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08-08-2010, 07:10 PM
I've been using Maya for a long time, but I'm a total novice when it comes to rigging and animation. I don't understand how you bind a model to a skeleton and animate while keeping the geometry smooth. I have a pretty high-poly model I'd like to animate but when I bind the skin/paint weights, the polygons spike and the geometry does not stay smooth. Should I be converting this to a sub-d and rigging the polygon cage? Or do people use Subdiv Proxies? How is this done? Please help!


08-09-2010, 12:21 PM
The problem sounds like the joints have been moved after the skinning process. If you move your joints after skinning the model then as soon as you paint weights the verticies will instantly move in the direction you moved the joint, resulting in spiking.

Try simply "detach skin" with "delete history" selected then re-smooth bind your model to the joints this should hopefully sort out any spiking.


Btw wen you paint the weights the model shouldn't move at all unless you've moved/ rotated the joints and you bind the low poly model.

08-09-2010, 02:18 PM
I think your input hierarchy just needs to be tweaked. If you hold down the right mouse button on the mesh, then go to Inputs > All Inputs... a window should pop-up with a list of your history. Now just middle mouse drag the Skin Cluster node below the Poly Smooth Face node.

08-11-2010, 08:37 AM
create the skincluster first .... then smooth

other option ( since maya2009 ):

skincluster + instead of smooth , use the "3" -key ( it does a smooth-preview , which also renders by mental Ray ) .... however maya software renderer does not render it in smooth , and i am not sure , if vray does it either or any other renderer . so in that case - you need to smooth your mesh .... and then , be aware of your UVset ( double check , if those are smoothed as well , and / or if they still macth with your painted texture ... there are several options in the polysmooth-node , in order to get this to match - also , this option "smoothUVs" is also available in the meshSmooth_attributes of your polygonShape-node ( when you use the "3"-key in order to smooth your mesh )

generell :
use the unsmooth version , for any type of rigging tasks ... e.g. skinclusters, blendshapes or other deformers .
also , i always recommend to "finalize the mesh" and "finalize the UVlayout" , before rigging - and also , once everything is finalized ( make sure , your mesh is "symmetrical" - e.g. with "abSymMesh.mel" from creativecrash - that way , you will be sure to be able to mirror-skinweights lateron , without having greater problems in most cases , and make sure all your vertecies are "merged" and you have a clean mesh without history attached) - usually i would say , export your finalMesh as OBJ after modeling , UVlayouting ( therefore you need to activate OBJexport.mll in the plugin-manager ) - and once you have a clean OBJ imported into your scene .... you can start rigging ( so there is NO HISTORY appended to your mesh anymore = cleanMesh / cleanOBJ ) .

and about the subd_question : use polygons !!! dont convert anything !

in order to delete any prior polygonSmooth-node , check in the channel_editor ... to find out about the name of your "polySmooth"-node ( something like "polySmooth1" or 2,3,4,... ) - you can also check it in your attribute-editor , when switchting through the tabs ...

then type in MEL_command
delete "polySmooth1";

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