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  1. Fujio Ichikawa LW Plugins
  2. Desert Storm LW Plugins
  3. Newtek
  4. Some useful links (plugins, tutorials, etc.)
  5. David Ikeda Tools!
  6. If you have a request or a bug....
  7. looking for a plugin
  8. Bi-Ped Modeling
  9. Link to Mirror Weights plugin
  10. Textures
  11. Hypervoxel Presets - Explosions and Flames
  12. UV Bandmapper
  13. Samuel Kvaalen's Lightwave Plugins
  14. Easy Sub-Patch Weight Adjust plugin.
  15. Announce: infiniMap V1.0 LE
  16. NewTek's Free Texture Collection
  17. I would love your skin brushes.
  18. free stock photo site
  19. OutlineColor Plug
  20. Hi!!
  21. New free plugin JettoLocal!
  22. Updated SplitRender to 1.2
  23. Blueprint site
  24. i'm looking for a game character converter for LW
  25. Materials
  26. New Normal Displacement Plugin
  27. Inside LightWave [8] Book
  28. LW 8 manual PDF
  29. Todd Grimes DVDs
  30. Character rigs / models / notes
  31. The new Modeler plug-in to selecting improper edges..
  32. About Lightwave...
  33. New free plug-ins page
  34. What EPS for Lightwave?
  35. Wrinkle v2.1 has been released!
  36. New Versions of applyIKFK & poobySpine
  37. Resolution Presets
  38. Free plug-ins SelectPolygonsWithImproperEdge & Plane to download
  39. Happy Easter plug-ins
  40. EasySplit v1.0 has been released!
  41. The best LightWave modeling tool EasySplit v1.5 is now available!
  42. Models
  43. AmbOcc for Mac released!!
  44. AmbOcc for Mac released!!
  45. free hdri skies
  46. Lightwave Particle & Dynamic Tutorials
  47. A bunch of new L-Scripts
  48. New Lw Plugin Page
  49. Split Edges plugin
  50. Wrinkle v2.5 directly supports Sub-Patches!
  51. Cracking an egg...
  52. Resource for Motion Designer
  53. EasySplit v2.0 has been released!
  54. New HV-Pro Collection
  55. *Free* VirtualMirror v1.0 has been released!
  56. Great news! EasySplit v2.1 for Macintosh with discount!
  57. infiniMap Pro V1.0 released...
  58. Sorry for this Newbie question but it is very important to me
  59. *FREE* ShowWeights v1.0 has been released!
  60. TransitionShader allowing to use Procedural Texture with UV mapping!
  61. EasySplit v2.5 and TrueBump v1.8 released (with discount only to 1-Feb-2006!)
  62. Commercial Collections of Nurnies Available?
  63. Announcing the release of quickBolt Version 2
  64. Re: Announcing the release of quickBolt Version 2
  65. ShowWeights v2.0 display weight maps numerically in view ports!
  66. Announce: infiniMap Pro V1.0.2 - now with XP64 bit support
  67. DeleteUnusedSurfaces v1.0 has been released!
  68. Scripts & Materials
  69. Bezier v1.5 has been released!
  70. infiniMap Pro V1.0.3 has been released
  71. AD: infiniMap Pro Siggraph Special, new plugin sneak peek
  72. Atlanta - LightWave Users Group
  73. infiniMap Pro V1.0.5 released
  74. Free plug-in NodeUpdater v1.0 to download
  75. TrueFillet v1.0 has been released!
  76. AD: exrTrader V1.0 Released - Full OpenEXR support for LightWave3D
  77. SaveSceneAndAllObjects v1.0 has been released!
  78. infiniMap Pro V1.0.6 and exrTrader V1.0b released
  79. free trees and bushes
  80. *FREE* SurfaceBakingLights v1.0 has been released!
