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10-06-2003, 06:04 AM
Hi guys,

I am from the modification of the highly popular Battlefield 1942 game called The Lost Battalion.

We are in need of assistance for unwrapping and skinning some our models. Production for this mod has been going on for over a year but it has been slow due to life commitments. We would really like to get some more work done so we can get a public release out to our wide fan base.

We would appreciate any help we can get.

Here is some of our previous work:

http://tlb.ausbattlefield.com/common/screenshots/t/kittyhawkMilne_t.jpg (http://tlb.ausbattlefield.com/tlbview.php?img=kittyhawkMilne.jpg) http://tlb.ausbattlefield.com/common/screenshots/t/mothertrucker2_t.jpg (http://tlb.ausbattlefield.com/tlbview.php?img=mothertrucker2.jpg) http://tlb.ausbattlefield.com/common/screenshots/t/matildarender1_t.jpg (http://tlb.ausbattlefield.com/tlbview.php?img=matildarender1.jpg) http://tlb.ausbattlefield.com/common/screenshots/t/ki612_t.jpg (http://tlb.ausbattlefield.com/tlbview.php?img=ki612.jpg)

10-06-2003, 06:05 AM
We have come here to ask for assistance as this is one of the largest collections of proffesinal CG artists around.

If you are able to help you may be working on various things such as vehicles(planes, cars, tanks), weapons (rifles, machine guns) or static objects(buildings, vegetation).

Even if you are able to only help with one skin or even one unwrap that would be excellent.

All credit will be given for your work where it is neccisary.

http://tlb.ausbattlefield.com/common/screenshots/t/type92front_t.jpg (http://tlb.ausbattlefield.com/tlbview.php?img=type92front.jpg) http://tlb.ausbattlefield.com/common/screenshots/t/no5_t.jpg (http://tlb.ausbattlefield.com/tlbview.php?img=no5.jpg) http://tlb.ausbattlefield.com/common/screenshots/t/303-longshot_t.jpg (http://tlb.ausbattlefield.com/tlbview.php?img=303-longshot.jpg)

You can check out the rest of our work at http://tlb.ausbattlefield.com

Thanks for your time, if you are interested in helping, can you please reply to this thread. We are looking forward to hearing from you. :)

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