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06-17-2011, 05:15 PM
I honestly don't know where else to ask but from the top of your heads can you recommend any movies (live action) that had really good drama acting (arguing, crying, getting angry, not fight scenes)

06-22-2011, 03:32 AM
Hey man,

Well, that's a though question. I mean, there's not a single movie recommendation, but thousands of really great movies with awesome acting. One tip is to go after those "The best 1.000 movies of the century" by a reliable information source, like Times Magazine. But then again, they normally highlight only Hollywood movies, which is not bad at all, but very restricted. I remember seeing a blog post about the death of japanese animation director Satoshi Kon (one of my favorites of all time), where his creative team posted some movie tips that has influenced him. In this list there were about 40 movies just in japanese, most of them Kurosawa's work, but a whole lot of obscure japanese directors as well.

And that's just for Japan. I can think of at least a 100 awesome and touching movies from Europe, Asia, Australia, Brazil (you must watch City of God!), or even independent movies not highlited in mainstream culture. (A tip here is to see some movies that are nominated for Cannes... there's a lot of good stuff there actor-centred.)

So, there's a looooot of thing to watch. Many, many talented actors that delivers inspiring stuff with specific directors. So, I can't really point out some movies to see, or even a list from some site. But rather, do some research, find the kind of movies that you want to see, and the ones you don't like, elect some classics from that genre and watch it to analyze.

Go to IMDB and Rotten Tomatos and do some research there. find a starting point and from there you grow your list.

o/ Have fun watching some awesome pieces of art that world has to offer o/

06-22-2011, 03:46 AM
Well, giving it a second thought, and as you said 'from the top of your mind', i'll try to say ten movies that really had great acting that stuck in my head in these last few months.

- Doubt (2008): Meryl Streep and Phillip are in my opinion two of the best actors in north american cinema nowdays.

- Garden State (2004): The acting from Natalie Portman is just outstanding.

- Mulholland Drive (2001): Man, there's a scene where Naomi Watts is jealous that's JUST AWESOME!

- Le fils (2002): A really touching movie from the Dardenne directors. It's a lesson for me on how to convey emotions on pure silence.

- Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind (2004): You probably have already seen this movie, if not, DO IT NOW. It's brilliant!

- Vicky Christina Barcelona (2008): Man, Penelope's Cruz academy winning acting is just breathtaking. Really loved it.

- Mar adentro (2004): OMG, YOU MUST WATCH IT. Javier Barden's (another awesome actor) performance is just beaufitul! Cryed so hard in this movie o/

Well, and another tip that i find very inspiring is not a movie, but a TV Show named "Six Feet Under". One of the best things i've ever seen, both brilliant in writing and acting. Do your brain and heart a favor and watch this one o/

That's it. I hope that's helpful and maybe some other people post nice movies tip to expand our list o/

06-22-2011, 11:11 AM
Ok! I'll start with these, thanks! One suggestion that was also given to me was pick an actor whose acting style best resembles the character you are going for, then check out his/her movies.

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