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10-22-2008, 03:19 PM
Hi lovely Mudboxers

I need to work with multiple 8K (8192*8192) texture layers in Mudbox to fit in a game landscape texturing pipeline.
I have a 8800GTX with 1GB of memory. But the largest texture size I can make it eat is around 7000*7000 with a few layers.
I recently upgraded from a 768MB card. Which helped but didn't go all the way.

(right now we are in the middle of company purchase and the IT department is not allowed to buy new stuff) :(
And I have no idea when the purchase is done.

I was wondering if anyone out there with a more beefy graphics card (2GB of memory) would be so kind to do a simple test?

Simply create a few 8192*8192 texture in photoshop with alpha channel. Save it as 32bit TGAs with different file names (else Mudbox complains).

And import them on a fairly simple (400K polys is fine) model in the paint channel.

And just see if it works at all and if you are able to do texture painting in the different layers (bump included) in a pleaseant manner.

Or if you know that it works perfecly. That's just fine too. ;)

hope someone can help.
Though my hopes are not that high.. not alot of people has 2GB graphics cards I guess.


10-24-2008, 09:16 AM
its indeed true that not to much people have that kind of hardware lying around, however wouldn't it be possible to do it another way? It will take some extra work but then your hardware will be able to handle it perfectly.

for example:

in a 8kby8k map there are 4 4k by 4k maps.
so paint those seperately along with the mesh that's been cut into 4 and begin.
after having those 4 maps done, adjust your meshes, get rig of the seams by again texture painting (while also have adjusted the texture maps of course).
and tada youre done.

i think this has one bottleneck except the extra work that's needed, you'll have to take a closer look on the uv's to prevent that causing trouble for you.

that's it for what i can think of without having to upgrade your hardware.


10-30-2008, 10:22 AM
Just for future reference.
The problem is solved.
Adding 32bit per pixel TGAs was apparently the no no.
8K TIFs with transparency instead of alpha on the other hands works just perfectly.

yay! \o/

(and yes I thought about the 4*4K images. but wanted to do without that solution to keep the pipe as clean and workaroundless as possible)

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