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06-22-2011, 08:57 AM

Is the mentioned book still a good one to get started and deeper into mel?
I somewhere took the info that it was written based on maya 6?

Or maybe :
"Complete Maya Programming: An Extensive Guide to MEL and C++ API "

Just trying to figure out if it's still a good resource to get started before purchasing one of them.
Maybe you know another book which you would recommand for MEL?
I know there are a lot of tutorials online, but I still like to have books, they just smell better :).


06-22-2011, 08:44 PM
I like MEL Scripting for Maya Animators. Very clear and I like the way it's organized. I just didn't like the other one for whatever reason

06-24-2011, 08:06 PM
If you don't have any experience with scripting I'd start with "MEL Scripting for Maya Animators". It has some nice examples.

Currently re-reading "Complete Maya Programming: Vol I". It's a bit dry (reads like a manual) but its good. I feel like I'm getting more out of it now that I have a better understanding of programming.

06-28-2011, 09:40 PM
I really likethe book "MEL Scripting for Maya Animators". It's a very good starting point and it has a good flow to it because it has complete examples that build on each other.

I don't know the other one. I should probably have a look at it now that I understand a bit more about the topic.

The one online source I would like to add here is Bryan Ewert's MEL "bible". I did learn most of my MEL there and I keep going there for basic concepts and techniques.

The website is not run by Bryan (I think) and it's not maintained. But it's amazing how much one can get out of it.

general link (http://ewertb.soundlinker.com/maya.php)
list of very useful questions and answers (http://ewertb.soundlinker.com/mel/mel.php)


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