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07-09-2009, 05:07 PM
Hello there! I'm new to 3d level designing...I just have some questions...

What is the polycount limit for creating each level area for a RPG Game?
In a RPG Game how big(Length and Width) should it be in meters?

What is the polycount limit for creating each landscape map for a Strategy Game?
In a Strategy Game how big(Length and Width) should it be in meters?

If I were to create a 3D Character for games should the height be about 160cm-180cm for Humans?

Also should I build a charater in T-Pose? Is this like a standard issue? Coz I've been wandering online and when I look at thr models mostly it's not in T-pose, should I be aware?

How many polycounts the RPG Game Characters should have for PS3, XBOX, Wii and PC?

Also, If it's mainly for a strategy game how many polycounts would it be for the PS3,XBOX,Wii and PS3 game characters?

Lastly, if you make games for these consoles do you start from lowpoly then iterate for more detail or highpoly then bake to low poly..?

Please reply each question with an answer as much as you can supply some links if you any. I really want to get In the Games Industry.

07-12-2009, 01:35 PM
hey man
sorry to say this but your questions cant be answered properly.
but maybe i can give you a push into the right direction.
If you REALLY want to get into the game industry you should study game design or something similar and gather experience. modeling /working for games is nothing that you can pick up in 2 weeks.
that said i will try to answere your questions:

there is no set rule for polygon limits. its something the art director /technical director will try to figure out by his experiences based on what the AIM is.
you said RPG and Strategy games for xbox ps3 and wii.
first of all, even though the wii is a next gen console its hardware capabilities are way below what the xbox and ps3 can calculate. e.g most games on wii dont have normal maps and way less polygons than games for the other consoles.
of course the polygon limit per object differs totally based on the type of game you are working on. for example in an ego shooter you will mostly play INSIDE somewhere, lets say a laboratory. therefore you save performance because you dont have to calculate vast environments, the characters for an first person shooter will therefore have more polygons than characters for lets say an action strategy game where there are hundres of characters at the same time. its also important to know how near the player will get to the models. in a shooter where you get into close combat or plow through your enemies with a chainsaw you will need more detailed meshes than in a game like halo wars, where you have a top down view and will stay away a couple of meters from the models.

think of the polycount as resolution.
you have to find the balance between what the machine is capable of and what is necessary to get the idea across
(keep in mind that
it has to calculate multiple obects at the same time + physics+lighting+textures+dynamics+music+sounds+player input and so on, lots and lots of stuff going on

same goes for the characters height.
this totally depends on your game's art style. look at Super mario, mario is totally short compared to princess peach, all proportions are wonky and still it works out fine.
on a less stylized game its important that the proportions /heights are fitting to each other and looking believable. the exact height of the model itself is not important as long as it fits to its surroundings.

modeling in T-Pose is in my opinion a good habbit, because you can work in symmetrie, tehrefore youll have half of the work to do. also youll make life much easier for the texturing artist and the rigging artists. also youll get more predictable deformations when animated. BUT if you are to present your models to somebody you should go through the process of posing them someway (usually after rigging is done) to make them more lifely!

so i hope this could be a little help.
if you want to get into games, work hard, practice hard and try to get a good foundation. if you know your stuff you will get a job


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