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12-05-2009, 10:25 PM
Hello, my name is Emile, I am an animation student and I try my best to learn Maya.

I am now trying to play with particles. What I want is animating a snake along a path with some wires moving inside. I want to some compositing afterwords.

I don't know if particles are the best way to do it but this is the only way I have been able to figure out.

I need the wires to stay in the snake geometry and flowing with the path while they are waving... (-_-)!

http://img710.imageshack.us/img710/5500/screenx.th.jpg (http://img710.imageshack.us/i/screenx.jpg/)

This is what I have tried so far...

This a rough idea of what I would like to do... hoping that is clear enough.

If you know where I should have look, what tool is better or what settings I need to modify please let me know.

Thank you!

12-06-2009, 09:23 AM
animate the wires seperately and pipe them into your snake using a blend shape. group that blend shape and the snake and animate on a path and add curve flow. for extra dynamics add jiggle or softbody to the curve flow lattice

12-06-2009, 02:59 PM
Thanks, I will try that. Thanks again.

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