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09-29-2003, 08:33 AM
Im looking at buying a new 200gb HDD (The WD 8mb Cache dealy) and a ATA controller card (Ultra-133 ATA/133 Controller card PCI PROMISE OEM Ultra133 TX2)

My current specs are in my Signature, the main reason im getting the ATA controller card is so that i dont have any HDD's on the same channel as a cdrom thus bottlenecking the drive to ATA33.

What im want to know is will the controller card work without any problems, and will the performance be basically the same as the onboard controllers?

Thanks :D

Andreas Thulin
09-29-2003, 02:38 PM

If your overclocked system runs its pci bus above spec (more than 33 Mhz) you might have a problem with a pci ide controller. But as I believe most current MB's are able to lock the pci bus at 33 Mhz even when running "alternative" fsb's, you should be good to go.
Performance-wise, dropping in a pci ide controller is an excellent idea, especially if you are currently running your two WD 80 gig drives on the same ide channel since this causes them to compete for bandwith.
Since you have the two identical WD 80 GB drives you might also consider getting an ide raid controller. This way you could run the two 80 GB drives in either striped or mirrored raid, getting either a very fast disk or a very safe one. Your pc can even be set to boot from such an array and you can install your OS on it. I'm not sure how much more expensive a raid version of the controller is, but i'd guess around 50%.

Only problem I really see is that if you have the 200 GB drive, the two 80 GB's, the 40 Gb and the ide based dvd, you'd still have to put two units on one of your pci channels which is always a bad idea...

Hope this helps,


09-29-2003, 04:53 PM
wow, 160G's aren't enough for you?!:eek: day-yum!:D

no clue as to your question, my mobo has/had two SATA channels built in, not that I have any use for them so far, but you never know;)

09-29-2003, 05:34 PM
DaForce - the retail version of the WD 200Gb SE w/ 8mb cache already comes with a promise controller bundled with the HD... it of course supports large drives and has 2 seperate IDE channels.

so there's no need to purchase a seperate controller.

as far as performance goes you shouldn't see any significant difference (besides your computer taking an extra 5-10 seconds to boot because of the controller card) and compatibility with various systems (especially new one such as yours ) is excellent.

09-29-2003, 08:06 PM
Maxtor bundles ata133 controllers with some of their retail 8mb drives. And you can find them at around 50 cents per gig a/r prices .

09-30-2003, 01:46 AM
Andreas Thulin:
You can lock the PCI at 33mhz as far as im aware. So wont be a problem. I plan on putting the older 40gb drive with the dvd rom as its already a bit slow and its only used for storage so no biggy if its slower than the other. At the moment i have the newer of the 2 80's on the same channel as the dvd so its slow as a wet week. Gotta fix that :-). The raid version of the controller card is atleast twice as much. Dont really have the need for it yet.

Currently i have 200gb (80 + 80 + 40) and no its not enough. At the moment the majority of my drives/partitions have less than 500mb free :-( , its sad when the swap disk has the most amount of free space. Nothing like having 400gb at your disposal.

I believe that this drive does not come with a controller card, as the drive is mega cheap ($315AUD) and my friend bought one a few months ago and he didnt get a controller card. I will ask them tho...maybe they just forgot his :-)

p.s. on another note, would it be better going for the Maxtor 200 gig 7200rpm 8meg CACHE CALYPSO / DIAMONDMAX PLUS 9 MA6Y200P0 ATA-133 1 Year Warranty as its a ATA133 drive, but it only has 1yr warranty whereas the WD has 3 years, and its $35 more. Is there any major reason to choose the maxtor over the WD, i prefer WD as they have done me good so far.

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