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01-19-2009, 06:56 PM
Hey all! Rigging is not my forte and I found the Advanced Skeleton rig 2.0. I would like to eventually make my own rigs but I'm under a deadline for a school project and it would have taken me too long to get my own rig good to go.

So I have tried writing an email to the studio and looked on google but couldn't find any info about this problem (or lack of understanding). I have a quadruped rig all set, but the tail function does not seem to work. There's a WagCurveSpline which has numerous options for automatic wagging. But despite what I set it to it doesn't work. When I try to set keyframes to this curve it breaks it and will not rotate again. I could always animate the tail by hand but I'm very curious about how this portion of the rig is supposed to work.

Any advice or info is much obliged! Thanks!


01-21-2009, 07:54 AM
Hey Liz,

You need to set the use attribute to on, and then put keyframes on the WagCurveSplineTail control. When you rotate the control it'll seem like it's not doing anything or updating, but you need to scrub/play the timeline around to see the effect. The way its setup does make it a bit harder to work with, but the upside is that the scrubbing is always accurate.

Alternatively... you can just key the tail without the WagCurveSplineTail, and then afterwards get the dynamic movement by enabling the DynCurveSplineTail control (set Dynamic to 10 for full effect). This mode isn't scrub proof, but it lets you animate normally and lets you put dynamics on later as an afterthought.

01-22-2009, 02:09 AM
hey carlos!!

wow, I must need more sleep or something! I forgot to set the attribute on. Also I never scrubbed the animation once I set the keyframes so I never witnessed the tail move, whoops!

thanks again!!


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