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09-30-2008, 08:45 AM
http://features.cgsociety.org/newgallerycrits/g79/82279/82279_1222764311_medium.jpg (http://features.cgsociety.org/newgallerycrits/g79/82279/82279_1222764311_large.jpg)

Title: Maya & MR, Importons & Irradiance Particles Interior Tutorial.
Name: Alex Sandri
Country: Thailand
Software: Maya, mental ray, Photoshop


This interior is part of a video tutorial that hopefully soon, will be hosted on the Gnomonology website.
It will show how to use the new Mental Ray Importons and Irradiance Particles rendering techniques.
The 3D model comes from the Evermotion collections, exported from Max in obj. format via the new FBX exporter.
It was partially remodeled by me to optimize it for MR & Maya software.
Maya Poly, Nurbs. Physical Sky/Sun, Mia Photographic Exposure, MR Portal Light.
I used only Mental Ray Mia X materials, except for the organic materials for which I used the SSS Fast Skin shader.
Autodesk Maya 2008 Sp1, Mental Ray & Photoshop.


Alex Sandri

09-30-2008, 11:05 AM
As always yours interiors looks amazing! Great materials and light.... cant wait to see tutorial !:) 5*

09-30-2008, 11:21 AM
Sweet render,
good to see Importons & IR being used.
How come you used fast skin instead of translucency in Mia_material ?
Is the leaf shape modelled or is it a cutout/matte giving its shape ?

09-30-2008, 11:24 AM
nice render and great lighting

keep it up

09-30-2008, 11:32 AM
Department of the dark dirty, rendering the lamp is not very good

09-30-2008, 01:38 PM
the Irradiance Particles techniques is fantastic!

great job. congrats

09-30-2008, 01:44 PM
great lighting...

09-30-2008, 02:28 PM
very very nice colour of wallhttp://forums.cgsociety.org/images/icons/icon13.gifhttp://forums.cgsociety.org/images/icons/icon13.gifhttp://forums.cgsociety.org/images/icons/icon13.gifhttp://forums.cgsociety.org/images/icons/icon13.gif

09-30-2008, 02:51 PM
first class

09-30-2008, 05:24 PM
Great Work Alex. I like the colors.

keep it up.

Anyway 5* from me.


09-30-2008, 05:58 PM
Amazing render 5*
Waiting for that tutorial

09-30-2008, 07:25 PM
Great work ... I love Winnie the poo too ^^

09-30-2008, 07:43 PM
I'm not a big fan of blown-out "photorealism", but rather prefer the other "school of thought" and prefer "real realism". That said, the first image here looks much more realistic to me, with the light from the window a bit more accurate and less washed-out.

But I noticed a nice, even, smooth volumetric look to the first image. The light-rays are soft and perfect, and I'm curious how you did this effect without volumetric lighting? Is this an example of one of the benefits of using Importons and Irradiance Particles? How did you accomplish this effect?

10-01-2008, 05:37 AM
Thanks guys. :shrug:

Fast Skin gives a much more organic feeling, I'm using MiaXMaterial traslucency often, too.
The leaf are shape modelled, not cutout images.

The light rays are created with a spot light with light fog, with very high fog and shadow
samples, not concern with Importons & Irradiance Particles.

The main purpose of creating this Tutorial, is to show that with Importons & Irradiance
Particles, Mental Ray is capable now to create images with much more radiosity and color
bleeding (much more a la Vray style), than the old FG/GI algorithm.

Seems that this new features are already fully implemented in the new
Maya 2009 version, which is still not available here in Thai. :D

Hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.:p

Alex sandri

10-01-2008, 02:31 PM
interesting i wonder about your tutorial. Sorry for my english

10-04-2008, 08:30 PM
Reminds me somewhat of this image (http://www.kraytracing.com/image.php?dir=gallery&file=old_roomB.jpg) ;)

10-10-2008, 07:11 PM
The image looks pretty average but i'm sure the tutorial will offer very informative and insightful info about this new rendering technique in what is arguable the best render engine.

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