!
  230. Mel project - help and info needed.
  231. Python in Maya
  232. mel script for selecting joint which are binded to skin cluster
  233. Renderman and the 'color' data type.
  234. !?ptfilter -ssdiffusion mode...
  235. Animation SDKs
  236. Maya plugin development.
  237. Screen space Ambient Occlusion
  238. Any good Papers on SPH?
  239. sending email using mel or python
  240. Worth doing a masters degree? (msc)
  241. Python Scripting Poser
  242. Soft Body Physics Programming Tutorial
  243. Newbie:- Displaying matrix with Cg
  244. new to programming
  245. Is Cg the best language to work with for an animation related project?
  246. Esperient Creator - colored translucent soft shadows
  247. Renderman : Intersection of Line and Cone as a ShadeOp or RSL
  248. need help setting layout and procedure variable passing
  249. Does anybody have a answer...
  250. Ray tracing for BSC project