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At the beginning of the 30th century mankind stands on the verge of the most transforming and thrilling period in its history. It has already moved to another planet due to the harsh conditions on mother earth..

Life conditions in the new land have made humans mutate, change, evolve in a very different way than that they would have suffered if they had remained on the old blue planet. Not just physically but also mentally. At this time we know how to focus technology from another point of view, so technology has evolved into a more conscious matter. In this new world, further advances in Nanotech allow an exponential development of artificial intelligence. We have turned into a new civilization that has learnt how to transcend biological limitations and enhance creativity.

Now machines are aware about their updated reality. They have awaked into the conscious world. Due to the capacity of learning and understanding, they are able to take decisions partially; but they are still wild and in primary stages of its learning; they still have to control their instincts and reactions, so they still need to be taught.

In this picture we can see technicians analyzing the behavior and performance of the new machines, teaching them how to behave, in a setting that could be considered like a future rodeo.

The SMEC (Syd Meads Experimental Complex) has settled in a vast desert area far away from civilization with the purpose of training for several days the new creature, AMHI .

The SMEC was conceived like a lab for a short training periods of time during which scientists will test the machines for days or even weeks. It is a vehicle, but also a place to live in. That is the reason why the vehicle itself is a mixture between different formal languages and fields such as vehicle design and architecture. This way, it supports the crew of 7 people of the experiment with all facilities to make their stay as easiest as possible. We can clearly differentiate two different parts on the construction; one for living, testing and experimenting and the other one based on mechanics for energy source and communications. The vehicle is about 137.8 feet length 29.5 feet height and 39.3 feet width.

The so called AMHI (Artificial Motor Horse Intelligent) is the object to be tested and it can be considered the fruit of many years of research; it represents a new step into mankind’s knowledge and machines’ evolution.. . It is based on bio_brain horse cells controlled by nanomachines. This combination enhances the best parts of both tech and bio characteristics. Its actions are executed by artificial parts made by artificial skin tissues composed of bio cells, so the movements and behavior of the creature is less mechanical and more fluid; parts can be adapted to different movements and efforts in all sort of terrain conditions, thus increasing the performance and safety.

Now, in this awakening state, decisions are taken from both sides of the union driver-machine in order to choose the best option at any condition.

At this stage bio and mechanic becomes one, and the concept of driving becomes another experience.

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