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04-14-2011, 09:49 PM

I would say I grasp normal mapping quite well, but sometimes find that some areas are darkened in the final result (or appear as red in the actual tangent normal map). I know that 90 degree angles are to be avoided, so I had pelt mapped a tree in 3DS Max - the trunk split and the branches by themselves, and sometimes split, and still I get these darkened areas. I often see in tutorials that one is to add a skylight to the scene before Rendering to Texture, but when I do, the textures come out solid colored, with no details what-so-ever. Now, are there something one would have to do for this? Could the UV islands be too 'big', having been pelt mapped? Or is it not a light issue at all? There are really no distortions to speak of in the UVing. Anyway, I hope someone here can guide me to some sort of solution to this, as I think it's a rather universal and common object to make.



04-28-2011, 12:04 AM
Images would be nice to understand the problem...

Anyways...the Skylight added before baking is for creating an AO Map, not the Normal Map, so that should not affect the result of your NM baking...

une thing to keep in mind when baking NMs is to always split the UVs where you have hard edges in the model (different Smoothing Groups). Ideally every UV Island would have one consistent Smoothing Group.

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