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03-10-2011, 07:51 PM
I am going to be modeling mostly characters (organic, inorganic), vehicles, props. I will be using a lot of Zbrush 4 for sculpting and modeling, Maya 2011 for MAINLY rendering, base mesh and perhaps rigging and very light animation/gestures people add to their final 3d models that are standing on a turntable usually shown in demo reels. Photoshop CS5 for post work.

I am confused whether to get me a new desktop with the 2nd gen core i7 processor or a desktop replacement (DTR) with the same type of processor. I would go for the DTR if I had some positive reviews or benchmarks or user experiences with the 2nd gen core i7 procs (2630QM, etc) for laptops. The only thing that I am dreading is the long render time I might encounter when using a notebook and its notebook version of the same proc. But I also hear good things about this new 2nd gen being efficient and what not. Also due to the intel 6 series chipset design flaw, all the reviews have been postponed in most tech sites. So anybody out there with first hand experience or who can point me to some good reviews will be greatly appreciated.

03-13-2011, 02:44 PM
DTR are useful only when you need some sort of portability. Not that they're easy or light to carry around, but they're more portable compared to desktops.
Other than that, a similar specced desktop will cost you much less and give you room for upgrading or expanding.
It will give you memory options no laptop has if a proper motherboard is selected.

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