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09-04-2008, 09:37 PM
When I apply 'create an Ncloth' to an OBJ model, which was originally exported from Maya(2008) the model completely vanishes into oblivion.
I am left with only the newly created ncloth showing in the outliner, The base mesh is no longer included in the outliner, nor is it visible in the scene.

I'm not sure what to check on here. I am once again guessing that I am missing something simple, but it hasn't crossed my mind yet what that is.

Please help with your suggestions or solutions.

09-08-2008, 09:37 PM
The original mesh should become construction history( the attribute intermediateObject is toggled on, which causes the node to not render or appear in the outliner ). The cloth node has an output, dynamic mesh that should be visible, although you might need to rewind to the start frame. If you are not seeing the output mesh, then there may be a problem with the setup, or perhaps there is something in the input mesh topology that is causing problems for the solver. To see the history select the cloth node and then display the connections in the hypergraph panel. You can also do nCloth:displayInputMesh to show the original mesh.


09-08-2008, 11:39 PM
**This reply was copied from a previous thread regarding FBX/Collada nCloth problem**

Thanks Duncan for your reply and help.

I did discover, through trial and error, that several isolated vertices were floating about in my mesh(es). (A mighty fine clean-up job on my part.. argh!)

Once I applied a meshclean-up everything seemed to work without a hitch for nCloth. (Things didn't go well for me of course!... Having discovered the intital mesh with blunderous floting vertices I decided to check several others and found them to be flawed with my careless modelling. It was such a joy to reskin several characters after this. (though Mayas copy skin weights tool was a marvelous help in getting this to happen without much of any effort at all)

This reason seemed to be the underlying cause to the problem mentionned in this thread as well as the one I previously started (which you answered as well,.. again Thank you very much!)

So, though the thread(s) were seemingly attempting to place blame on some phantom import/export technology plug-in problem... in the end... it was operator error (IE... bad mesh creation by myself, who left dozens of errant floating vertices with no place for nCloth to find homes for in its higher level thinking.... ughh...)

Once more, Thank you Duncan!

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