  81. close the hole
  82. TrueArt's Node Library v0.13 has been released!
  83. RenderOptimizer v1.0 has been released!
  84. EasySplit v3.0 - the only tool that preserves Catmull-Clark Sub-D Edge Weight!!!
  85. AD: exrTrader V1.0c released
  86. LW 9.3 Seam Slip Plugin
  87. CameraMan v1.0 has been released!
  88. free db&w Tools available now
  89. exrTrader V1.1 available now
  90. Drag'n'drop images between Windows Explorer to Layout..
  91. TrueArt plug-ins EasySplit v3.2 and EasySpline have been ported to 64 bit Windows!
  92. Sumatra LITE released
  93. Sumatra LW Plugins
  94. New modeling tool Push v1.0 has been released!
  95. SaveProject Plugin (Save scene+objects+images in one folder!)
  96. SwiftEdgeLoop v1.1 available for Macintosh Universal Binary!
  97. exrTrader V1.1a released
  98. free db&w tools V1.1 released
  99. infiniMap V1.5 released - including new OSX port
  100. SurfacePicker v1.2 available for Windows & Macintosh Universal Binary!
  101. Vehicle Rigger 1.1 for Lightwave released!
  102. *FREE* ToggleCC v1.0 has been released!
  103. *FREE* SaveSceneAndAllObjectsIncrement v2.0 has been released!
  104. VirtualRender v1.6 has been released!
  105. *FREE* SelectionPresetManager v1.5 has been released!
  106. free models
  107. ANN: exrTrader V1.2 released - free update
  108. *Free* PartsToWeights v1.0 has been released!
  109. TrueArt's Camera Library v1.0 has been released!
  110. *FREE* SpreadSurface v1.0 has been released!
  111. ANN: free db&w Tools V1.3 released
  112. ANN: free db&w Tools V1.4 released
  113. ANN: exrTrader V1.3 released
  114. EasySpline v1.0 has been released!
  115. SoundWave for LightWave 3D released!
  116. *FREE* SwiftEdgeLoop v1.5 has been released!
  117. Ann: shaderMeister V1.0 released
  118. TrueInfinitePlane v1.0 has been released!
  119. TrueGroup v1.0 has been released!
  120. exrTrader V1.4 released
  121. vRoom v1.0 released
  122. Sumatra V1.3 released
  123. Ad: 30% discount on db&w plugins during Siggraph 2009
  124. Sumatra V1.4 released + new Tutorials
  125. WeightPolygonGroups v1.0 has been released!
  126. Ad: IBC 2009 discount on all db&w plugins
  127. Ann: db&w release exrTrader V1.4.1
  128. free script : replace+
  129. Couple new free tools..
  130. Sumatra 1.4.1 released
  131. free lscript: Light2polys
  132. ShowWeights and ShowEdgeWeights v3.1 have been released!
  133. free db&w Tools V1.5 released
  134. SprayBgPoints v1.0 has been released!
  135. Scene2Modeler V1.3
  136. *FREE* AutoRenderSaver v1.0 has been released!
  137. Ann: db&w shaderMeister updated to V1.1a
  138. Links to Resources
  139. vRoom 1.2 released
  140. Ann: db&w exrTrader updated to version 1.5
  141. TrueArt's Batch Baking Camera v1.0 has been released!
  142. PSD export
  143. VMapProcessor v1.0 has been released!
  144. *FREE* Bezier v1.6 has been released!
  145. *FREE* AutoRenderSaver v1.1 has been released!
  146. BatchBakingCamera v1.3 has been released!
  147. Sumatra V1.5 released
  148. IFW2 Textures now available for Mac 64 bit
  149. TrueArt Christmas Promotion with free gift
  150. IFW2 Textures Update (Mac 64bit)
  151. New TrueArt 64 bit plugins.
  152. VirtualRender for LightWave v10.x has been released!
  153. *FREE* AutoRenderSaver v2.0 has been released!
  154. *FREE* TrueMelt v1.0 has been released!
  155. *FREE* CollectImages v1.0 has been released!
  156. TrueArt Christmas Promotion
  157. *FREE* UnMultishift v1.0 has been released!
  158. TrueInfinitePlane v1.5 has been released.
  159. *FREE* TrueCenter v1.0 has been released!
  160. AutoUpdateImages v1.0 has been released!
  161. IFW2 Textures - Sale!