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06-22-2009, 12:52 PM
Hello everyone, :wavey:

I'm a Masters student and I engage in an animation project which attempts to use Motion Capture as an animation tool. Unfortunately I have reached a point where I face constant issues with XSI not accepting the motion capture data. :banghead:

Some info about the data:

The Motion Capture data is that of a character playing the violin using an optical capture system of 10 cameras.
The capture is focused on pelvis, upper torso and arms/hands, so no markers on the fingers as the capture system with 10 cameras was struggling to cope and it would be a nightmare to clean later on. There were also no markers on the feet since the character is standing although some may argue that it would help on the swaying movement of the pelvis.
The capture is not a blend of captures but a constant single epic of about 4 minutes 40 seconds in duration and 7.8MB in data size.
The data have been captured and cleaned/smoothed in EvART from Motion Analysis.
I have tried to upload the above data in XSI using the C3D and BVH formats and all fail to load. The C3D format just crashes XSI on Linux based machines, while on windows based comes up with an error about memory allocation and that the software may become unstable, after that nothing happens in the scene.
The BVH format was generated with a help of a friend who knows Motionbuilder as I'm new in Motion Capture, but when I tried to upload it in a tagged rig it failed to load the BVH data. Loading the BVH as it is (as motion points in the virtual space) caused an error as well.

The idea of trying to use FBX formats (importing a rig to Motionbuilder, apply the data there and export it back in XSI) was also thought but it is tricky to make Crosswalk to work.

At the moment I plan to use the video reference I got as a failsafe when I did the Motion Capture epic and try to do it with traditional keyframing since my time is running short.
However I would like to know if anyone has experienced any similar problems and if there are any possible solutions that could help in the project and for future attempts. Any ideas, hints and suggestions are welcome. Please take to account that I'm new in Motion Capture and I try to learn it at the moment so try to keep your explanations simple. Thank you for any advice in advance! :)

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