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08-04-2009, 07:07 AM
I've got an idea for a software package aimed squarely at designing a particular product which would allow the user to input parameters and a template would be generated which the user can then tweak within certain constraints.

I'm purposely being a little cagey as I can see the application being very popular amongst this products designers which include ameteurs and hobbyists as well as global industries...I'm one of the former.

The product comes in various shapes and sizes but certain elements must remain at pre-determined intervals which can be calculated using simple math and a spreadsheet. Construction of the product is still quite traditional although many people have started using current CAD packages for design purposes and also to print full-scale plans...I want to strip away the unnecessary tools and add specific features to speed up the dull part so that the designer can move into the fun stuff faster.

As well as looking to add basic CAD functions I would also like to implement vector masks to hide/reveal underlying images and export to standard CAD/vector formats as well as raster formats.

What I'm unsure of is...where do I go from here?

What is the general procedure for working with a software developer? How are they paid? Does CAD/vector software require anything more complex than other types of software? What happens if the product takes off but the developer doesn't want to develop further...could someone else take over?...who would own the code?

08-04-2009, 07:28 AM
Unless you have alot of capital to invest in a product, I wouldn't even really attempt it (unless you were the programming guru). You are going to have to realize the programming needs of this project, the capacity of the programmers, and the budget for a continual development cycle.

You could hire a professional development firm or advertise jobs for your own programmers. The professional firm would take the guess work out of weeding out the flunkies, manage the team, and do the real work....but it costs alot. You could try hiring programmers, but you open yourself up to a slew of problems (programmers need direction and sometimes are moody :D trust me).

If you do go out there and do it, make sure that you emphasize that they must document their code within the code. Otherwise, your replacement programmers will have to spend even more time trying to understand the proprietary code.

In short, this is no small feat.

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