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10-19-2009, 09:34 AM
Hello Folks

I am in the market for my first laptop for 3D
I really don't have a budget for Boxx, my budget is around 1400$ CAD
and I am looking for using Maya,Zbrush,Photoshop and Lightroom
This is not my render machine,
I am looking at macbookpro 13 inch which is 1399$ CAD and I am wondering what else are my options in this budget, any help is greatly appreciated.

Or the dual cores are the thing of past and i7's are the way to go.

I tried looking up for similar post, but i didnt find any
If this is an over saturated topic to discuss, I request someone to direct me to where this topic is already discussed.

Thanks in Advance

10-19-2009, 10:57 AM
Can you really bear to work on a 13 inch screen?

10-19-2009, 02:27 PM
if youre going to use OS X, maya hasnt been so kind to OS X compared to Windows. And also its gonna be really hard to work in 13 inch. Either you go 15 or do a dual screen like i did. I dont know hows the performance of the 13 inch with dual screen since it has no dedicated VGA. There are dozens better choices for such budget, just google around. I think you can find one on dell.

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10-19-2009, 02:27 PM
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