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03-10-2011, 12:39 AM
Edit: Problem solved, did a few hrs googling again and found out that I just had to turn on Maya Derivative option. :p...

I've tried to use Xnormal as many people suggested to use. It fixed problems and the model looks alright in some angles, but if I rotate the camera to a different angle then the seam would pop out. To be more accurate, the seams standing out are from the duplicated sides of the limbs on my model. the right arms and legs.

From the picture below, you can see that the render from viewport looks seamless, but once I render with maya mental ray then the line becomes realy obvious. I've been twicking the values in render setting, shadow values and raytracing, but none of those seems to take effect in making it better. The shader I am using is Blinn, I didn't change much attributes in it just zeroed the speculars and put on diffuse and normal.


Mental ray render

you can see that not only the seams are poping out, but also the color shadings from right arm is different from the left arm, while they are sharing the same texture and NM. And this is realy frastrauting.

Marmoset (seems that photobucket does not allow user to upload a nude model (without sexual organs) so I had to crop out his lower body)

In Marmoset toolbag, the color shading turned back to normal but as I rotate the model under lighting, I can see the stripes of seams all around the model. I could barely notice the seams stop the rotation and zoom in to the spot, but once the rotation resumes, it is really hard to not notice those gray lines.

my normal map

I've read through many articles about normal maps, I didn't understand all the theoryes about normals but I tried to follow step by step from the guides. However I still couldn't get rid of the seams. Please help me, and thank to everyone who take time to read this.



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