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04-12-2011, 11:27 AM
Hello. First, search function is not working for some time now so I don't know if something similar has been posted before, and I don't have time to waste as I'd like to buy this 3d mouse in a few days.

So my question is: in which (3d)programs can this 3d mouse be used to keyframe camera movement?

Or hopefully this question can more easily be answered: in which programs it CAN'T be used to keyframe camera movement.

Thanks in advance!

04-12-2011, 02:00 PM
Lots of new features being enabled on the V10 releaseof their Windows diver i believe

http://www.3dconnexion.com/index.php?id=60 (http://www.3dconnexion.com/index.php?id=60).

"a breakthrough driver platform that extends the usage of 3D mice to ANY application.."

Not sure if this helps or not

04-12-2011, 02:20 PM
Thank you, but I've heard that camera movements made with 3d mouse are not recorded by Cinema4d's keyframmer. (!) So I'd really like to hear experiences from someone who uses this mouse regularly.

04-12-2011, 04:37 PM
Wow... If that driver works as advertised, I can finally use my Spacenavigator in Unity3D!

04-12-2011, 06:18 PM
Do you mean you want it to record where the camera goes in real-time? Last I used a 3Dconnexion product (which has been several years) there was nothing like that in the drivers for any application. There might be now, but even if there isn't you could always implement this with Python (or whatever applicable language). Though I'd suggest just placing keys where you need them as it will give you much more control over the movement of the camera.

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